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New in 2003: TancaRuja's in terra e in chelu

cd cover Tancaruja

This got a rather flat review in RootsWorld, but I disagree. I find this music refreshing, rhythmically interesting and musically well played. This ensemble from Sardinia has found their path by abandoning the electronics in favor of more wood and sinew. It has one truly treacly moment, but otherwise, , and I think the music speaks strongly for itself. - CF

Listen to "Feminas", with it's vaguely South African rhythm and accordion groove, a great example of "world pop" without the pretense usually associated with it.

The band says:
Isettande is an almost transparent acoustic record, in which the guitars, Spanish 'bandurria' and Greel 'bouzouki' court the accordion and piano: the strings weave their sound upon a solid rhythmic base, made up of drums and bass which retrieve the African heart of rhythm and share it with percussive influences, each evoking a different piece of world.

Antonio Neglia: chitarre, mandola, mandolino, bouzouki, piffero irlandese, bandurria, voce
Claudio Corona: piano, fisa
Cristiano Martini: batteria
Elena Nulchis: seconda voce, prima voce
Gabriele Martini: basso, Voce
Pino Martini Obinu: basso, trunfe, voce, chitarra bassa
Sandro De Bellis: percussioni
Valeria Martini: prima voce, seconda voce
You can read more about the musicians in the band here

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