Clare Fader and The Vaudevillains Seventh and Trade
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cd cover Clare Fader and The Vaudevillains
Seventh and Trade

File under: Rootless cosmopolitans... again
Fader and company are back with their second release, and it is if anything, weirder, darker and more quirky than the first. It's part cabaret, part Jaques Brel, perhaps a skittering dose of The Doors without the amplifiers and leather. No way to explain, just scroll on down and listen.

The Vaudevillains: Aaron Bachelder, drums; Andy Mabe, upright bass; Brad Cokendolpher, guitar; and Mary K. Elkins, cello.

Catch of the Day
Betty Crocker's Bail
The Epic Moon
Down on the Quay

"Throw in Seventh and Trade, and you hear the exuberant, bohemian spirit of Clare Fader. She approaches her music like a pulp-fiction writer, peppering her songs with Technicolor characters, sensual backdrops and playful turns of phrase. Yet, like a sepia-toned photograph of shadow and light, her cabaret-style jazz is what mesmerizes you even more than her lyrics and makes "Seventh and Trade" one of the best local CDs to come out this year... Unforgettable stuff. " - Jeri Rowe, Go Triad

"It's a cabaret act that has gone off its meds. It allows for nursery stories with masochistic leanings, simple love songs that catch you off guard, and a subtle sexuality and blatant carnality that are disarmingly sweet and slyly dark." - CF, in Dirty Linen

Also by Clare Fader (2002): The Elephant's Baby

What the band has to say for themselves:
Singer/Songwriter Clare Fader has a bad case of wanderlust. Born in England and raised in Ireland, Ms. Fader had a stint as the lead singer in a Hawaiian lounge act (Tiki and The Poi Boys) in Montreal, Canada before moving to the US three years ago. Her debut CD The Elephant's Baby is considered a jewel in the crown of independent record making.

Brad Cokendolpher is our very own gypsy guitar aficionado from the backwoods of Virginia.
Mary K. Elkins is our classy classically trained cellist, with an uncanny knack for rock and roll.
Aaron Bachelder on drums is the newest member of the Vaudes. Aaron's got what it takes: incredible chops and fabulous vintage clothes.
Andy Mabe is our man on upright bass, with one big bad-ass bass line as solid as a rock.

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