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Viva Faliero! (Italy/import)

Songs, sounds, stories around Val di Bisenzio and Tuscany. This newly released TUSCAE GENTES' latest CD comes out as an homage to Val di Bisenzio and its poets, leading us in unexplored territories of folk songs.

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The whole work lies on a ground of a huge research activity carried out by Daniele Poli, founder of the band and author of the arrangements and the original music: he has been ďhuntingĒ stories, songs and poets for years, armed with a recorder wandering along the Valley and neighbouring areas. During his wanderings he met a great man and real poet, Faliero Catani, a 91-year-old man of endless resources of tales, songs and poems. The CD has been dedicated to him and thus to all the elderly bards of the Valley, as living embodiments of a disappearing world. Val di Bisenzio comes out from the researches of the late decades as a particularly rich source of folk music traditions, with songs bound to the field of job, society, feasts and seasonal rites. This recording work, as the previous one Quando il merlo canta, aims at reproducing the songs and sounds of the tradition, discovered with the research, by giving high attention to the musical and interpretative aspect, but not losing at the same time their folk meaning. Considering above all the critics and the e-mail received we can say that the aim has been fully reached. Also in this new CD Viva Faliero! the way of dealing with folk songs -with instruments selection, arrangements and new compositions- outlines a precise style choice of Daniele Poliís band. Itís a certain way of understanding and making music which doesnít follow the ethno world tendencies so in fashion in the latest years, but tends to previous models (e.g. the medieval setting of La bella Conturbana) or to ballad songs (Capitan Maurizio or La Maggiolata sciagurata which has been awarded as best ballad lyrics in the prize Daffini 2003). The instruments used are accordions, guitars, mandolins, ocarinas, violinsÖ but also ancient instruments of purely folk use as the duddero (the modern kazoo), the spoons, the wind organ played by Faliero already in the 30s. Itís coming out from the past also the fabulous tale of Teresa la Marcia delle donne , first example of popular rebellion against war -WWI as itís set in 1917- entirely led by women. Also in the first outline we find a female figure as protagonist, an intense Anna Granata playing the role of La pastorella, a pastoral tale with an happy ending. The test gives us a melodic beauty difficult to find, with real sheep sounds of Calvana mountains as background. The Tuscan irony is shown in I briachi, an exhilarating tavern tale: thanks to the sounds of tractors, cows and cock-a-doodle-doos recorded in the valley poultry pens we are saved from the obsessive raving of Il prete Pucina. Minor stories which reveal their incredible truth, sometimes almost new and in any case still relevant, like E nel mio maggio, the May ballad which concludes the CD. Itís a perfect synthesis of a costume tied to tradition, which persists in not disappearing, even with obvious changes (donít look for TUSCAE GENTES on the 30th of April, as itís the day for May ballads..). Songs and stories in Val di Bisenzio and Tuscany which go far beyond a local interest which may appear at a first glance from the title. TUSCAE GENTES play on every stage, from theatres to village feasts, festivals, weddings and informal situations. TUSCAE GENTESí music addresses to every kind of audience (listening, dancing, theatres and streets) and itís a great pleasure to see that everywhere people go back home happyÖ

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