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Also by Daniele Sepe:
Vite Perdite
Lavorare Stanca
Spiritus Mundi

"At last a record of one of the best events of the last few years. With his faithful companions of the Art Ensemble of Soccavo (you just can't get "freer" than that), Sepe has put together a show in which the music accompanies, enriches and polishes the contemporary giant screen presentation of choice pieces from the films of Prince De Curtis. Without the visual images the music does manage to capture adequately the chosen themes and gags, though it is impossible to render the exceptional cutting of Totò who conducts Sepe's group from the screen. Communist chants, Forza Italia, Weather Report and Frank Zappa, Ellington and Rota, Gragano's Tarantella in salsa reggae and Chopin: cultured choices for a totally original music, an imaginative homage in sound to the great Totò." -

Born in Naples, Daniele Sepe's career begins with the group E'Zezi, of nearby Pomigliano, with whom he played at various international festivals, including Rennes, Martigues and Bonn. After numerous projects with artists such as Gino Paoli, Roberto de Simone and Roberto Murolo and a growing interest for jazz music, he began writing his own music and brought various people together to make up bands of different sizes, from a 3 man band to a true and proper big band of 20 musicians.

1989 saw the release of his first record 'Malamusica', followed shortly afterwards by 'L'Uscita dei Gladiatori'. At the same time he wrote music for theatre, ballet and most of all for cinema ('Blues metropolitano', 'L'Amore Molesto' 'Cronaca di un amore violato', etc). He represented Italy in international festivals for example in Marseille, Nantes, Bruxelles (Womex) During the Gulf War, together with other 50 or so Neapolitan musicians, he produced a cassette of pacifist songs, which was distributed for free outside of factories and schools. 1994 saw the release of 'Vite Perdite', which was applauded by public and critics alike, and made both the Italian and other International charts. The magazine Rockerilla voted it best record of the year and Rockstar added it to their list of 100 best records of the 90's.

In 1995 Spiritus Mundi, was released and was received as warmly as its predecessor; tracks from both CDs have been included in numerous best-selling anthologies by Polygram, Il Manifesto and la Repubblica. With Il Manifesto, Sepe also released 'Trasmigrazioni', a CD recorded with various immigrant, musicians in Italy, and the album 'Viaggi fuori dai paraggi'. The beginning of July '98 saw the release of Sepe's first CD with CNI Compagnia Nuove Indye, 'Lavorare Stanca'.

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