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Daniele Sepe, Ensemble Micrologus, Und Rote Jazz Fraktion - Kronomakia
Neopolitan arranger, composer and saxophone player Sepe, joined by two ensembles, takes on the early music of Italy in his usual shocking style, seamlessly joining jazz, classical and early art music into a beautiful whole.

Enzo Favata Tentetto (featuring Tenores di Bitti) - The New Village
Sardinian musician and composer Favata has been roiling the roots-jazz of Italy for decades now, recording Cds and playing more than 2,000 concertsaround the world. He fuses tradition with a contemporary sense, forging a new music form folk, jazz and avant garde elements that are strictly original. He has studied classical and jazz saxophone, plays the soprano, sopranino and tenor sax, and the bass clarinet, as well as other ethnic wind instruments from Sardinia and elsewhere. Adding Latin, African and middle eastern influences, he has come up with a creative and original new sound that pays homage to the jazz greats while being beholden to no one. This recording features the incredible Tenores di Bitti, who offer not only their voices, but the inspiration of their melodies that are infused into the very core of Favata's new compositions.

Klezroym - Sceni
This outstanding klezmer ensemble is based in Italy, and they forage into the world of Jewish music, tinged with contemporary jazz, deeply rooted in Eastern European and Mediterranean musical traditions. The group plays musicthat crosses borders and mixes different cultures effortlessly, and on this recording they are graced with two guest musicians that complete the circle: the Arab artists Karam Abdelmagid (oud) and Abdullah Mohamed (darbouka).

Urbalia Rurana and Maurizio Martinotti - Territoris amables (ES5318
The best band from the Pais Valencian (Spain) and the leader of the well known group La Ciapa Rusa (Piedmont/Italy), involved together in a new project.

Radicanto - Lettere Migranti
The Italian band explores the issues and stories of emigration in a series of contemporary songs based on the tradition. Taking the traditions of Puglia and merging them with a trans-Mediterranean modernity has made radicanto one of the most stunning bands in southern Italy. Their recording Terra Arsa was one of our records of the year in 2001, and this recording follows closely behind it for its strong mix of contemporary pop and jazz with an undying local sensibility.

Daniele Sepe - Una banda di pezzenti
A full-blown modern jazz recording from the Neapolitan saxophonist and musical revolutionary and his ensemble of musicians and singers. There are the usual Arabic, Mediterranean and Italian roots, the requisite Sepe-reggae, but they are sumblimated on this recording, serving the larger goal of making a sometimes terse, sometimes lush contemporary jazz sound with an edge of social/political commentary.

Epinfrai - Cercando (ES5310
Epinfrai is the project of four young musicians working on the repertoire of piffero, a sort of oboe used in the musical tradition of the northern part of Apennines, in the area called of the four counties. Starting from a deep knowledge of the development in the tradition of piffero in the last two centuries, once played with the Musa (a sort of bagpipe), then with the Italian accordion, Epinfrai is trying to give a new life to the tradition with the use of stylistic solutions taken by jazz, language that belongs to the musical training of some members of the band.

Gianluigi Trovesi Ottetto - Fugace
The Italian reed man in an all-Italian octet that celebrates the spirit of early jazz in a thoroughly contemporary context.

Gabriele Coen and Atlante Sonoro - Alhambra
Gabriele Coen is one of the founders of Klezroym. This is his second solo album with the Atlante Sonoro project.Featuring Pietro Lussu on piano, Marco Loddo on bass and Luca Caponi on drums, Gabriele Coen (soprano and tenor sax and clarinet) is exploring fascinating places the border lands between the sunny landscapes of Mediterranean music and contemporary jazz. This project also includes Lutte Berg on guitar, playing on two different tracks. The different pages of this Atlante Sonoro are Hebrew music from eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, various European jazz traditions and the arabesques of Alhambra.

La Moresca - Senza Cchui terra

Rosapaeda - In forma di Rosa
RosaPaeda is the stage name of singer Antonella Di Domenico, one of the most expressive and moving voices in south Italy. She was a member of Different Stylee ( she was the lead singer and one of the founders of this reggae group that disbanded in 1992 ). Now she has embarked on "the new and rash reconstruction of the folk", as she calls it. Together with Eddi Romano (accordion and piano), they are expanding their horizons from southern Italy (still the strongest note in their mix) to include Gypsy, Balkan and Afro-Mediterranean sounds into a completey unique sound.

Daniele Sepe - L'uscita dei gladiatori
1997 recording by one of Italy's most aggressively innovative roots musicians.

La Piva Dal Carner - La Pegra A La Mateina La Bela E A La Sira La Bala
Songs and dances of Emilia, Italy

Municipale Balcanica - Road To Damascus
This group from Puglia offers a rich and ingenious synthesis of Eastern Europe sounds and Mediterranean flavors, expressed with inventiveness and energy and full of instrumental precision, always arranged with an attentive eye to jazz and improvisation.

Radicanto - Terra Arsa
Music that holds the heat of Salento, in southern Italy, and translates that energy into a uniquely personal statement.

Radicanto - La Corsa
Now truly a rock band with a Salentine heart, Radicanto's 2005 excursion explores the sound and fury of sourthern Italy with an ear to the global pop music scene.

Jacopo Martini - i nuvoli: jazz manouche
Italian guitarist Jacopo Martini is joined by Nico Gori on clarinet and accmpanied by a small ensemble of violin, accordeon (the amazing Antonello Salis), vibes, guitars and bass.

various Artists (soundtrack) - Amnesia (a film by Gabriele Salvatores)
Includes original music for the film by Daniele Sepe, and songs by Macaco, Leonard Cohen, Corporate Avenger and Ojos De Brujo

Dire Gelt - Sevastopol
Naming themselves after a well-known Yiddish song (Rent Money), this Bologna Italy based kelzmer band has its own unique sound, steeped in the eastern European traditions but with a decidedly personal flair.

Epifani Barbers - Marannui
Mimmo Epifani and his ensemble of singers and musicians pay tribute to the soul of the taranta and the region of Salento of Italy.

Zu and Eugene Chadbourne - Motorhellington
The mad Mr Chad meets some of Italy's strangest musicians... seems appropriate!

Daniel Sepe - Lavorare Stanca
This contemporay collection of music by Italian composer/musican Daniele Sepe is as diverse as it gets. Traditional polyphonic singing, jazz, theater music, folk music and reggae all merge harmoniously in this rich, colorful and often disturbing portrait of a culture.

Samurai Accordion - Te
In this the second such project under the Samurai name, ' five of Europe's most successful and creative veteran practitioners/composers, come together for a disc that features the diatonic accordion. Full of variety, this disc gives a nice overview of how the instrument is used by its most successful exponents, across Europe. With Riccardo Tesi (Tuscany/Italy), Markku Lepistö (Finland), David Munnelly (Ireland); Kepa Junkera (Basque Country/Spain) and Simone Bottasso (Northern Italy).

Giovanni Nuti and Co - les voix des femmes
A song-cycle focused on the voices of Lucia Lippi, Rossella Ruini and Emanuela Berti and arranged by Riccardo Galardini. Nuti has merged classical, popular, jazz and traditional vocal styles in a set of songs, accompanied by guitar, charango, mandolin, acoustic bass, flutes and violins.

