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cd cover Mynsterland
Mynsterland ()
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Mynsterland is Anna Kjelgaard, Gunver Lindeskov Søgaard, Henriette Ambæk Flach, Jonas Lærke Clausen & Lotte Wind (fiddles); Justine Hald Boesen (voice & accordion); Maja Aarøe Freese (voice & cello); Martin Strange Lorenzen (clarinet); Sebastian Bloch & Michael Hornhaver Mortensen (guitars); Silje Waaler (mandolin); Mathæus Bech (bass).


"Kærlighedstræet/Hultkläppen" (trad./Maja Aarøe Freese)

"Jefferson" (Sara Watkins)

"Agnete & Havmanden" (trad./ Maja Aarøe Freese)

"Anna & Anders" (V.Frandsen/Jonas og Ib Clausen


More info:
The 13 young musicians met for the ?rst time in 2011 at the South Danish Folk Music Talent Academy, where they were taught by internationally renowned ?ddler Harald Haugaard. He ignited a ?re within them, that is still burning strong - so much so that they are still playing together, even though they now live all across Denmark and study everything from music to medicine.

The band consists of some of the most promising and talented young musicians and composers in Denmark. 'Contemporary Nordic Folk' are the keywords for their repertoire, which primarily consists of original compositions. At the very first rehearsal weekend, when the band was sitting together in the evening, listening to all the things that had been recording during the day, somebody said something that everybody resonated with: "You can tell that we like each other, you can tell that we love playing together"


  • 1 Kærlighedstræet/Hultkläppen (trad./Maja Aarøe Freese)
  • 2 Volvo (Mathæus Bech)
  • 3 Jefferson (Sara Watkins)
  • 4 Anna & Anders (V.Frandsen/Jonas og Ib Clausen
  • 5 Afsked (Troels Strange Lorenzen)
  • 6 Agnete & Havmanden (trad./ Maja Aarøe Freese)

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