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The Merlin Shepherd Kapelye - Intimate Hopes and Terrors - Tales from the Kishkes
Musician, teacher and interpreter of traditional East European klezmer clarinet is joined by the former Soviet Union Klezmer All Stars or, in his own words, some of the greatest klezmer players in the world today. Klezmer played with such passion, Jewish music directly from the heart, the soul, music from the gut, the kishkes, the very center of the human spirit. Jewish music that comes closer to one of the many ways that it may or probably may not have sounded so long ago.

Budapest Klezmer Band - Train 7.40
Besides traditional Jewish compositions, the album contains pieces from the Budapest production of'Fiddler on the roof'.

Sukke - Introducing Sukke
A nicely priced introduction to the klezmer music of Dutch accordionist Sanne M÷ricke, English clarinetist Merlin Shepherd, and German bassist Heiko Lehmann. Solid playing, no surprises and a traditionalist presentation.

Nigun - KlezJazz
This Hungarian bands mixes Jewish music (folk, klezmer, Sephardic, and sacred) with jazz and free-improvisative elements. This music is characterized by both the melodic turns of Jewish music and improvisational elements. The aim of Nigun is not only preserving heritage but creating new values.

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