Archimedes Badkar - Tre
Reissue of a 1977 recording by a Swedish jazz-folk-rock fusion outfit that was pretty pioneering for their time, and still sounds fresh all these years later. It combined a raw jazz attitude with a flair for more folky melodies, all twisted around with attitude and energy. Fans of Arbete-Fritid and David Amram will get it right away, but you have to love long jazz solos!

La Banda Improvvisa w/ Sepe and Kokko - Lesamore
The remarkable Italian 'municipal orchestra' in a concert that is nothing like you have heard on your town square. Powerful performances by excellent musicians, and joined by two legendary guests, saxophonist is joined by Daniele Sepe and singer Auli Kokko. It's challenging, romantic, funny and great fun.

Laura Conti and Eivador - Nňse amor
Laura Conti and Eivadňr prsent music of Piedmont, Italy, with Maurizio Verna, a refined guitarist and arranger who gives a very personal touch to the tradional melodies of the region.

Quartetto Tamborini - Quartettino Giocoso (ES5307
This work collects compositions by the so-called minor authors of the cultivated music of the Eighteenth century in Piedmont. Indeed, these composers played roles which were not minor in the Piedmontese music panorama, their compositions being played in the major theatres and concert halls all over Northern Italy. Drawing from this repertoire, the band re-proposes in a very original way the compositions transcribed for the most classic among the classic kinds of ensemble: the string quartet. Quartetto Tamborini is born from an idea by Bruno Raiteri, violinist of La Ciapa Rusa.

Rosapaeda - Facce
The ten songs in this recording make use of various dialects from Southern Italy (Sicilian, Calabrese, Greek from Salento, Neapolitan, from Lucania) to generate a musical fire in both traditional and original songs by singer Rosapaeda.

Antonio Paolo Pizzimenti - Adagio
Unlike his previous recordings, which were both sountracks for film or theater works, this is an original work conceived as a multimedia piece (the CD includes a video 'story'). All the music is composed and performed by Pizzimenti, with the voice of Simona Barbero punctuating some of the tracks. It is all stark, moody and cinematic, as Pizzimenti's work always is.

Various Artists - Organetto E Tarantella
The traditional music of Lucania includes 34 tracks of the real roots, field recorded folk music from Italy. The organetto, the hand organ, in Lucania is the direct descendant of the zampogna . Produced by the small semi - artiginal industries of central Italy, it has gradually taken the place of the zampogna since the mid 19th century: The hand organ offers richer and more definite tones and harmonies, has a vivacious timbre, is easily transportable, and is always in tune and ready to use. Various tarantelle, quadriglie and older dances from the 19th century are woven with interesting vocal pieces. Recordings from 1979 to 1991.

African Jazz Pioneers - African Jazz Pioneers
A who's-who of African jazz-roots greats, including Stompie Manana, Jasper Cook, Bheki Buthelezi, Sam Tshabangu, Albert Khumalo and on and on. It's been called African-jazz, Soweto-soul and a dozen other hyphen-hyphens, but it is unique music unto itself, that could only have happened in South Africa in the 1980s, and this 1989 recording features some of the best session players out there.

A3 - Trasudando
This work has roots deep in the tradition, in the culture where women and men, elders and children, briganti and cumpari have all told their stories. This band from the Province of Bari, with their maiden discographic voyage, sails along the infamous A3, the motorway connecting Salerno and Reggio Calabria, one of the most conspicuous symbols of a cultural and territorial panorama that clashes with the pride and the desire for redemption of southern Italy.

E.Y.F.O. - Enfants terribles
The European Youth Folk Orchestra are the 'Enfants terribles'. This is a live recording of the first European youth orchestra of traditional music.

Holger Laumann and Plumm - Aller Aettir
Plúmm emerged as a band of very young and talented jazz musicians at the Havnar Jazzfelag (Tórshavn Jazz Club) in the early eighties. This CD they recorded with Danish saxophone player and composer Holger Laumann.

Eugenio Bennato - Da lontano
Taranta power returns on this 2005 release by one of Italy's best-known roots innovators. The band is, as always, stellar: Bennato on vocals, mandola and classical guitar with Erasmo Petringa, cello, lute, mandolincello and guitar; M'barka Bentaleb, vocals and percussions; Zaina Chabane, vocals; Roberto Menonna, guitare battente and vocals.

Aranis - Roqueforte
The basic Aranis line-up is enriched with percussion. This gives the music a rough edge, but also adds a certain sens of beauty to it all. Dark melodies exchange with threatening rythms, raw solo pieces contrast with complex improvisations. With guest musicians David Kerman (percussion), Stefan Wellens (viola) and Pierre Chevalier (piano). For people who love classical, jazz, folk, world, film and rockmusic and everything in between, this ensemble offers adventure and confusion.

Andrea Capezzuoli / Francesco Nastasi - ...per far legria ai siuri de Milan
A long time ago, before the accordion spread across the musical landscape, the ancient duo of piffero and musa was the king of parties and folk dances in the area called “4 provinces” of Northern Italy. Now, for the first time in more than 50 years, Nastasi and Capezzuoli recreate the musical and emotional atmosphere that might have been enjoyed at a party at the beginning of the last century.

63 Strings, feat. Manomanouche - 63 Strings
A group of Italian musicians executes a musical raid into French Gypsy Jazz territory, joined by the well known Italian Gypsy ensemble Manomanouche and American harpist Park Stcikney. Nunzio Barbieri (acoustic guitar), Dino Contenti (upright bass) and Luca Enipeo (acoustic guitar) take on the obvious (Django Reinhardt) and some less well known turns as well (Domenico Modugno, Romane).

Either/Orchestra - Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis (2 CDs)
The 10-piece jazz orchestra from Boston, in a 2 CD set recorded live in Addis with a number of great Ethiopian performers including vocalists Bahta Gebre-Heywet, Michael Belayheh and Tsedenia Gebre-Marqos, saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya and percussionist Mulatu Astatqe. Inspired by the great Ethiopian pop and jazz of the '60s and '70s, they bring a full array of modern jazz and Afro-Cuban innovations to an Ethiopian repertoire. Unusual, to say the least.

Archedora - Descalso
Rachele Colombo (voice, guitar, percussion and keyboards), and Corrado Corradi (bandoneon, English concertina, percussion and voice) return for their second duo recording, joined by a small ensemble of flute, reeds, bass strings and voices, a string quartet and other guests for a new exploration of the music and life of Venice and the Veneto region of Italy. This is dense, classy music, with lush arrangements (think classic Brazilian), very contemporary and yet very old sounding.

Oddjob - Folk
Swedish jazz quintet of trumpet, alto saxophone, bass, piano, and drums. On Folk, Oddjob is inspired by and is improvising over ancient Swedish pastoral Music. Cow herdings and goat callings mixes fantastically well with the contemporary jazz played by this five piece band.

