Fra Fynske Kyster - Zenobia spiller Carl Nielsen
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cd cover Zenobia
Fra Fynske Kyster - Zenobia spiller Carl Nielsen (Go' Danish Folk Music)
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Zenobia is a Danish folk trio, that plays both well known Danish folk songs and modern compositions. The music embraces elements of folk, jazz and tango. For their 2013 release, the trio interprets a wide range of songs from the famous Danish composer Carl Nielsen.


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Tit er yeg glad...
Min pige...
Den sorte...

About the ensemble:

Louise Støjberg: vocal
Mette Kathrine Jensen: accordion
Charlotte Støjberg: piano

Guests: Martin Rauff - bass
Torben Sminge - EWI
Morten Alfred Høirup - guitar
Jens Krøgholt – double bass
Ditte Fromseier Hockings - vocals
Sidsel Maria Michelsen - vocals
Casper Hundebøl - vocals
Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen -violin
Christian Ellegaard - violin
Asbjørn Nørgaard - viola
Bastian Schneider - cello
Rolf Persson - trumpet
John Frederiksen – trumpet
Inge Haaning - horn
Anders Flindt Mikkelsen - trombone
Lars Birkelund Olsen - tuba

Since their debut in 2008, Louise Støjberg, Mette Kathrine Jensen and Charlotte Støjberg have had the pleasure of playing hundreds of concerts in Denmark and its surroundings. Their concerts followed the seasons as they slowly played their way from summer into a winter, including Christmas songs, and hymns - but their repertoire always included one or two songs by the composer Carl Nielsen. So they decided to collect a full CD of their Nielsen repertoire and created Zenobia plays Carl Nielsen.

Carl Nielsen is one of the best-known Danish composers, born nearly 150 years ago on the island of Funen. He composed tunes for some of the finest wordsmiths of Denmark, tunes that are at the heart of the Danish tradition of group song, which still rings out at lunch tables, in schools, churches and village halls across Denmark.

In the past few years, Zenobia has found a place of its own, both in the trio's native Denmark and abroad, with rich and thoughtful interpretations of traditional Danish songs and melodies. Despite the relatively weighty nature of the trio's chosen material - traditional Danish songs, hymns and melodies - the women who make up Zenobia make this age-old music their own, without ever dominating it or neglecting its origin. The group has released three albums to date, ‘Midnat’ (Midnight) from 2008, the winter-themed ‘I Vintermørkets Hal’ (In The Hall of Winter Darkness) from 2010 and most recently Fra Fynske Kyster - Zenobia spiller Carl Nielsen (From the shores of Funen - Zenobia plays Carl Nielsen) in 2013. Since 2007 the trio has toured Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Germany. Appreciative audiences at home and abroad have confirmed the trio's contemporary relevance in Danish folkmusic and songs. Zenobia has played hundreds of shows, filling venues from churches to concert halls - barn dances to festivals.

The three musicians who make up Zenobia are all women in their 30’s, all born in the heartland of Jutland, near the small town of Egtved. They have known each other since childhood, and have all grown up in families where the the Danish tradition of communal singing is part of the DNA. No Sunday dinner, no midsummer evening, no school reunion or barbecue in the garden was without singing together. Mette Kathrine were taught folktunes and the songs of the folk-highschool songbook (somewhat of an institution unto itself) by her mother, as she waited for the bus to take her to school. Sisters Louise and Charlotte Støjberg stood by many a piano, performing the songs Zenobia plays today, long before they were old enough to grasp the depth of the words and melodies.

The trio honed the playful enthusiasm and joy of song that was in that childhood practice, with their respective educations and their individual travels later in life. Zenobia has become the professional foundation of these three women, and remains true to an urge to explore, create and interpret Danish folk music and bring it to all who feel like listening.

Zenobia: Louise Støjberg is the singer and soloist of Zenobia. She the front line of concerts, guiding audiences through the show with en easy confidence and the odd anecdote, offering perspective on the works presented in between songs. Louise has a degree from the Rythmical Conservatory in Copenhagen, and has sung, performed and composed since she was very young.

Mette Kathrine Jensen plays harmonica in Zenobia, and is also the herald of folkmusic in the trio. Through her own work as a composer she adds new and contemporary melodies to the Zenobia repertoire. Mette had her training among folkmusicians; informally among ballroom musicians and dancers, more formally at the Carl Nielsen academy of Music in Odense. Mette has toured internationally with many acts, and also teaches and lectures. She received an honorary Danish Music Award for her work with traditional music in 2013. For more information see

Charlotte Støjberg is the pianist of Zenobia, and brings with her overtones of both argentinean Tango and liturgical music. She is a cand.mag in musical science from the university of Aalborg, and has studied tango in Buenos Aires. Her expressive playing style is a backbone in the sound of Zenobia, just as her experience from accompanying Louise since childhood is. Alongside her work with Zenobia, Charlotte is the organist for the churches of Almind and Viuf in Denmark.

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