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Cammenann (CNI)

They blend Mediterranean sound and Neapolitan lyrics, and as they put it, 'contaminations melt down to create a half-caste and strange rock.' They start the journey in a Naple's neighbourhood, taking inspiration by the' 'Neapolitan Sound' of the 80’s (Pino Daniele, Avitabile, Senese, E’ Zezi and Almamegretta) and add Egyptian, Nigerian, Senegalese and Algerian influences to make a melting pot of styles, races, cultures and traditions.


  • 1) Si ancor' guajon'
  • 2) Guardammece aret'
  • 3) 'O mar' 'e curuogl'
  • 4) Intro
  • 5) Tieneme luntan'
  • 6) 'O guvern' se ne fott'
  • 7) Cammenann'
  • 8) Guerr'
  • 9) Frat' e frat'
  • 10) 'A terra nost'
  • 11) Quann' ven' viern'

Original pieces of Mediterranean sound and Neapolitan lyrics, where examples and contaminations melt down to create a half-cast and “strange” rock…

This trip begins in a Neapolitan’s inland neighbourhood. At the beginning the band starts taking inspiration by the legendary “Neapolitan Sound” of the 80’s, playing in particular Pino Daniele, Avitabile, Senese and Napoli Centrale, without ignoring the E’ Zezi and Capone’s folk-contest and the Almamegretta’s electro-dub suggestions.

They finally get to a very personal way in music, joining “pomiglianese” and Neapolitan cultures including Egyptian, Nigerian, Senegalese and Algerian sounds.

Something there wasn’t and made possible with a styles, races, cultures and traditions melting pot.

Finally, searched out by CNI Music from “”, the band starts a new adventure named “Cammenann”, a full length album of 11 original tracks and 1 on iTunes. For all the fans of the genre: the Neapolitan Sound is back!!!!

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