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cd cover Eugenio Bennato
Taranta Power

This is the new version (2003) of Taranta Power with new arrangements and 2 new songs: 'Tribý Puglia' and 'Antidotum.'


"Our roots in the south link us to a Mediterranean myth of peace and sharing. When I played in Algiers, I saw in an istant the melting away of suspicion in an audience entrenched in distruts of privileged, colonising Europe: after the first beats on the tamburello and the percussion guitar, the Algerian kids felt involved and began to partecipate in a music that belonged also to them. From this awareness of a real and not rhetorical Mediterranean communion we draw this energy along a musical voyage that can be a counterpoint to the overpowering behemoth of Anglo saxon music that invades our soundwaves and our lives.

"Taranta Power" and "Let the Mediterranean be" began with the aim of setting off from our own shores, laden with history and poetry, and exporting our culture and our art all over the world, with no shame, but simply with the conviction that we are promoting a contemporary, vibrant movement." - Eugenio Bennato

Vocals & solo guitar: Eugenio Bennato
Mandola & vocals: Mimmo Epifani
Cello: Erasmo Petringa
Accordion: Geppino Laudanna
"Beating" guitar: Marcello Vitale
Vocal in "Fimmina chiangi": Pietra Montecorvino

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