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New from Clare Fader (2004): Seventh and Trade

cd cover Clare Fader
The Elephant's Baby

File under: Rootless cosmopolitans.
Sometimes I get a CD in this shop just to be contrary. Sure, everything has roots in something, but Clare Fader and the Vaudvillians fall pretty well outside of anyone's rational description of roots music. So what? This record is indescribably witty, urbane, slick and all around unique. It's a cabaret act that has gone off its meds; one of those Disney dreams one has that is in actuality a nightmare, only you don't know it until it is too late to wake up.

Animal Charm
Sister of Mine
The Wine
Cabin Fever
Isle of Summer

The ensemble:
Clare Fader: vocals, songwriting
Brad Cokendolpher: guitar
Mary K. Elkins: cello
Terry Lonergan: drums
Andy Mabe: upright bass
Guests supply aptly applied measures of accordion, reeds, bassoon, percussion, toys, horns, spoons, marimba, strings and whatever else is in Fader's villainous musical cupboard. It's all wonderfully arranged and conducted by Damon Carmona, who has found magical ways to bring Fader's vision to life.

"A woozy, Bohemian sound that absorbs elements of jazz, folk and pop, all tugged at by dueling influences of retro-chic and the avant-garde. Tom Waits, you have a sister in arms." -- Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"Coy, feline, and a little ominous, she belongs to the world of crumbling staircases and dark nights, alone with a snifter of absinthe" Asheville Express."

"twisted and theatrical... Fader writes lyrics and melodies that are charged with imaginative flights of fancy into worlds as surreal and otherly as a smoky Berlin nightclub circa 1932. Every song embodies its own story, the perfect soundtrack for a show that only exists in Clare Fader's maze-like mind, turning blindly on her coy and clever lyrics, sung with a theatrical precision and brilliantly arranged and conducted by Damon Carmona." - Ben Monaghan, Portland (Maine) Press Herald

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