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The second recording from this innovative band from Malta, once again explores the roots of their local music as well as expanding the tradition into the new century. The band has grown into a small orchestra of traditional and contemporary instruments, with the rasping wail of the zaqq (bagpipe) and zummara (a reed horn), the strum of the mandolin, the pluck of the violin, the beat of the drum and the roar of the electric bass and keyboards all adding new meaning to the old roots.

Read more about Etnika in this 2001 interview in RootsWorld.

Ara Gejja
Bum Bum

Also by Etnika: Nafra

What etnika says about itself:
Ethnic [eth’nik- Greek ethnikos]
1. Of specified origin or culture 2. culturally traditional

The folk music of a people is its expression in sound, which, due to its relatively simple form, is understood and practised by many members of the community. etnika is based on the hypothesis of an instrumental form of ethnic folk music played by the local musicians (daqqaqa), on traditional instruments in various social contexts; from weddings to funerals, town criers and street vendors. The break in oral tradition of this instrumental folk music has led to a loss in musical heritage, which constitutes melodies, rhythm and instruments. etnika is an attempt in the recuperation of a musical tradition rooted in our ethnic origins.

etnika is an ongoing programme, which is committed to the promotion and awareness of our local music heritage. It is based on the hypothesis of an instrumental form of music, which was played in the past by roving musicians, on instruments indigenous to the islands. Central to this programme is the faithful reconstruction of ethnic Maltese instruments and their projection onto a contemporary platform through performance.

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