Karl Skaarup with Kristian Bugge - CD
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cd cover Karl Skaarup with Kristian Bugge
Musician (Go Danish Music)

Traditional Danish folk dance music presented by an 85 year old master on the accordion, accompanied by fiddler Kristian Bugge


More info:
Karl Skaarup (85 years old) is . Together with our young and absolute highly awarded traditional fiddler Kristian Bugge he tells his musical stories and history. Over the years the renown of Karl and his music has spread steadily throughout his native country and abroad. He is frequently invited to play in various local folk music circles and fiddlers' conventions all over the country. He plays for private gatherings, common folk dancing, and proper »Thybal« - the time-honoured dance evenings Karl plays in different line-ups, including the duet with Kristian Bugge.

In October 2008, a grand party was thrown in his honour at the Snedsted Inn celebrating his 80th anniversary as an active folk musician! And most recently, in March 2009, Karl Skaarup was honoured at the Danish Music Awards/Folk-ceremony, where he received the annual »Mediator Award«.

As a musician Karl is self-taught. His style is highly personal, richly ornamented and dynamic and still shows traces of his starting out playing one- and two-row diatonic accordions. Karl varies his tunes each time he plays them, and of his use of improvisations, triplets and runs, he says: »To me it's like pepper and salt, like adding spices to food. It's the same with music, it needs some seasoning to be tasty. If not, it's uninteresting and irrelevant«.

"I know that throughout his long life Karl has been an inspiration to people of all ages, and made a deep impression on them. Turning up the heat at parties with music that made people want to dance, he has, without doubt, brought many people together. As a young man he learned the traditional music of his native Thy, and thus helped to preserve a unique body of music handed down from generation to generation. Still he plays it with ferocity, vigour and vitality. What an inspiration it has been for me to learn from him and to play with him, and how I wish I can do what he does now, when I reach his age. This project, to release the first studio album of Karl's music, and thus to make it accessible to more people, is very important to me".(Kristian Bugge)


  • 1. Rask Kontra 3:49
  • 2. Den ny Maskerade 3:11
  • 3. Fandango 2:38
  • 4. Alm. Totur suite 16:33 #
  • 5. Den gamle ottetur på langs 4:05
  • 6. Hamborger på langs 2:49
  • 7. Mellem kagel og æ væg 2:19
  • 8. Totur i Svejtrin suite 5:54
  • 9. Hellesens Vals 2:48
  • 10. Trekantet Sløjfe 1:39
  • 11. Den toppede Høne 2:10
  • 12. Sekstur på langs 3:15
  • 13. De små svot 9:26
    all tracks trad., arr. by Skaarup & Bugge

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