TancaRuja - in terra e in chelu
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in terra e in chelu

An Italian band that deftly balances ancient tradition and modern tecnology and ideas. You can read more about the band's origin and philosophy below.

MP3 samples:
Sona sonette
Ballade bois

The musicians:
Pino Martini Obinu (guitarre, bass, mandola, trunfa, vox)
Valeria Martini (vox)
Giorgia Loi (vox)
Antonio Neglia (classic guitarre, bandurria, mandola, bouzouki,flute, vox)

Gabriele Martini (bas, trunfa, vox)
Claudio Corona (accordeon) Cristiano Martini (drum, percussions)
Sandro De Bellis (percussions)

The press release from the band says:
Tanca Ruja perform a fine balancing act, combining the rigorous beauty of traditional and folk music with the freedom that comes with innovation, finding perfect harmony with their unique blend of Sardinian and many other types of music. This is true world music: a journey around the world taking Sardinia as a starting point and centre of gravity.

In this record we can hear the band’s urgent desire to communicate and relay to the listener their musical discoveries, their aim to blend the new with the old and play the language of the Global Village.

A musical evolution, which takes as its base today’s melting pot of different races and is spurred on by the folk music of Sardinia which centuries of history have made perfect without damaging its beauty and dignity. They make a selection from the ‘new’ and yet respect original traditional sounds and rhythms and the Sardinian culture thereby becomes a point of reference which in turn transforms itself into a live musical memory.

Their music features tablas and electric beat, muttos and acoustic giutar riffs, marranzano and energetic outbursts, and it neverthless never betrays the poetry of the Sardinian tenores, the lullabies, religious songs and Sardinian tongue twister written to fascinate children. Music which hovers somewhere between the aestetic rigours of tradition and the freedom to innovative inspired by Sardinian and other ethnic music. A true world music record, a trip through inspired by sardinian and other ethnic music. A true world music record, a trip through Sardinia and beyond.

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