Giovanni Avantaggiato - M'oli tin passiuna - Suoni e canti di Corigliano d'Otranto
In Corigliano d'Otranto, one of the most important towns of the Greca Salentina of southern Italy, there are several families or individuals who have cultivated a particularly intense musical heritage and who are reference points today for their fellow townspeople and for scholars. One of the most notable is Giovanni Avantaggiato, a musician with a lively personality, over 80 years old, who with his hand organ and his voice, is one of the most important repositories in all of the Greek-influenced area of the Salento.

Piccola Bottega Baltazar - Canzoni in forma di fiore
The 2004 recording by this sophisticated ensemble from Padua, Italy features Marco Toffannin on accordion, Giorgio Gobbo on guitar and vocals, Sergio Marchesini on painao and accordion, Antonio De Zanche, aka 'the Mayor' on double bass player and Massimo Aiello on drums and percussion, with some interesting guest coloration like duduk, saxophone and such. The songs are all original this time around, but they maintain a dream-like quality of time passing and the mellowness of a proper aging.

The Afro-Semitic Experience - Plea for Peace
This African-Jewish jazz alliance offers a unique perspective, both musically and philosopically. Using tools expected and unexpected (bass, horns and drums are met by dobro, violin, African percussion and clarinet) they make a music that will grab the ear of mainstream jazz and Jewish fusion fans because no matter the genre, it is genuine, original and surprising.

OK Jazz - The Roots of OK Jazz: Congo Classics 1955-56

Circo Diatonico - La banda
A funambolico, a musical adventure with many references to Italian popular music, the Balkan, Neapolitan song, jazz and the great tradition of the country band, to evoke the special magic of a circus, the poetry of traveling in a caravan, the bravado of the trapeze, the chaos of the juggler, melancholy of the clown, the elegance of the high wire balancer. A sarabanda of voice and percussions surround the organetto of Clara Graziano, leader and composer of the group, making musical atmospheres of illusion, equilibrium and excitement of a day with the circus caravan. Listen to the music of the new circus: organetto, fanfare and jugglers!

Gerardo Nunez and Perico Sambeat - Cruce de Caminos (jazz viene del sur)
New jazz-flamenco routes, without the usual new-agey nonesense... solid musicianship and great vocals.

Various Gypsy Artists - Gypsies - i nostri zingari
music by Kocani Orkestar and Harmonia Ensemble / Taraf de Haidouks / Note Manouche / Cortjzo- Torna a Kocani Orkestar and Harmonia Ensemble / Taraf de Haidouks / Note Manouche / Cortjzo

La Furlancia - La Furlancia
La Furlancia is a rather new group but its three musicians have a long experience in playing traditional music. They base their repertoire on traditional dances and songs from Liguria, but they also draw some inspiration from the music of Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto or Emilia Romagna, all regions which share a common musical language. In the past, traditional songs and dances were strongly related to their meaning in a society which had a different organization; that is why the band decided to change something when they built up and arranged the music, in order to approach the musical tastes of today's listeners.

Nidi d'Arac - Taranta Container
This 2010 release includes 7 songs from previous recordings that have been rearranged and newly recorded with a modern shape and sound much closer to the bands liver performances.The band says, "The best way to make a song live is to play it. Performing since '98, it has become important to us to restyle our old tracks through the interpretation of the musicians and their instruments that over the years have given birth to our concerts in Italy and abroad ." The CD also includes 5 remixes from 5 representative artists, DJs and producers: Gaudi from London, DJ ClicK from Paris, DJ MPS Pilot from Amsterdam, the Portuguese Mr Tos and Piers Faccini, the Italo-English singer and advocate of the music from Salento.

Sigurdur Flolsason, Daniel Nolgĺrd and The Norrbotten Big Band - Dark Thoughts
Swedish big band jazz: listen

Kapela Maliszow - Wiejski Dzez [Village jazz]
Kapela Maliszów says "We don’t play traditional music, we are tradition!" Wiejski Dzez” [Village jazz] is testament to the Maliszów’s unrelenting urge to explore the types of music not necessarily popular or well received in the rural communities. Village jazz represents their very unique and individualized approach to harmony. Listening to their music you can still discern the trance-like and inconceivable rhythms and melodies of mazurkas, but something different also comes to the surface a new quality.

Luisa Cottifogli - Come Un Albero D'Inverno
Italian singer Luisa Cottifogli came to my attention in 2000 with her remarkable first recording, Aiň Nenč. The recording was subtitled, "I come from the North, but I am from the South," and explored the dichotomy between Italy's colder, richer, more urban north and its warmer, poorer and more rural south. But she was born in the Alps and that is where she returns on Come Un Albero D'Inverno, as she and her ensemble proclaim in the opening track, "Yodel," where they take what in other parts of the world is considered a cliché of the past and place it in the bold, beautiful now. A highly recommended recording that focuses on the human voice in solo and ensemble settings.

Joe Townsend Band - Joe Townsend Band
uk jazz zither accordion balkan

Skruk and Nymark Collektive - Dype, stille, sterke, milde
'deep still strong mild' is a captivating choir record that highlights what Skruk is all about. This album presents Norwegian popular religious songs performed with a small jazz ensemble.

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra - Book One
Founded in December 2002 by its current artistic director, Irvin Mayfield. They perform and present educational programs that draw upon the rich musical and cultural traditions of "the birthplace of jazz," where the group is based. Book One, the group's debut recording, is a showcase of Irvin Mayfield's original compositions for big band and features cameos by vocalist Johnaye Kendrick, R and B singer John Boutté and a singing/scatting turn by orchestra member Leon "Chocolate" Brown.

Pot, van Lienen and Baumgarten - Nectar
nederlands, netherlands, the netherlands, folk, jazz

Dou Dou M'Diaye M'Bengue - Thiato Thiate

Lu (Luisa Cottifogli) - Rumi
Italian singer and composer Cottifogli returns in 2006 with a new solo project that expands on the explorations started in her superb (and sadly, out of print) Aio nene. Innovative arrnagements that delve into the 21st century via ancient roots are executed by a fine ensemble of piano, percussion, chitarra battente, guitars, flutes, electronics, reeds and strings, all focused on one of Italy's finest young voices. A heavier emphasis on samples and electronics is balanced by chorale vocals, classical strings and a total awareness of the roots of the music, be they sacred or profance. This is a unique and challenging recording that offers new rewards with each listen.

Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu Steps Ahead
Vibraphonist and composer Astatke and his Ethiopia band are joined by members of The Heliocentrics and The Either/Orchestra for some totally original Ehtio-jazz adventures.

Elmer Balasz Group - Around the world
The Hungarian drummer and his ensemble of piano, bass, guitar and percussion in a set of jazz based on Hungarian roots, with Mihály Dresch on flute, David Yengibarjan on accordion, and vocalists Gábor Winand and Henriett Czerovszky.

Mihaly Borbely Quartet - Meselia Hill
Mihály Borbélyplays clarinet and jazz saxophone as well kaval flute and tárogató (a wooden soprano saxophone) joined by an ensemble of piano, bass and drums with guests Zoltán Lantos (violin) and Miklós Lukács (cimbalom). Says Michael Stone in RootsWorld, "If Bartók played not-so-straight-ahead jazz, it might sound like the Borbély Quartet, combining Serbian, Slovak, Gypsy, Jewish and German folk influences with classical music, shot through with that thing that swings. Roland Kirk would understand."

