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" a meticulously produced project... [from] the heart and formidable mind of Ferenc Kiss... This CD combines both heritage and contemporary identity into an emotional, yet intellectually bracing creation, one that has obviously been a long time in the forming. A work with this much weight will be hard to top, but if Mr. Kiss continues to allow his soul to be fed by his fellow musicians and artists, he will have a deep well of musical sustenance from which to draw. - Michal Shapiro (Read her full RootsWorld review)

cd cover Kiss Ferenc
Nagyvárosi bujdosók - Outlaws of the City
Packaged in a large format book-CD (5.5 x 10 inches) and includes extensive song notes in Hungarian but only short descriptions in English

MP3 samples (about 30 seconds each, 450K)
A Dream of the Outlaw
The Wanderers Song (bagpipe duda intro)
Ady's Verbunk

Kiss Ferenc comments on his project:
"The Outlaws of the City is a thematic or as it is nowadays called a concept album. In the songs, lyrics and performance I used a lot from what I have learnt in the past 25 years about folk cultures, and the way we can use them today. The prosaic supplements, which I call texts that accompany the songs, cannot be sung, but they all relate, at some places closely, at others loosely, to the imagery of the songs. They make each other complete. They are about me, and my loved ones, and about those who can never be loved. Memories about my generation and the hiding. My childhood, and school, fears, the recognition and the fire, music and water, the respect of traditions and rebellion, landscapes and people, tales and travels, the myth and bureaucracy, duty and love, self-destruction and attachments, home and the native land, the rustling of skirts, our fate, the child's eyes, the smell of books, the wings of freedom and of course happiness, joy, wine and dance, and the language of the Bible and the streets – these all loom in them. Naturally, Lucifer is also there all the time. Those outlaws who I can thank the most are mentioned by their name. They have always provided me with a secure shelter, and they still do. They all guided me through the wonderland of arts and visions towards the point of irradiation (clairvoyance). Among them some were hiding in poetry, music or in the desert, others amidst celluloid tapes or perhaps along barbed wire. Or they were fleeing from something into the oily scent of colours, into folk poetry, dance and play. They were all urban residents. I truly belive that in its insane roam, they, and those similar to them, are the ones who keep directing this depraved mankind in the right direction. Forever and ever."

Musicians and singer on the CD:
Ferenc Kiss / koboz, viola, voice
Zsigmond Lázár / fiddle, synthesizers
Mihály Huszár / bass guitars, contra bass, voice
Béla Ágoston / saxofones, clarinets, kaval, Hungarian bagpipe, Alp horn
Károly Babos, Balázs Jakabffy / ethnic percussion instruments
Kálmán Balogh / cymbal, wooden cymbal
Tamás Gombai / fiddle
Sándor D. Tóth / viola
Zsolt Kürtösi / contra bass
János Hasur / fiddle
Zoltán Szabó / Croatian bagpipe, okarina, bass prime tambur, Alp horn
Szokolay Balázs /saxofones
Ferenc Kovács / trumpet
János Mazura / tuba
Dániel Bolya / román kaval
Vera Berán / cello
Éva Auksz
, Katalin Juhász, Péter Novák, Tünde Rémi,
Annamária Prókai, Bea Palya / voice

Design: Andrea Dezsõ, István Berán, Ferenc Kiss
Photos: Katalin Baricz, István Berán, Károly Cserepes, Bence Pati Nagy
Sound recording: ZA-KI Hangstúdió Kft./ ZA-KI Sound Studio
Sound engineer: István Zakariás
Music director: Ferenc Kiss

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