Raffaella De Vita and Roberto Cognazzo - Macario, Parole E Musica
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Raffaella De Vita and Roberto Cognazzo
Macario, Parole E Musica (Folkclub Ethnosuoni)

Macario, Words and Music presents the comic music of Turin-born singer Macario, called 'the comic who fell from the Moon.' These are songs taken from stage revues and films from 1938-1954, performed by vocalist De Vita and pianist Cognazzo, accompanied on some songs by guitarist Silvano Biolatti.


The artists says:
Our CD is intended to try and remind the great Macario, and is inspired to the many variously surrealistic monologues that the Turin-born comic actor scattered in revues and films, showing his particular character as the "comic who fell from the Moon". His best-known features are the day-dreaming aspect, perplexed look, famous lock on his forehead-that seemed to symbolise a comma between two unrelated clauses- and his bright voice, seasoned with the typical Turin accent and with few misspelling faults. Macario is here seen and presented through music, with a selection of 20 titles mostly unknown nowadays, taken from great revue shows and films dating between 1938-1954; those years being of tragedy and hope in Italy, characterised by a kind of soundtrack often drawn from comic theatre and movie industry. Although it may seem strange, little of the picturesque musical repertoire related to Macario has kept its popularity; the fast succession of sounds, the apparent triviality of many songs with a secondary role in the shows, the gradual change of models of expression and, last but not least, the almost sudden death of the revue, prevented the right evaluation of a chapter of Italian song-writing and light music history. This aspect of Macario has often been missed, despite the fact that he was a singer, he wrote songs and, alongside with other authors, music as well. This affectionate anthology aims at filling this lack, with a restricted but variegated panorama overlooking genres, tastes and fashions. You'll find the evergreen Italian melody in La vita Ŕ bella, Latin-American parodies in Macariolita, Muciacita and Bruna Gitana, apart from Mambo Strambo; and also a spiritual, Alleluia, an odd blues, Shoe shine, and a light swing that seems a fox-trot, Maria Luisa. More tracks are Ultimo Gigol˛, an unusual rigmarole, Lo vedi come sei?, a surrealistic series of nonsense, the deep-felt Dove sei Lul¨?, a kind of berceuse, and the folk-like Il Tamburo della Banda D'Affori. The last ones are of great significance: La postina della Val Gardena and Camminando sotto la pioggia remind us of two characters that were strongly related to Macario: Carlo Rizzo, his stooge, and the "Regina del VarietÓ" Wanda Osiris, the Italian revue most acclaimed soubrette.

Born in Naples, at the end of the '70s she founded the "Compagnia Raffaella De Vita" and started a personal research on music and theatre for a new form of stage performing. Since the beginning of her activity Raffaella De Vita has written, interpreted and directed more than 30 works. Among her works are records and CDs. Her activity is quoted in the Dizionario della canzone italiana, edited by Renzo Arbore.

Eclectic musician, Roberto Cognazzo started his activity in 1967. He plays the piano, the organ and the harpsichord, both as a soloist and a member of orchestras or chamber music ensembles; among his most famous partners are Katia Ricciarelli, Luciana Serra, Margarita Zimmermann, and Renato Bruson. During his 30-year career he has been the successful curator of popular radio/TV programmes; in the field of organ music, he is regarded as a specialist in XVIII-century Italian music of theatre style. He has been a teacher at the Conservatorio di Torino since 1968, and more big names in his CV are: Rai (the Italian Broadcasting Public Company), Orchestra del Teatro Regio, and Piccolo Regio (Theatre). He has written chamber music, some inspired by Nino Rota, and published lots of LPs and CDs.

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