Valfart - på vej
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cd cover Valfart
på vej(Go' Danish Folk Music)
cdRoots Code: go-0514

This Danish quartet plays in a Nordic style, but their influences are far ranging, with disparate roots in Scandinavia, North America, the Balkans and the Middle East. Using flute, vocal, violin, hardingfele, bouzuki, accordion, percussions, santur and joik, they create a new Nordic folk music.

"Flickorne Svenson"
"Den lyse dag"


The musicians:
Johanne Buus Andersen, flute, vocals.
Christian Risgaard, violin, hardingfele, bouzuki.
Mette Kathrine Jensen, accordion.
Birgit Løkke, percussion, santur, joik.

More info:
The band writes:
VALFART is playing in Nordic style . Some individual tracks are influenced by Balkan, Middle East, America. The instruments are: flute, vocal, violin, hardingfele, bouzuki, accordion, percussions, santur and joik.

Three old hymns from 1600 century is recorded. (The Bright Day, Sorrow and Joy, My Heart is always belonging). All music is arranged by Christian Risgaard, also composed by Risgaard ekcept The Svenson Girls (Pelle Svenson).

The music is light , diverting, surprising like the Nordic summer . The harding fiddle (Norwegian violin-type) with eccoes from the Norwegian Mountains commented by chirping flute - the light vocal accompanied by steady accordion, and percussion is driving, gathering and making space for the music.(Mountain village) The music varies and take more dark sides when it is moving to the Norwegian old-growth forests with the sami joik and a Karelian theme. With the light voice of Johanne, we are at the Clearing in the woods ( Summer in Hoeland). In an other tune, we are in America, where the emigrant brought his harding fiddle starting playing bluegrass( Emigrant). There is humor in (Chicken Noise), where a wellknown Norwegian Folktune is incorporated. I am a Crazy Fiddler is a sing-song, where the musicians presents them selves. In (Northern Lights), this natural phenomenon is reproduced inn fabulating solo harding - fiddle.

  • 1. Flickorne Svenson -3.43
  • 2. Den lyse dag -2.28
  • 3. Fjellheimen -2.10
  • 4. Emigrant -2.59
  • 5. På vej -3.08
  • 6. Den hvide due -1.59
  • 7. Sorrig og glæde -3.06
  • 8. Ryper på fjellet -2.08
  • 9. Himmelstigen -3.19
  • 10. Mild vinter & Hardanger søm -3.05
  • 11. Slangen -3.42
  • 12. Mit hjerte altid vanker -5.45
  • 13. Nordlyset -3.32
  • 14. Gok-gok -2.49
  • 15. Sommer i Høland - 4.45
  • 16. Jeg er en tosset spillemand -3.03

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