Welkya - Theodosii Spassov
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Theodosii Spassov
Welkya (Gega New, Bulgaria)

The kaval master and a small ensemble merge Bulgarian folk, jazz and a general spirit of enthusiasm and creativity. Written and arranged by Theodosii Spassov - kaval, vocals, bagpipe with Yanka Rupkina - vocals, Boika Velkova - recitatives, Georgi Petrov - gadoulka, Valentin Yankov - tamboura, Georgi Donchev - bass, Stoyan Yankulov - percussions.

1. Tum-pa-ta-ta, takun-ta-ta - 4'44''
2. Galeno horo - 5'05'' (MP3 sample)
3. Ruchenitsa-Ruchkanitsa - 4'58''
4. Lalitsa - 2'53''
5. Momina muka - 3'03''
6. Krai selo na bairite - 3' 19''
7. Untitled - 1'25''
8. Nyakade v Rodopite - 5'03'' (MP3 sample)
9. Graovo dance - 3'57''
10.Byal samolet - 7'01''
11.Manipulation - 5'25''
12.Balada za edna naduta gaida - 5'59''
13.Welkya - 3'59''

The record label says:
A legend from Kyustendil region has it: a poor woman had naughty and always hungry children. She got tired of working for the daily bread, which was never enough for her children; she got tired of being kept responsible for their mischief and cursed them. She herself turned into a welkya (night tawny owl). But then her anger receded and she keeps looking for her children to the present day.

This legend has inspired Theodosii SPASSOV to write his highly impressive piece Welkya. The mythical, the invisible, the impossible, the unexpected turns into a sound reality. And it seems this is exactly that makes Theodosii Spassov unique. Even in the pronouncedly folk pieces his jokes and musical witticisms surprise and amaze with their rich imagination and "jumps" from one genre to another. The artist feels pleasure to "juggle" with them, to "play" with his kaval. And thus everyone is involved in this game, both the musicians and the listeners!

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