Knut Hamre and Benedicte Maurseth - Rosa i Botnen
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cd cover Knut Hamre and Benedicte Maurseth
Rosa i Botnen (CD and DVD) (Heilo)

A CD and DVD set of traditional hardangar music from Norway, performed by two acclaimed hardinfele masters with a group of some of the country's best musicians pitching in on a few tracks - Nils Økland (Hardanger Fiddle, Fiddle, Viola D'amore), Håkon Mørch (Percussion) and Sigbjørn Apeland (Organ). The wonderful bonus DVD film, "Pieces of Another Time," tells the story of the musicians and their ancient violins. 22 minutes: in Norwegian, subtitles in English. (Please note, the DVD is PAL format. It will play on most recent computers but may not play on all home DVD players... consider it "free" - no returns becuase of DVD incompatibility)


Elling Mølsters Trollstilte, Gangar - 2:41
Vetla Jento Mi, Springar - 2:33
Rull Etter Severin Kjerland - 3:38
Huldrespringar Etter Ola Håstabø - 2:21
Springar Etter Severin Kjerland - 1:47
Huldreslåttar Etter Eirik Medås - 4:35
Røven - 4:41
Brureslått Etter Magnus Botnen - 2:16
Lydarslått Etter Ola Håstabø - 4:17
Huldrespringar Etter Ola Håstabø - 1:51
Springar Etter Sjur Liland - 1:18
Mellomspel 1 - 1:32
Rull Etter Trygve Hæve - 3:40
Mellomspel 2 - 2:07
Bruraslått Etter Ola Håstabø - 2:32
Rull Etter Anders Kjerland - 2:07
Etterspel - 2:48

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