Tilion: Stefano Valla, Attilio Rocca, Ettore Losini - CD
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Attilio Rocca, Stefano Valla, Ettore Losini
Tilion (Folk Club Ethnosuoni)

An uncommon birthday present for a very uncommon person: Attilio Rocca is known as 'Tilion,' one of the fathers and keepers of the folk tradition in the area of the Four Provinces. Young at the age of 70, Tilion has his etrenal friends gather around to celebrate his life with a glass of Gutturnio, a salami of Varzi and plenty of good music to accompany his accordion.

Attilio 'Tilion' Rocca: fisarmonica (accordion)
Stefano Valla: piffero, voice Ettore Losini: piffero, voice
plus guests on occasional guitar, ghironda (hurdy gurdy), jews harp and recorder

A Ernesto
another Polca

"Tilion is a fine player, and the fact that he's probably now in his early-eighties seems to have had no effect whatever upon his abilities. Not only does he have the old repertoire and style fully intact, but he also displays a glorious musical imagination - no, that doesn't do it justice - humour. This man can make you laugh with his playing! This was very evident during the session in the mountains but, obviously I suppose, less so on the recordings. Indeed, I was sorry to note that it was almost absent on the last CD - but here it's back again... This is a very good and enjoyable record." - Rod Stradling, Musical Traditions (read the full review)

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