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Voz de Cabo Verde - voz com paz e amor
The 2004 lineup of the legendary Cape Verdean ensemble founded by Luis Morais in the 50s.

Titina - Titina Canta B.Leza
(price reduced) A landmark Cape Verdean album, re-mastered and re-packaged to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In the Creole town of Mindelo in Cape Verde, Titina used to be bewitched by sounds of legendary Cape Verdean composer, poet and activist B. Leza (1905, 1958). Produced and arranged by Paulino Vieira who also produced and arranged for Cesaria Evora, the album 'Titina Canta B. Leza' was immediately applauded as a classic. Now this definitive edition will bridge the gap that the many years of it being unavailable has created. It has been 25 years since Titina recorded these songs and like her music, the islands of Cape Verde are also becoming better known because of icons such as B. Leza who gave them their sound. As these sounds made their way to seduce across the world, it is B. Leza who led this great voyage and Titina who lent her voice to his magnetic and inspiring songs.

Various - Music from Cape Verde
Swedish national radio recordings of local folk and popular music including funana (vocal, accordion and metal scraper), finacon (women's vocal music), popular vocal music like morna and coladeras and tracks by the ensemble Simentera

Tcheka - Nu Monda
Tcheka is part of the new generation of Cape Verdean musicians. On Nu Monda, the he explores the 'batuque,' one of the popular beats on the island of Santiago, usually played by women, and explores other styles, such as 'tabanka', a carnival beat, or 'talulu', which is played on All Saints' Day on the island of Fogo. On this, his second album, Tcheka is backed by Kizo Oliveira (bass guitar), Paul Ribeiro (percussion) and Hernani Almeida (guitarist who appears on Bau's latest recordings).

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