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cd cover Fri Flyt
Flyr fritt

Listen to some samples:
Hodjas reise
Svarteper i Sandviken
Bruremarsj of joik

Gabriet Fliflet and Ole Hamre made their name as "The Energy Force" for their amazing duets for accordion and drum kit and Fliflet's unique vocals. They tear up the house wherever they play, and their recordings are on many lists of "unexpected and unusual" recordings from around the world. Now they have joined forces with Ingor Antte Ailu Gaup (Sami 'yoik' vocals), Peter Bastian (clarinet), Oluf Dimitri Røe (vocals, fiddle) and Olav Tveitane (bass and guitar) and formed Fri Flyt (Fly Free) and present the first album by the new band, Flyr fritt.

The record label says:
Fri flyt is a group of six musicians of very different backgrounds, where Norwegian fiddle tunes meet Sámi yoik, Bulgarian old-style clarinet playing, Greek island music, and so on…The musicians inspire each other and sometimes borrow elements from the various styles, creating a colourful and highly original music ranging from a rusty, heavy groove to the poetic and minimalistic.  

Fri flyt consists of   Peter Bastian: A remarkable Danish clarinet and bassoon player, who is a member of the Danish Wind Quartet as well as a master of traditional clarinet playing in Bulgarian and Turkish styles: Listen to the Bulgarian instrumental ballad on track No. 9 and the Turkish belly-dance hit Azize which makes up half of track No. 8!

Gabriel Fliflet: An acccordion player from Bergen on the west coast of Norway, familiar with several folk-music traditions. His lyrical tune Elvi is dedicated to his grandmother from the Åland islands in Finland. His interpretation of the Finnish timber-logger jenkka on track No. 5 shows him from a very different side.

Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup hails from a village in Sámiland in northern Norway. He is an outstanding master of the Sámi people´s vocal art called yoik, with his own unique, often experimental style. Nihkaid is a tribute to his ancestors, his composition Du cábbodaga (Your beauty) praises Nature. Áilu is an actor at the Sámi theatre Beáivvas, and has co-operated with Jan Garbarek.

Ole Hamre: A leading Norwegian drummer who, together with Gabriel Fliflet, forms the one-of-a-kind Fliflet/Hamre duo. He is an expert on non-symmetrical rhythms – try following him in the 7/16 and 9/16 beats of track No.3 and No.13!

Oluf Dimitri Røe: A Greek-Norwegian fiddler who has played with Rumanian gypsy musicians as well as Greek bagpipers. On track No.8 he sings a Greek belly-dance tune in gypsy style, which his grandmother taught him, Mykoniatissa is a tribute to his Greek wife, and Paradhehtika a Yugoslav film tune sung in Greek.

Olav Tveitane plays double bass and guitar, and accompanies Áilu Gaup on the cittern on track 2 and 11. Experienced in a wide range of styles, he has been playing Norwegian traditional dance music with Gabriel Fliflet since 1975.

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