Stjerner Lyser Hvite: The Songs of Jens Gunderssen
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Stjerner Lyser Hvite: Sanger av Jens Gunderssen (Grappa, Norway)
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This double CD release marks the 100 years since the actor, director, theater manager, composer, singer and poet Jens Gunderssen was born. Jens Gunderssen became nationally known through radio, phonograph, live events and tours. His soft-spoken, warm and melodic folk songs, often to his own guitar or lute accompaniment represented almost a separate genre when he came on the phonograph market in the 1940s.


More info from the record label:

Jens Gunderssens great-nephew, Karl-Henrik Gunderssen has collected a group of Norwegian singers to celebrate his life and music. Among the participants, we find, Lars Bremnes, Jan Erik Vold, Helene Bøksle, Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Alf Cranner, Aasmund Nordstoga, Ola Bremnes, Finn Coren, Ivar Bøksle, Eivind Bøksle, Lars Klevstrand, Kari Iveland, Geirr Lystrup, Jørn Simen Øverli. It also contains interesting constellations with Lars Fredrik Beck Power (The Lillos), Espen Beranek Holm, Trygve Mathiesen (YM Stammen), Arvid Skancke-Knutsen (White Lord Jesus), Chris Erichsen (The Aller Værste), Paul Angelskår (Minor Majority) and Harald Are Lund (NRK). Musicians are Stian Carstensen, Tone Hulbækmo, Åsmund Reistad, Helge Lien, Tom Lund, Kristine Asmundsen, Geir Jenssen (Biosphere), etc.

The title "The Stars' White Lights" was based on Gunderssens most famous song, Vuggevise - "some come, some go, some die in our life. Stars light up white." Jens Gunderssen's texts circuit roughly around two main topics: Life on the rocks down on the South Coast, and the great urgency about the human life's journey towards death.

This double CD release comes with a 32-page booklet about the life of Jens Gunderssens and a 32-page booklet with all lyrics (in Norwegian only). In the book there are drawings of Thorbjørn Egner, Odd Børretszen, Ulf Aas, Ivar Mauritz-Hansen and unpublished drawings by Magne Soone. In addition, there are photographs by master photographer Kjell Sten Tollefsen.

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