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cd cover Jansberg
Terra Nova (Go' Danish Folk)
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Danish fiddler Henrik Jansberg explores new territories with his self-named band. All tracks have been developed in close collaboration with producer Søren Brylle, based on Henrik Jansberg's strong melodies with roots in folk music. They move from traditional folk to modern turmoil, hard-pumped technobass to country-cruise reels, danceable ballads and even a tribute to Shetland.


"Den Stærke"
"Kometens Hale"


More info:
In his mid 30's Henrik Jansberg is one of the young lions in the pride of Danish folk fiddlers.

His band, Jansberg, plays acoustic music with eletronica elements. The music is composed by Henrik himself, and he has 3 albums to his credit.

Henrik Jansberg has won Danish Music Awards, for Danish Debut Album of the Year and Traditional Danish Folk Artist of the Year.

From Juelsminde on the east coast of Jutland, Henrik has played the violin since he was 8. His parents were active folk dancers, so Henrik had the music, and in particular dance music, around him from the start. He spent his childhood and early youth surrounded by traditional Danish folk music, on the Århus folk scene, at the East Jutland Folk Dance Festival and at Roskilde Folk Dance Festival.

In 2000, Henrik matriculated at the folk department of the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music Odense (Det Fynske Musikkonservatorium), graduating in 2004, the year he released his first album, Signatur. With his band or solo, Henrik Jansberg has performed and given workshops internationally: in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Scotland, Japan, Taiwan and USA.

Henrik Jansberg was born into the Danish folk music tradition. He knows his tunes and dances like the back of his hand. What is remarkable is that from the word go he has made his name as a composer and innovator within the tradition. That is not the way these things usually work in traditional Danish folk music circles.

He also feels that teaching traditional music is critical, to pass on his knowledge of the tradition. When playing Solo, he is often playing for dancing. The solo aspect lies in the more direct contact with the dancers via the music, small variations in melody and timing.

Henrik Jansberg and his band are one of Danish folk music's most potent projects and it is not by accident that the band appeals to a younger audience in Denmark.

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