A Little Symphony
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cd cover Dreamers' Circus
A Little Symphony (Go' Danish Folk Music)
cdRoots Code: go-0913

Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, Ale Carr and Nikolaj Busk create new music in the hinterlands of Scandinavian fiddle tunes and European classical music. Since their debut EP Dreamers Circus they have had concerts with the Copenhagen Phil and The Danish String Quartet as well as Kristian Leth (front singer in the band The William Blakes) who says of the band "Their ambitious and youthful virtuosity is aced with that new connection, that old freshness." Cliff says: HIGHLY RECOMMEDED!

Idas Första
A Little Symphony


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PS: to those who bought their self titled EP last year: while there are two songs from the EP that are on Little Symphony, they are all new recordings and quite different from the EP versions.

More info:
Dreamers' Circus: Ale Carr: cittern, acoustic guitar, octave cittern, double bass, grand piano
Nikolaj Busk: grand piano, accordion, harmonium, hammer spinet, moog, vibraphone
Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen: violin, harmonium, grand piano, vibraphone, hammer spinet

The Danish String Quartet: The European Traveling Brass Carnival:

Tracklist: 1. Idas Första - 3:49
2. Snabbsen - 4:20
3. Prelude - 1:44
4. A Little Symphony - 5:05
5. Carrousel Prime - 3:02
6. Fuglsang Jig - 3:40
7. When Harlequin Sleeps - 5:39
8. Nikolajs Første Styk' - 4:52
9. Night Spectacular - 4:30
10. Quantum Fantasy - 4:21
11. Julpolskan - 8:33
12. Dreamers' Beginning - 3:56
13. Circus Continuum - 7:16
String arrangements: "Snabbsen" by Hans Ek & Nikolaj Busk, "Nikolajs Første Styk'" by Hans Ek & Nikolaj Busk, "Night Spectacular" by Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen. Horn arrangements: "Prelude" by Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen."A Little Symphony" by Nikolaj Busk

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