Demko Kurtov: Musical Instruments in Bulgaria
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Demko Kurtov's Zourna Group
The "Musical Instruments in Bulgaria" series (Gega New)

The record label says:
The Bulgarian musical folk tradition includes a variety of musical instruments. The different folk regions feature different instruments and this is especially evident in recent times, when part of them have been replaced with the so-called 'modern' instruments. Along with the old ones, these modern instruments have already become part of the Bulgarian musical folklore. The wide variety of instruments used has inspired GEGA NEW to begin releasing this series called "MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN BULGARIA". Each release of the series will present a separate instrument.

Some types of ancient instruments are still preserved in Bulgaria, and they give a specific sound character to its folk music. Part of them is rarely used, only in some regions of the country. This album is the second of a new series in which Gega New presents all musical instruments used in Bulgarian folklore.

The programme includes instrumental melodies and horo dances from Southwest Bulgaria, performed by musicians of the famous Kurtov Zurna Group. The zurna, a wooden whistle with cane reed and oboe-like sound, is among the most colourful wind instruments in traditional Bulgarian music. In the past, the zurna instrument was used throughout Bulgaria, but today this tradition has been preserved only in a limited region around the town of Petrich.

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