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cd Isola
mundus immaginalis

Lots of poetic license in this recording of Sicilian music by Iolanda Vacalebre (vocals), Nicola Rustica (guitar and vocals) and Giovanni Crispino (violin, violoncello and guitar).
Guest artists include
Kiko Fusco - tastiere
Totò Oteri - tastiere e pianoforte
Cristian Longobardo - synth guitar
Maurizio Muscolino e Cristian Gravina - chorus
Daniele Grasso - electric bass

From the CD notes:
The 'mundus immaginalis' is: [ …] a world on its own where the spirit becomes flesh and where the flesh turns to spirit, the opposite side to the dual state of the real and the unreal, it is a free port of mind and vision, the level in-between the Divine and the human. The Sicilian group Isola, or rather Iolanda Vacalebre (vocals), Nicola Rustica (guitar and vocals) and Giovanni Crispino (violin, violoncello and guitar), attentive and courageous explorers of those shaded areas where words, music, figurative expression and theatricality meet, where art tries to say what cannot be said and show what cannot be seen, have dedicated their latest, original and meaningful record (their second to date) to this world of myths and rites, populated by mysterious metaphysical apparitions, animated by luminous saviours, governed by alchemy.

The group’s homeland, a Mediterranean crossroads between East and West, imparts to this album not only her magical spell-like language, but also the ancestral combination of myths and rites, of folk traditions and spirituality, which can be found both deep in individual souls and in the body of society as a whole. The rarefied dark atmospheres, the sudden melodic openings, the crossover between the acoustic vibrations of the guitars and the violins and the electronic dub/reggae rhythms and, on top of this, the extraordinary vocal talent of Iolanda Vacalebre, capable of giving - with whispers and cries - a theatrical touch to the lyrics and her dialect, make Mundus Immaginalis an incandescent sound excursion in the midst of visions and everyday magic. The angels, the spirits and the saints which are both invoked and evoked here are no less real than the sea, the earth, the sun, the moon, the Sicilian shepherds, fishermen and their celebrations, and can be your loyal guide to an awakening to a full life: you just have to listen and let yourself go…

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