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Methel and Lord
Pai Nai (Point of View/CNI, Italy)

Impossible to adequately describe, this unusual collaboration of poetry and music crosses a lot of boundaries, with it's mix of jazzy rock, folky blues and artsy bad attitude.

Pa nai

Methel & Lord are:
Sergio Erasmo Di Fonzo Ferrari: vocals, electric guitar as Methel
Giacomo "Gianmarco" Carlucci: drum machines, noises as Lord
Patrick Flabiano: electric guitars, sfx, farfisa 6050 organ
Francesco Cerrone: electric bass
Anto-nino Di Natale: acoustic drums
Andrea Mieli: sax & flute as Prophet
Alesandro Antonaroli: poetry performer

"It's all done with the necessary sense of pizzazz, fun and the wink of an eye ... this is the sort of record that can get someone interested in a wider world of music when the innovations of the Anglo-Saxon musical scene start to wear a bit thin. - Nondas Kitsos, RootsWorld

The band says:
Methel is the composer and the voice of the band, and together with Lord arranges classic music with special electronic effects that break the natural rythm of the compositions and create a very unusual, evocative sounds.

They come from different cultural roots and use in their lyrics a sort of "mediterranean English",a kind of slang coming out from both latin and european cultural influences.

Their music is not easy to describe, but indeed impossible to forget.

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