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Updated December 5th, 2007

E Mail

  • It is very important that you use your REAL e-mail address when ordering. If you fake or alter your e-mail address, your order will not be processed, as the shopping cart and credit card systems need to send you a confirmation via e-mail. There can be NO exceptions to this. Your e-mail address will NEVER be used for anything other than this, will never be sold, loaned, shared or revealed to any one else. But I do need to be able to e-mail you to confirm orders, deal with problems and delays and generally give you the service you deserve. Also, I recommend that you use your ISP mail address, not a free service name @Yahoo, @Hotmail, @Wanadoo or the like. If you use a free mail service address, your order may be delayed while I verify your order directly.
  • We do maintain a mailing list for updates, but you will not be added to this unless you make the request. Folks on this list get updates, special offers, and are eligible for some drawings for free CDs and gift certificates occasionally.
  • If you use SPAM FILTERS be sure to add "futuris.net" "cdroots.com" and "rootsworld.com" to your 'OK' list BEFORE you place an order. If my reply e-mail is rejected, your order might be cancelled automatically without my ever knowing it. I cannot guess who does and who does not filter out e-mail. This is your responsibility.
  • Returns: because of the unusual nature of the music I sell, I cannot guarantee you will like something, so I can only accept returns if:
    1. I shipped you the wrong item
    2. The CDs were damaged in transit.
    3. The CDs have a manufacturing defect (These be replaced with the same title if returned)
  • I am happy to special order anything listed in the catalogs I work with, and you can search through some of the labels I work with to find more titles I do not normally keep in our regular stock. Most special orders will take about 3-8 weeks, but some can take significantly longer. Special orders must be paid for in advance.
  • You can search the cdRoots catalog using the search box at the top of most pages. It is usually best to use a single word for a search to get a good result. The catalog is small and you will never get all that many hits on a particular term. Also, this is a fairly primitive search tool, so don't use punctuation like quotes or commas... they don't help, and may give you a bad search result.
  • Only very basic ASCII charaters are readable (yes, it's a primitive tool), so substitute any letters with diacritical or accent marks with a simple letter, ie: search Codena instead of Çödéña
  • Most items are in stock, but occasionally you will see a note in your search results that it is "special order only." The "buy" button does not work on those. (I haven't figured out how to fix that...it's a bug I have to live with.) Click on the title to get ordering information.
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