Kristine Heeboll / Trio Mio - Pigeon Folk Pieces - CD
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cd cover Trio Mio
Pigeon Folk Pieces (Go Danish Folk)


Trio Mio are:
Kristine Heebøll - violin, voice, clap
Jens Ulvsand - bouzouki, guitar, vocal, voice, clap
Nikolaj Busk - piano, accordion, bell, voice, clap
featuring Jakob Holdensen on trumpet on "Edderfuglen"

Press about the artists and notes on the songs
Trio Mio plays elegant and energetic contemporary folk music!
The music deviates from the Danish tradition, using the roots to generate modern modes inspired by jazz, classical and world/folk.

Their 2004 debut-CD Kristine Heebøll's Trio Mio was nominated for 2 Danish Music Award-Folk 2005!!


1. Den store Badedag - Kristine Heebøll
A lovely summer's day at the seaside with the whole family can leave you with the feeling that the sky, sand and water are all one.

2. Poppel - Kristine Heebøll
The same word in Danish, Swedish, German and English and it's a beautiful tree! Text by Jens dedicated to Caroline.

3. Kolle Polle - Busk/ Heebøll/ Ulvsand
Nikolaj wrote the A-part, Kristine the B-part and Jens the C-part, so this is the ultimate "collective polska"!

4. Det bedragne skind - Kristine Heebøll
If you trust your first impression, try again! - Things aint always what they seem to be.

5. Blue crow - Jens Ulvsand
A very rare bird I've seen twice, 99 in Gambia, 02 at my house. Was it the same bird?

6. Atitlan - Nikolaj Busk
Atitlan was written at the shore of the beautiful lake, Lago de Atitlan in Guatamala. A wonderful place, that reminds me of beautiful nature and nice people.

7. Gamla Lundagatan - Jens Ulvsand
An old beautiful hidden street in the middle of Stockholm that even the most experienced taxi drivers dont know of.

8. Edderfuglen - Kristine Heebøll
A boat named Edderfuglen, "Eider" was used to help jews escape from Denmark to Sweden during WorldWar 2 , and is still a very beatiful boat.

9. Jäspöds polska / Frejas hymne - trad / Nikolaj Busk
Jäspöds polska is a traditional melody from Rättvik in Sweden. Freja's Hymn is a newly composed polska from the very central part of Copenhagen by Nikolaj.

10. Noget i morgen / Modus Mats - Kristine Heebøll / Mats Eden
Noget i morgen means "Something tomorrow".... Modus Mats was written by Mats Eden, the Swedish "Groupa" fiddler who has inspired so many for so many years.

11. Wrong word, right? - Jens Ulvsand
The Danish and the Swedish languages are very similar, yet sometimes we really pick the wrong word...right!

12. Den sidste - Nikolaj Busk
"The last one" is a tune, written late at night when I had one of these "writing-new-tunesnights".
After composing 7 tunes I decided to write one more before going to bed and this is the one.

13. Anglaise - Keld Nørgaard
We got this tune from Keld just before a concert we played together with Lang Linken, a great band that Keld has played with for over 25 years. After that concert we just play this tune again and again.


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