Mahmoud Ahmed and Either Orchestra - Ethniogroove (DVD)
A film by Anais Prosic follows the Ethiopian star and the American jazz band as they discover each others music and prepare for a concert. Includes documentary and a full 2006 concert. DVD, multi-zone, NTSC (North American) format.

Jokke Schreurs - Force Majeure
Elegant Belgian guitarist, accompanied by upright bass and guitar, performs straight-ahead jazz in the lineage of Django, but certainly not hemmed in by the Gypsy's legacy. 9 pieces, most originals, with works by Piazzolla, Tchaikowsky, Coltrane and one trad tune filling out the set.

Omar Sosa Quarteto AfroCubano - Ilé
Since he emigrated from Cuba in 1993, Omar Sosa has forged a distinctive musical path, fusing an array of jazz, world music, hip-hop, and electronic elements with his Afro-Cuban roots. Omar's newest recording, Ilé, marks a homecoming for the 7-time GRAMMY-nominated pianist and composer to the Latin Jazz influences of his formative years in late ‘80s and early ‘90s Havana. During this period, Omar savored the music of Pancho Quinto, Lázaro Ros, Rubén González, Machito, Benny Moré, Arsenio, Cachao, Lili Martinez, Peruchin, Chucho Valdés, and Irakere. Ilé means homeland in the Lucumí tradition of Cuba, derived from the Yoruba language of West Africa, and it is to the Latin Jazz roots of his native Cuba that Omar returns for inspiration on this new studio recording. This CD was donated by and artist and Otá Records in support of RootsWorld.

Elof and Wamberg - 12 'Ornli' syge tracks for'ukulele og kontrabas!
Danish music, jazz and more for upright bass (and occasional violin) and ukelele. That's it. Simple, musical fun by two great musicians.

Theodosii Spassov Trio - The Fish Are Praying For Rain
Theodosii Spassov has gained an international reputation for his virtuosic improvisations and innovative Balkan-jazz arrangements. His trio of kaval, piano, and drums weaves Bulgaria's famous crooked rhythms and cascading melodies into the jazz idiom.

Elise Einarsdottir, Olle Steimnholtz w/ Lena Willemark - Summer Night
Swedish pianist Einarsdottir, bassist Steimnholtz in near jazz settings of standards and originals, both instrumental pieces and with guest vocalist Willemark. Einarsdottir is often (I think fairly) compared to Bill Evans, in both her fluid playing and her melodic sense.

Elena Ledda - Sonos
Sardinian vocalist uses folk roots to forge a daring new acoustic music

Martin, Taylor, Carthy and Simpson - Martins4
Four guitarists- Juan Martin (flamenco) and Martin Taylor (jazz) plus scions of the Brit folk scene Martin Carthy and Martin Simpson - recorded live together at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

Vijana Jazz Band - The Koka Koka Sex Battalion
The 2nd of January 1975 was a Thursday. Sometime that day, members of the Vijana Jazz Band from Tanzania entered the Hi-Fi Studios at Pioneer House on Government Road in Nairobi, Kenya, and recorded 6 tracks under the pseudonym of the Koka Koka Sex Battalion. Along with Rumba, Kamata Sukuma (grab 'n' push), Koka Koka was a style of music, but the band's name was a scam. Painting a picture of the unique energy that was East African rumba in the 1970s the intriguingly titled The koka Koka Sex Battalion includes hits and rarities while standing as the only available album of Vijana Jazz Band, one of the most popular groups of their time. Listen

Fabrizio Poggi and Turututela - La storia si canta
Singer, guitarist and harmonica player Poggi is back with new of songs, accompanied by Roberto G. Sacchi on accordion, Marco Rovino on guitar and mandolin, backing vocalist Odette Lucchesi and a great group of guest musicians, , offering an homage to rice pickers, factory workers, migrants, soldiers, the people who built 20th century Italy but whose names are absent from the history books. In reworking standards such as 'Bella ciao' (orignally dedicated to female rice pickers), 'Saluteremo il signor padrone' or 'Mamma mia dammi cento lire,' he helps rediscover the spirit of a time gone and forgotten. It's as romantic as it is determined. Listen

Meikenut - Rev
A great new band that mixes tradition and innovation. The record presents Piedmontese traditional melodies in new arrangements

Teresa De Sio - Villanelle popolaresche del '500'
1978 recording of traditional songs by the Italian singer, directed by Eugenio Bennato

Western Jazz Band - Songs Of Happiness, Poison & Ululation
Formed in 1959, Western Jazz Band was both a band and a social club who derived their name from their home of Western Province in Tanzania, which many of the original members came from, and the ubiquitous term ‘jazz’ which for many decades denoted all things modern in African music. This compilation showcases songs from 1973 – 1975, a time when their singles were hits throughout Africa, a time now impossible to recreate. All tracks diligently re-mastered from earliest available sources, complete with rare images, song translations from the original Swahili and notes from East African musical expert Douglas Paterson. Listen http://www.sternsmusic.com/playlist.php?tp=mp3&dskid=STCD3052

Louis Sclavis and Quatuor Habanera - L'engrenage
The composers Alexandros Markeas, Alain Berlaud and Yassen Vodenitcharov, long-standing associates of the Quatuor Habanera, thought out a program of works that would enable the jazz clarinetist Louis Sclavis to contrast and compare his world with that of the Quartet. Each of the scores was created with the idea of enabling him to extemporize his part above those of the four saxophonists.

Elena Ledda - Incanti
2003 release from the incredible Italian singer offers another excellent merging of ancient roots and modern sonorities.

The World Mankeri Orchestra - Valkoista Sukua
Founded in 1984 as Etno-Pojat, the World Mänkeri Orchestra is an innovative (and aggressive) 'primitive jazz" ensemble that features hand-made, ancient reeds, horns, and drums and electric bass, and on this recording young Finnish vocalist Meri Titola, who brings a new dynamic to the ensemble's powerful noise.

Antoni Donchev - Dom. No. 13
Composer-pianist Antoni Donchev has received many Bulgarian jazz awards over the last fifteen years and been featured at number of major jazz festivals. In addition to his work with his Acoustic Version, Donchev works in a number of other projects with musicians from all over Europe. Donchev is a model contemporary musician, easily and skilfully handling the broad variety of forms in performing and composing at the turn of the century. He has no difficulty whatever combining the versatility of jazz with folklore and classical music.

Donchev is working with the music space. His compositions are like imaginary landscapes - chamber music atmospheres. He is looking for the space between the spaces - the microcosmos of sounds.

The works heard here are from film and theater works he has composed, performed by a chamber orchestra, with poetry by Edvin Sugarev.

Daniele Sepe - Totosketches
Read more about this great Neopolitan composer and saxophonist here

Daniele Sepe - Truffe and other sketches
Read more about this great Neopolitan composer and saxophonist here

Various - Bonasera Bbona Ggende
Canti e musiche dall'Abruzzo Li Sandandonjirë, Volume 2 in Taranta's Ethnica Symphonia series.

