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Tapia eta Leturia Band

Tapia and Leturia are among the best known bands from the region. They are highly repesected as great traditional players, but when they perform as "The Band" they present a contemporary pop sound that still incorporates their Basque roots into a highly modern style.

Oihan jaia

If you prefer the more traditional sound of this ensemble, I recommend you listen to Bizkaiko kopla zaharrak

Official Bio:
Joseba Tapia and Xabier Leturia modernized ‘trikitixa’, taking it out of the ‘romerías’ (country dances) and putting it into the bars, town and city squares, and above all bringing it to the young. Since then many new groups have followed in their footsteps. Tapia and Leturia are a musical partnership capable of producing surprises at any moment. In the albums recorded with their group we can find astonishing combinations of rhythms uninhibited by musical preconceptions (rock, pop, trash, Arab music and rap). On the other hand, when working alone they stick closely to the roots of the tradition. They have played at numerous international folk festivals.

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