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cd cover Le Trio Joubran
Randana (randana/Fairplay)

Palestinian musician and composer Samir Joubran - a master of the ud - is joined in duet and trio arrangements by his brothers Wissam Joubran, 20, and Adnan Joubran, 18.


Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran were born and raised in Nazareth, and their music is steeped in Palestinian tradition. All three brothers play the oud, an ancient stringed instrument found throughout the Arabic world, and their original compositions draw on classical Arabic forms. Their melodies are nonetheless quite accessible; after all, the surf-rock classic "Miserlou," which is briefly quoted, was based on a Middle Eastern tune. But the trio brings to its material a passion and willingness to experiment that is entirely contemporary, spurring each other on to create intricate and suspenseful improvisations. - Chicago Tribune

Press release:
A virtuoso of the oud, already hailed throughout the Arab world, Samir Joubran is now gaining international recognition.

Since his first appearance in France at the “ Nuits atypiques” festival in Langon in 2002, and the release of his first album Tamaas in February 2003, Samir has unfailingly delighted the public.

Whether in the intimacy of a small setting, the effervescence of an open-air festival, or before an audience of 40,000 - as at the Larzac 2003 gathering - the spell works!

The first musician to have received a two-year grant from the International Parliament of Writers (2003 - 2004) in Pontedera, Italy, his recent decision to settle in Europe has provided a platform on which to develop his reputation, touring France, Europe and beyond.

His success at the Chaînon Manquant festival in Figeac brought him a series of concerts in France. His performance at Strictly Mundial 2003 in Marseilles led to engagements at top European festivals including Moers in Germany and Sfinx in Belgium.

In 2004, Samir has been selected for the Rideau 2004 project in Montreal, gaining his first opportunity to perform in North America.

Samir performs in duo or trio formations with his younger brothers:

Wissam Joubran, 20, the first stringed-instrument maker in the Arab world to enter the Antonio Stradivari Institute in Italy has a remarkable gift for improvisation and intelligent and harmonious transitions between the Arab Maqamats.

Adnan Joubran, 18, who will making his debut on the international stage in 2004, is considered a prodigy by his elder brothers.

Adnan will be the sharing the stage with Samir in the presentation of an original work by the choreographers Fattoumi – Lamoureux, for whom Samir is currently writing the music.

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