Daniele Sepe - Spiritus Mundi
Read more about this great Neopolitan composer and saxophonist here

Various Artists - SUONI DI CANTO
Number 19 in the Taranta series of traditional Italian folk music: Balli e canti tradizionali in Irpinia - vol. 2

Mallebrok - Levende Brav
They say they are 'crossing new borders between folk music, experimental electronica, jazz inspirations and pop.' Founded in 2014, he band consists of experienced musicians from folk music, medieval music, electronica and big band jazz, so they have grounds for their appraisa This is not medieval music with electronics nor Scandinavian folk music with eastern hand drums and trombone. It is something that is quite different.

Bela Szakcsi Lakatos and Miklos Lukacs - Check it out, Igor
Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, piano and Miklós Lukács on cimbalom offer some wild and far-ranging improvised musical duests drawing on the musical grammar of Roman and Hungarian Gypsy tradition, classical keyboard from the Baroque to Bartók, and jazz styles from barrelhouse to bebop to Braxton. Challenging doesn't begin to describe it!

Perry Stenback & Dekadansorkestern - Cornelius och Andra Visor (Live at Buzz's Farm, Denmark)
Danish guitarist Perry Stenback and his Dekadansorkestern play the "Danish Songbook," of composers like Cornelis Vreeswijk, Evert Taube, Dan Andersson, Myhre / Hovland as well as Stenbäck's original songs (and one by Chico Buarque). It's a Danish take on blues and jazz. DVD film, recorded live in Aro, Denmark.

Berger Knutsson Spering - Up Close
Swedish musicians Bengt Berger, drums Jonas Knutsson, saxophones Christian Spering, bass recorded this set of songs at Studios La Buissonne in Provence. It includes original works, an interpretation of a South Indian piece, trad/arrs of some Swedish polskas as well as Paul Motians 'It should have happened a long time ago' and Ellington's 'In A Sentimental Mood.' Jazz as only the Scandinavians play it.

Afro-Semitic Experience - The Road That heals the Splintered Soul
The Afro-Semitic Experience is a six piece group with a jazz and world music sound. Their music is a merging of the many elements of their cultures. Much of what they play has a strong spiritual center to it - their repertoire contains a heavy dose of music from the Jewish synagogue and the African-American church. This new work is an exploration of the deep well of myths, epics and stories that unite all cultures.

Harald Haugaard and Anders Mogensen - Spirits
Haugaard seeks new ground in this fusion of Danish folk music and jazz-rock sensibilities. Jazz percussion, guitar and bass by Anders Mogensen, Krister Jonsson and Jonas Westergĺrd bring new ideas to the Danish folk dance tunes they grab and reinvent. It's aggressive but never distorted, and the power of Haugaard's fiddling is never overcome by the strength of Mogensen's drum kit.

Daniele Sepe - Anime Candide - War and Love Songs
Another masterful work from the mad Neopolitan world of saxophonist/composer Sepe.

Ariondassa - In Cerca di Grane
Traditional music and songs of the Piedmont by an ensemble whose musicians have played with some of the most important bands of the region (Tre Martelli, Ombra Gaja, La Kinkerne, La Ciapa Rusa)

Ti Jaz - Reves Sauvages
Starting with a band of bass, drums and accordion, this Breton ensemble have added the instruments of jazz: saxophones, and the instrument of ancient France: the bombarde, a raspy, woodwind with a bagpipe-like sound. So, too, have they melded these musical elements, the melodies and ideas of early French music with the improvisation of free jazz and the gut of rock. They pay hommage to the 'ideal jazz' bands of 1940s and players like Yves Menez, who used horns, fiddle, accordion and banjo to create a new French folk music. In that same spirit, Ti Jaz sprawl across the musical landscape, one minute a dark dirge on bombarde, the next firing off a slap bass and drum riff that would settle in nicely at The Knitting Factory. The eight instrumental works on Ręves Sauvages are sometimes chaotic, often lyrical and always challenging. They achieve power without electricity, a power intrinsic in the instruments and the source material.' - RootsWorld

Tandarandan - Adalgisiana
The return of Tandarandan, two years after their marvelous 'Epata, music of the seasons' and focused on music for dancing in an homage to all the old musicians who they have met along the way.

Tuscae Gentes - Viva Faliero!
Songs, sounds, stories around Val di Bisenzio and Tuscany, an homage to Val di Bisenzio and its poets, leading us in unexplored territories of folk songs.

soundtrack - Le Rose del Deserto
Soundtrack to the film by Mario Municelli features Almamegretta, Nidi d"arac, Solar Orchestra, Tricarico, Mario Crispi and others

Cantodiscanto - Malmediterraneo
The 2003 release by this splendid Italian band offers an even deeper look into the broad spectrum of Mediterranean music that they mine to find gems for their for their powerful and beautiful musical devices.

Shahid Parvez - Kushal
The Indian sitarist in a live recording in 2004 at Turin, Italy's Gong Festival. This is a performance of 'Raga Shyam Kalyan' accompanied by Sankha Chatterjee on tabla.

Frode Alnaes, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen - Hostslov
The third in the seasonal song cycles by Norwegian jazz artists Stian Carstensen (accordion), Frode Alnaes (acoustic and electric guitars) and Arild Andersen (bass), Hřstslřv explores autumn in original compositions and classics like Try To Remember, Vivaldis Host sequeing into Singing In The Rain, September Song, Harvest Moon, Autumn Leaves and many others from both American pop and Nordic traditions.

Various artists - Tomma Tommë
Musiche e canti dalla Murgia dei trulli - Le tradizioni musicali in Puglia Vol. 4 is the 24th CD in the exceptional Taranta Ethnica series.

Various artists - Tomma Tommë
Musiche e canti dalla Murgia dei trulli - Le tradizioni musicali in Puglia Vol. 4 is the 24th CD in the exceptional Taranta Ethnica series.

Kristian Blak, Vera Kondrateva, Yggdrasil - Lipet Ei : Seven Brothers
Kristian Blak once again steps into difficult and strange musical worlds on this recording with Khanty singer Kondrateva. The Khanty people live in an autonomous region in western Siberia, with a culture far removed from Russia. Incorporating these songs into any western framework would be challenging, but Blak and his Faroese ensemble push it to the limits of folk, rock, jazz and 'new music.' Click and listen. I can't explain it.

Cantodiscanto - Medinsud
Already a house favorite, the sinous, slinky Mediterranean sound of this Italian ensemble is rich and personal, with great musicians, great singers and great ideas.

H3FK - Nubiska Natter
Mixing influences from the likes of John Coltrane and Anouar Brahem with their own unique style, this ensemble offers an unorthodox vision. The group started out as a double trio mixing modern jazz with Arabic folk music, but have now reached a point where the borders are blurred and the feeling is completely natural and original. The compositions are written for the whole ensemble, but also includes trio and quartet pieces, with elements of Arabic, Middle-Eastern, Gypsy and Swedish folk and pop.

