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The both the traditional and the experimental side of the Finnish new folk movement is exemplified in these tracks by Tuulenkantajat, Arja Kastinen, Virpi Forsberg, Hedningarna, Niekku, Pirnales, Martti Pokela, Pohjantahti with Wimme Saari, Me Naiset, Etnopojat, Primo, Vainonputki. This recording was made as a tribute to Heikki Laitinen on his 50th birthday, in honor of his years of dedication as a musicologist, teacher and broad-minded explorer of music.

Listen (MP3 excerpts):
Arja Kastinen

"This recording was made to celebrate Heikki Laitinen, the wise old man of Finnish folk music as he reached the prime of his manhood. The Institute of Folk Music and the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department both wished to salute Heikki Laitinen on his 50th birthday through their musical representatives. It is mostly his achievement that both the institute and the department were ever established. The two themes of this recording , the ancient music of Kalevala, and the tradition of improvisation so essential to this tradition, have both been central to modern Finnish folk music. They are also dear to Heikki in his work as a scholar and as a musician. All the performers were given free hands to do what they wanted with the basic concept. The musicians and groups have given their talents for free: without their good will Tulikulkku would never have been recorded. The many people and communities in the back stages of the institute and the department all join together with the musicians in congratulating Heikki." - Kurt Lindblad and Hannu Saha (producers)

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