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Pamunt Rom Group
Ritmul Nostru

The Pamunt Rom Group includes Ionut Gugulan (accordion and vocals), Florin Barby (guitar and vocals) , Adrian Nan (stand-up bass), Castel Ciortan (accordion), and Laurentiy Dinca (clarinet), with Ciccio Merolla (percussion) and Riccardo Veno (soprano saxophone). The trademark sound is a furious interplay between the two accordions, or the accordions and the reeds.

Hora tiganesca
M-am jurat ca noi mai be
(audio ©1999 CNI, Italy, used by permission)

There are moments on Ritmul Nostru that would make a fast polka seem like a waltz and others that are slower, drawing from a less frantic place in the Roma repertoire... There's a freshness in this outstanding release... - Richard Dorsett (RootsWorld)

"The Balkan tunes are handled by the accordeon of Ionit Gugulan, with breath- taking accelerations, tear-jerking melodies and two instrumental versions of songs by Gragnaniello: "Alberi" and "Viaggio nel sole". A blend of Eastern traditions and gypsy versions of "Les feuilles mortes". Beautiful and sincere." -

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