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cd cover La Chicana
Canción Llorada (Galileo)

Their new CD "Canción Llorada" presents a selection of the best songs from their first two albums "Ayer hoy era mañana" and "Un giro extraño", like for example "La Foto del Escarabajo" with BBC Worldmusic Award Winner Chango Spasiuk. But there are also new compositions, unreleased versions of the bands favourite songs as well as some tango classics.


  • 1 ¿Qué querés con ese loro? (M. Romero, E. Delfino)
  • 2 Sueño de morocha en conventillo (Acho Estol) versión inédita 2005
  • 3 La foto del escarabajo (Acho Estol)
  • 4 San Pedro y San Pablo (I. Spitalnik, J Huasi)
  • 5 Canción llorada (Acho Estol) tema inédito 2005
  • 6 Puro cuento (Acho Estol)
  • 7 La patota (Acho Estol) versión inédita 2005
  • 8 La bestia potenciada (Acho Estol) versión inédita 2005
  • 9 Lo bueno y lo malo (Ray Heredia) tema inédito 2005
  • 10 Forró em Santa Luzía (Sivuca)
  • 11 Los años de joda de Anibal (Tom Waits) versión inédita 2005
  • 12 Imposible (Acho Estol)
  • 13 Farandulera (Acho Estol)
  • 14 Una rosa y un farol (Acho Estol)
  • 15 Tulonga (Acho Estol) tema inédito 2005 (Instrumental)
  • 16 Tinta roja (S. Piana, C. Castillo)
  • 17 Oro y plata (Charlo, H. Manzi) versión inédita 2005
La Chicana's CD Tango Agazapado was a big surprise not only for journalists for their fully accoustic new interpretation of the tango roots. The band from Buenos Aires was awarded in 2004 with the important Premio Gardel for the best album of the year in the category “Nuevo Tango“.

La Chicana gives new life to the spirit of the tango of the suburbs that emerged with the inmigrants arriving at the port of Buenos Aires with nothing in their pockets than their own courage and the will to find a new sense for their lifes and an escape from the poverty of their homelands. Nowadays they don’t arrive at the port anymore, but their struggle against human misery –omnipresent in La Chicana’s original lyrics- lives on through their children and grandchildren. Everyday’s circunstances have varied during the last 100 years; but the typically tango-characters and topics invented for La Chicana’s short-story-songs continue being most up-to-date: disappointment, decadence, regret, misfortune, endless love, impossible affairs, nostalgy...

La Chicana creates a new tango sound: far away from the grand orchestras they find themselves at home in an accoustic quintet and selected guest musicians. So their line up reminds more of a rockband than of a tango orchestra in its “typical” style. Their instrumentation exposes the ethnical background from the beginnings of tango; that melting-pot-identity that characterizes Buenos Aires more than anything else; that tango that started to develop its form at the beginning of the 20th century is a fusion of Italian, Polish, Spanish, German and African traditions and cultures, and nowadays is the main reference of whole Argentina all over the world.

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