Tri Muzike - Treo

Pietra Montecorvino - Napoli Mediterranea
Produced by Eugennio Bennato, this Neopolitan singer offers a rich look at the music of Naples and the Mediteranean. Neither strictly folk nor overtly 'pop,' they skirt a lot of boundaries seeking a new context for the old musical styles.

Luigi Cinque Tarantual Hypertext O'rchestra - Tangerine Café
fRoots says: 'definitely deep Mediterranean, even though it draws elements from further afield... staggeringly well integrated and arranged through all its different layers and levels... Wow!'

Various Artists - Portella della Ginestra 1947-1997
Published on the the 50th anniversary of one of the most bloody massacres of the Italian Republic, this document gives various viewpoints of the event, by a number of composers and performers including Taberna Mylaensis, Pino Veneziano, Francesco Giunta.

soundtrack - The Triplets of Belleville
When an album uses such devices as the spokes of a bicycle wheel and a vacuum cleaner to flesh out the backdrops of its songs, you know you're in for something interesting. Music from Sylvian Chomet's Academy Award-nominated animated film about a grandmother's search for her kidnapped grandson (with the help of the washed up Triplets of Belleville), the soundtrack echoes the film's quirky look at the roaring 20's. French-flavored retro-jazz and big band are the central influences across the album, which means plenty of horns, accordion and catchy rhythms. Throw a few more unorthodox instruments and you have a recipe for unusual vibes and smiles.

Banda Brisca - Io ballo brisco
The first official CD by an Italian dance band that has been out there for 15 years, a live CD by a band whose mission is to play live and let people dance, everywhere they go.

Michela Musolino - Songs of Trinacria
A collection of Sicilian folk songs, accompanied by Wilson Montuori opn guuitar, and on one track, the Sicilian musician Alfio Antico.

Morild - Dromte mig en drom
On Drřmte mig en drřm Morild present Danish songs in new wrapping. In a blend of folk, jazz and modern grooves, the trio of musicians playing drums, bass, saxophone and keyboards (with guest fiddler Makiko Hirabayashi) interpret traditional songs - tales of faith, hope, love, life and death. This may be pretty smooth for the more 'folk' listener, but their mix of sharp instrumental skills and a fantastic lead singer, Anne Duehoim, help keep this recording from falling into a mainstream jazz trap.

Fabrizio Poggi and Turututela - Turututela: Canzoni Popolari
Italian harmonica, melodeon player and singer tackles classic songs with a new energy

Elisabeth Engdahl and Thomas Gustafsson - Piece In Peace
Composer, arranger, band leader, saxophonist, keyboardist Elisabeth Engdahl is also a noted player of the church organ. Together with husband Thomas Gustafsson, she performs somewhat sacred music from various sources, classical, jazz as well as their own compositions. Thomas Gustafsson was the first "Swedish National Treasure" awardee, He played in Bitter Funeral Beer Band in the early 80's as well as many others throughout the years. On this album he plays the soprano saxophone exclusively.

Isola - Mundis Imaginalis
Lots of poetic license in this recording of Sicilian music by Iolanda Vacalebre (vocals), Nicola Rustica (guitar and vocals) and Giovanni Crispino (violin, violoncello and guitar).

Stefano Valla, Dani Scurati - Music Of The Apennins
Piffero, accordion and vocals, nothing more. This disc features songs and melodies for listening and dancing. Stéfano Valla and Daniele Scurati present the traditional repertoire for these two instruments.

Livio Guardi and Wilson Montuori - Diomedee
Guitar and vocal duo from Florence mixes Tuscan roots with many contemporary guitar styles, accompanied on some tracks by percussion, flute, bass, harmonica, mandolin and bouzouki

Karl Seglem and Reidar Shar - Tya
Reidar Skĺr (piano, keyboards and computers) is an innovative and creative musician, composer and producer working in his own studio in Oslo. He has participated on a numerous list of recordings with Norwegian jazz, pop and rock artists. Skĺr has been collaborating with Seglem for years - mainly as a studio technician, co producer and composer/arranger. Seglem (sax and horns) has been called one of Norway's foremost saxophonists, with an original and distinctive voice and a unique ability to renew himself. They are joined by an ensemble of fiddle, guitar, accordion, voices, percussion and more in an adventurous set from 1997.

Napoli MandolinOrchestra - Serenata Luntana
Led by master musicians/composers Antonello Paliotti, Mauro Squillante and Leonardo Massa, this large string and percussion orchestra from Naples will absolutely surprise you with their strong and passionate mix of old and new, played out on a large stage with a lot dynamics and energy.

Teatro Settimo - Uccelli
The soundtrack of the theatre version of Aristophanes' "The Birds" presented at the Spoleto Festival in June 1996 as performed by Banda Osiris, Aringa and Verdurini, Paolo Pizzimenti, Anna Coppola and many other singers and musicians from the Italian music world.

Vito Ranucci and Napoli Est - Il giardino delle delizie
Neopolitan arranger, composer and saxophone player Ranucci is joined by the large ensemble Napoli Est for his 2007 work.

Lou Dalfin - Gibous, Bagase e Bandi
Originally released in 1995 Listen

Banda Bassotti - Amore e Odio
Heavy ska, roots and rock from an Italian band of guitars, bass, drums and horns - they're political, passionate and loud (think Negu Gorriak, Les Negresses Vertes and The Clash). If you have a 'need for speed,' this is the band for you.

Jessica Lombardi and Silvio Trotta - Passi Verso Nord
Together they have a formidable reputation as members of Fiamma Fumana, Musicanti del Piccolo Borgo and other ensembles that have forged interesting paths in new Italian roots. This is an acoustic project from 2002 by the duo. Listen

Lena Willemark, Mats Öberg and Jonas Knutsson - Alla Drömmars Sĺng
Three of Sweden's most respsected performers in any genre, vocalist and violist Lena Willemark, pianist Mats Öberg and reeed player Jonas Knutsson together create a whole new folk-art form for Sweden. They have all worked together in folk, jazz and art music ensembles for decades, and here they mix traditional material from Lena's home of Älvdalen with own original pieces and a surprising cover of The Beatles with a strong sense of unity, in a recording created in one day, as they simply let go and just played music. Highly recommended.

Carlo Salemi - A sud dell'anima
Salemi's 2002 recording, Hybla, was centered on his virtuosity on friscalettu. 2005 is time for a more complete work, emphasizing the versatility of this great Sicilian artist. Here Salemi proves himself not only to be a gifted musician but also a composer, a singer and a refined arranger.

Antonello Paliotti - Musica Obliqua
As the artist writes, this is "a record that presents the peaceful (and sometimes less peaceful) coexistence of my musical thoughts about ballet, cinema or simply about dreams." Performed by the Orchestra Collegium Philarmonicum directed by Gennaro Cappabianca.

Daniele Bonaventura - Suite per bandoneon e orchestra
The bandoneon master performs two new major compositions, a suite for bandoneon and orchestra, and Piccolo Requiem for Solo Bandoneon.

