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cd cover Vicente Soto 'Sordera'
eStar Alegre (Galileo)

The Spanish singer performs his own interpretations of alegrías, bulerías and tangos, what he calls "the most extroverted side of flamenco."


Sale de Luna (bulerias)
Pa' vestir santos (alegrias)

Guitars: Moraíto, Manuel Parrilla, Diego del Morao, José María Molero.
Bass: Irving González.
Percussion: Joselito “El Boys” and Manuel Soto.
Chorus: Juañares, La Chelo de Jerez, Tomasito.
Palmas and jaleo: Tomasito, Juañares and Sebitas.
Mandola: Josete Ordóñez

The artist says:
The new album ‘eStar Alegre’ focuses on alegrías, bulerías and tangos, the most extroverted side of flamenco. And he manages to keep up the “happy” tone without reverting to banalities, either in the expression, or in the arrangements, or in the instrumentation of the album. This project feeds on the freshness and new ideas contributed by the great musicians who have taken part in the record, such as Moraíto, Manuel Parrilla, Diego del Morao, Juañares and Tomasito. It is an indispensable record for all flamencos, and for those who are looking to fall under the spell of Flamenco. It is a work that breaks moulds without breaking away from tradition. All the songs on the album - except ‘Pa vestir santos’ by José María Molero - have been written by Vicente Soto, who together with Josete Ordóñez, has also taken care of the production.

Vicente Soto "Sordera" was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain). He belongs to one of the most important Flamenco families, "Los Sordera".

He's owner of one of the most significant legates from the Flamenco planet (Paco La Luz, Niño Gloria, Manuel Soto "Sordera", his father).

Vicente Soto's got the most important Flamenco awards (Premio Nacional de Córdoba, Premio Pastora Pavón, Premio Mairena del Alcor...), showing the old wisdom of Flamenco.

He's joined Flamenco and poetry, by singing some poems from the most universal spanish and south american poets, like Machado, García Lorca or Rubén Darío. Vicente Soto's performed at the best Flamenco and Latin Festivals in the world and big world stages as: La Scala di Milan, Theatre National de Paris, Teatro Avenida de Buenos Aires, Teatro Comunale di Roma, Theatre Albeniz de Madrid, Theatre Sao Luiz de Lisboa... and all over USA, Japan, South America, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Austria, etc.

"Latin Essentials", where Vicente Soto combines Flamenco with Latin rhythms, has been released by Warner Music Latina on November, 2003. "Latin Essentials" represents the cultural hybrid that has come out of the clash between Spanish and American Cultures.

Vicente Soto's 11th CD, entitled "Estar Alegre", has been released on December, 2004. He's accompanied by Moraito, Diego del Morao, Manuel Parrilla, Tomasito, Juañares...

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