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cd cover Viamedina
Via medina (Folkclub Ethnosuoni)


Alla festa
Stu mare
Pe' nu munn' cu tanta munnne


Ospiti / Guests:

Notes from the CD:
Via Medina is a street of Naples by the Port, a sort of borderline between the city and the Sea. It has always been like this, a meeting-point of different cultures and people, since the first approach of seamen and travellers to the City. In the nearby alleys there were a few nightclubs where tangos and tarantellas, blues and Tammurriate, jazz and popular Neapolitan songs were played and mixed together. This crossroads, most probably, was at the same time a starting and a departure point for music. New rhythms from across the sea reached our remotest valleys while our melodies travelled towards distant lands following the memory of travellers and seamen.

So, starting from our dialect, our instruments, our harmonic series, Viamedina developed into a musical project that explored different roads in order to give new life to an already rich patrimony of secular memories. Even if our repertoire doesn't leave out some significant songs of the Italian southern tradition, we moved towards a different repertoire that is now leading us from a post-folk attitude to a definitely more world style:
Mediterranean and Balkan suggestions and sonorities, sometimes perhaps a hint of musical traditions from across the sea, but above all an acoustic atmosphere with a large use of not strictly Mediterranean percussions. And then classic, acoustic and battente guitars, bouzouky, oud, accordion, violin, acoustic bass, congas, Bata, bodhran, tammorre and cymbals, darbuka, cajon, djembé, flutes, sax etc.

"On a terroir of secular memories", a new and rich repertoire emerged, reflecting in our intention – both in the lyrics and the melodies – the stylistic elements of our particular tradition.

Many friends, offering their help and following me in this journey, gave a great contribution to the realization of this cd. I'd like to thank all those people who encouraged this project, especially Michael Pergolani and Renato Marengo from Radio 1 Rai who supported us from the very beginning of their successful programme called Demo, a real cult transmission in Italy. - Lino Davide

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