Tuscae Gentes - Quando Il Merlo Canta
Songs and sounds on the seasonal migrations in Tuscany across the Apennines, the Corsican and Maremma areas. Listen

Daniele di Bonaventura and Alfredo Laviano - Transumanza
Daniele di Bonaventura, bandoneon and Alfredo Laviano, percussion

Chevan, Nizrahi and Afro-Semitic Experience - Yizkor: Music of memory
Composer and bassist David Chevan's Afro-Semitic Experience is joined by Jewish cantor Alberto Nizrahi for a contemporary look at Yizkor, a memorial service when sinners seek atonement, remember those who have passed before and contemplate the the transience of life. Carefully fusing modern American jazz, older American roots and ancient Hebrew traditions is no easy task, but Chevan and company prove more than up to the task on this 2008 exploration of modern American spiritually and musical experimentation.

La Moresca Antica - Migrare
Here's a new chapter in the research into traditional maritime music: following 'Marinaresca' and 'Li Turchi alla marina,' the leaders Umberto Mosca and Angelo Maffezzoli along with their artistic crew give us a fully ripened work with the themes of men and music and migration by sea. Special guests include Lucilla Galeazzi and Jack Coutts.

Ghetonia - Mari e Lune a Est Del Mondo
Music of the Grecěa Salentina, Salento, perfomed by one of the most repsected new ensembles reviving this griko (Greek-Italian)+R[28]C cultural tradition. This is a short 31 minute CD in a simple slip-case. No notes, just 7 fine pieces of music.

Trouveur Valdotčn - Cromozome: Musique Traditionnelle des Alpes Occidentales
Following its path of deep ethno-musicological research in the Western Alps, the ensemble tries to give a live, contemporary dimension to the cultural expression of the region and a defense of the special nature of Valle d'Aosta, a Francophone region in the Italian state.

Uhrbrand-Lydom-Cahill - Spring, with Mats Vingin and Peter Rosendal
Originally formed as a trio in 1998. Peter Uhrbrand, Sonnich Lydom and Sčamus Cahill has now been joined by two outstanding jazz musicians Mads Vinding (bass) and Peter Rosendal (piano) in what can only be described as a rare meeting of musical genres, that of folk and jazz. In a sense Spring is not only a meeting of different musical styles, but also a meeting of the great traditions of Nordic and Celtic music. One of the band members is an Irishman now settled in Denmark and so it seemed natural that songs from the Irish tradition should also be included on this CD. ULC's choice of material blends beautifully together.

Denanni, Porcu, and Matzau - Boghes e chiterra (Ethnica 29)
Canti a chitarra del Logudoro (Sardegna) presents Sardinian singers and guitarists Gianni Denanni, Antonio Porcu and Tore Matzau in ten traditional songs from the island.

Riccardo Joshua Moretti - Il canto di Israele / The song of Israel
Performed by the Midrash Music Ensemble. Italian composer Moretti explores Jewish and klezmer music from a deep and unusual perspective, looking to classical roots for inspiration, but also at home in the worlds of Rota and Morricone. An unexpected revelation.

Banda di Avola - A Banna!
A HUGE band of horns, reeds, woodwinds and percussion from Sicily offer a series of spirited, tongue-in-cheek marches from the 1920s, capable of captivating both players and audience alike. For those who enjoy Banda Ionica, here is a different look at the Sicilian brass band tradition, more raucous, more abandoned and wild.

Simona Barbera - Mirto
A powerful and inspired Italian singer, born in Genoa and residing in Sicily, Barbera offers a daring reinvention of 'an imaginary Sicily' that is rich in tradition but far from traditional. Performed a capella or accompanied primarily by percussion or piano, these songs lit, roar and shreik across the imagined landscape, reinventing old themes as contemporary art.

Klakki - Lemon River
Jazz and folk influenced pop music from Faroe Islands

Marco Beasley with Guido Morini - La bella Noeva
Italian singer Beasley and accordionist Morini interpret 17th and 18th century 'broadsides,' popular songs of the time that often competed with opera in terms of popularity and success. Accompanied by a small ensemble of violin, viola, théorbe and archiluth (lutes) and Baroque guitar.

Mimmo Epifani - Pe' i ndo
Mimmo Epifani, a mandolinist and singer from Salento, has established himself not only as a virtuoso instrumentalist but also as a leading interpreter – and re-interpreter -- of Salentine music. This is his 2013 release. Read an interview in RootsWorld.

various - Miliki Music: Society Sounds of 60's Lagos
17 tracks of 1960's Nigerian pop, highlife and Yoruba jazz

Various - Cosmic Sounds Remixed
Artists from around the world join forces to pay tribute to the Cosmic Sounds label (Italy, Austria, Croatia, England, Hungary, Australia, Japan and Serbia). Each of them chose one track from the CS catalogue and gave it a fresh touch. 8 remixes of tracks by Arkestra One, SHQ, Jerome Richardson, Dusko Gojkovic and others by DJs from across Europe and Asia.

David Chevan and the Afro-Semitic Experience - Further Definitions of the Days of Awe
"Never before have I heard this lyrically powerful a fusion of Jewish and jazz souls on fire.” So says Nat Hentoff and I can't agree more. For most of the past decade the Afro-Semitic Experience has played the midnight Selichot service with Cantor Jack Mendelson at his synagogue in White Plains, NY. Theey have, in the process, created a new way to accompany cantorial music and they document it in this rousing recording of three concerts in August, 2010 just before the High Holy Days, one in New York City, one in New Haven, Connecticut, and one in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It features the band with special guests Cantor Jack Mendelson, Cantor Lisa Arbisser, Cantor Erik Contzius, cantorial soloist Danny Mendelson, and trumpeter Frank London.

various - Musica Da Ballo In Sicilia
A mix of music for dancing performed in the last 80 years in various parts of Sicily. In addition to the performances recorded during recent research, the album presents historic recordings produced by immigrants in America from 1916 to 1939. Contraddanze, quadriglie, tarantelle, scotis, balleti, valzer, polke, and mazurka present an initial inventory of the many ethnic traditions of Sicily.

Lino Davide and Viamedina - Uno lune e Monte
Five years after the publication of the debut CD, Lino Davide returns with his band and with a new project of folk songs, traditional musicand international influences. Ten new original composition, created in the collaboration of some of the most experienced musicians on the Neapolitan scene. It sticks to a mostly acoustic environment, including plectrums, traditional woodwinds, percussion, strings and some great vocals.

SOS - Cammenann
They blend Mediterranean sound and Neapolitan lyrics, and as they put it, 'contaminations melt down to create a half-caste and strange rock.' They start the journey in a Naple's neighbourhood, taking inspiration by the' 'Neapolitan Sound' of the 80's (Pino Daniele, Avitabile, Senese, E' Zezi and Almamegretta) and add Egyptian, Nigerian, Senegalese and Algerian influences to make a melting pot of styles, races, cultures and traditions.

Giovanna Marini - Il Salento di Giovanna Marini
Giovanna Marini is a popular singer of Italian folk music. This recording is the result of research into the traditional music of Salento, the south of Puglia, which has very ancient roots and goes back to the ancient Greek habitation of the region.

Over Sundet - Masquerade
This Danish quartet finds inspirationin Nordic folk music but also leaves space for jazz, music from the Balkans and the Middle East and more. Over Sundet is composing and arranging subtle melodies for saxophone, clarinet, cello and percussion. Folk music, jazz, world, and classical music are weaved together, creating an airy and lyrical universe, where the dusty tune books have been replaced by brand new compositions. The music is centred around traditional folk styles but with a new and modern sound to it. A sound that is created partly by the uncommon instruments such as cello, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone and various exotic percussion instruments from all over the world and partly from inspiration from other genres as well as the musicians playful abilities to think out of the box.

Stefano Valla, Attilio Rocca, Ettore Losini - Tilion
An uncommon birthday present for a very uncommon person: Attilio Rocca is known as 'Tilion,' one of the fathers and keepers of the folk tradition in the area of the Four Provinces. Young at the age of 70, Tilion has his etrenal friends gather around to celebrate his life with a glass of Gutturnio, a salami of Varzi and plenty of good music to accompany his accordion.

Over Sundet - Over Sundet
The Danish folk quartet performs lyrical interpretations of Scandinavian traditional and original tunes. Over Sundet means "Across the Sound", the body of water separating Denmark from Sweden, and the name refers to the fact that much of the band's inspiration is drawn from Swedish folk sounds. The band's sound is focused on the raw power of traditional music, but weaves in classical and jazz elements. The members of the band have backgrounds in classical, folk and jazz. IT has been said: "Over Sundet represents a completely new approach to music in Denmark, and they have succeeded in transcending habitual musical thinking and traditional generic boundaries" The musicians are Siri Iversen: clarinet, bass clarine; Cecilie Strange: tenor and soprano sax; Lea Havelund: cello and Simon Busk: percussion.

Various Artists - Music from the Heart of the World
Eleven full-length tracks include tarentella from Southern Italy , Egyptian artist Hamza El Din,music from the Arab-Palestinian Holy Land , Zen flute, Iran's acclaimed Dastan Ensemble, song-prayers of mystical Judaism, Musafir's Gypsy rhythm and qawaali chant from Rajasthan. And excellent way to introduce a friend to a wider world of music.

Green Gate - Green Gate
Magnus Johannessen (p), Holger Laumann (sax, oboe), Arnold Ludvig (b), Rógvi á Rógvu (dr). In 1992 Holger Laumann and the Faroese band Plúmm recorded the album Allar ćttir - a pretty straight forward jazz-rock fusion album. In the years after the musicians have been spread all over the world. (Arnold Ludvig, the bassplayer, is now living in Montreal). A couple of years ago, when Magnus Johannessen came to Copenhagen and started working with Holger Laumann, they started talking about a new concept: More nature, more sky and sea in the music. With Magnus Johannessen and Holger Laumann´s jazz- backgrond they coulden´t help flirting with their roots - for instance on solar eclipse Holger Laumann is playing a jazzy thing on the oboe, and in Haste makes waste he plays the blues on the oboe.

Enrico Negro - Rosso Rubino
A sound classical training and long-standing activity in folk music are the basic elements of this refined Piedmontese guitar player. Compagnons Roulants, Tendachënt, Dňna Bčla are just some of the musical projects where the sound of his guitar isevident. For his solo debut, Negro gathered round him several friends, all of them well-known folk musicians, to bring his vision into reality.

Ensemble Sinigaglia - La crava mangia ij more
Enrico Negro, Mario Cosco, and Ignazio Viola are three skilled guitarists from Turin, already known by classical-music enthusiasts as Trio Vivaldi. But since music has no strict borders, it was not difficult for themn to trespas into the folk repertoire. Their guitars' melodies intertwine with Paola Lombardo's perfect voice to pay tribute to Leone Sinigaglia, the great father of the traditional Piedmontese patrimony of songs.

Steve Coleman and Five Elements - On the Rising of the 64 Paths
One of the foremost innovators of contemporary jazz, alto saxophonist/composer/conceptualist Steve Coleman returns to the spotlight with On The Rising Of The 64 Paths. Registering yet another shift in his continually evolving approach to composition and arrangement, Chicago-born Coleman has created music that is full of question and answer, melody and countermelody, light and shade. For this new release, he has decisively altered his sonic environment all the while maintaining a certain degree of continuity with his past. According to Coleman, The 64 Pathways is built on a profound philosophical foundation, referring to 'points of convergence and completion describing process in Nature. It is hoped that these sounds help to open the way for further investigations into that special movement in the Soul which, when expressed as sound, is called music. Coleman is a contemporary improviser who staunchly defies convention and will forever be associated with the M-base concept of polyrhythmic and asymmetric improv

Gigi - Garage Tango
An evocation of bellows instruments (accordion, bandoneon, etc) are blended with pop-dance arrangements in an unusual and surprisingly satisfying montage. In this CD, the first 'virtual accordion' (Roland V-accordion) was used; its physical sound modelling technology enables the musicians to express their creativity to sweep unexplored musical genres. Luigi Bruti, who's responsible for Roland's musical laboratory, is also the author of this musical instrument.

Various Artists - La Tarantella Del Gargano: Le Tradizioni Musicali I Puglia - Vol. 2
The traditional music of Puglia. Vol 2. - An ample collection of songs for serenata and tarantella in the fascinating melismatic style of the peasant culture of the Gargano, to the sounds of the chitarra battente, chitarra francese, castagnole, and tamburo. There are also pieces from the artisan world (tarantella, quadriglia, valzer fiorato) with mandoline and violin. Recordings from 1980 to 1988.

Coro Bajolese - O Maria béla Maria
This CD continues the thirty-year career of the celebrated choir of Bajo Dora, characterized by experimental hints, aiming at an even deeper knowledge of the oral culture of the people from Canavese (the area surrounding Ivrea, Piedmont). This new work is entirely dedicated to Piedmontese ballads drawn from the Nigra collection, which are performed in the typical suggestive way of this cult folk choir conducted by Amerigo Vigliermo.

Pamunt Rom Group - Pamunt Rom Group
The Pamunt Rom Group includes Ionut Gugulan (accordion and vocals), Florin Barby (guitar and vocals) , Adrian Nan (stand-up bass), Castel Ciortan (accordion), and Laurentiy Dinca (clarinet), with Ciccio Merolla (percussion) and Riccardo Veno (soprano saxophone). The trademark sound is the furious interplay between the two accordions, or the accordions and the reeds.

Johan Hedin and Gunnar Idenstam - Låtar - Swedish Folk Tunes
Gunnar Idenstam, organ and Johan Hedin, nyckelharpa, play tunes, reels and other dances in eighteenth-century late Baroque style, a waltz tinged with the Spanish Renaissance, a dance from Italy and a number of original compositions. A unique combination and a unique recording. (Hybrid CD/SACD)

Nando Citarella - Mozart....al chiaro di luna
Mozart's Don Giovanniis re-explored in traditional folk music and popular theatre with serenades, pazzarielli, tammorre, moaning songs, tarantelle, pizziche and lazzi. The CD contains a video track. Listen 1 | Listen 2

Raffaella De Vita and Roberto Cognazzo - Macario, Parole E Musica
Macario, Words and Music presents the comic music of Turin-born singer Macario, called 'the comic who fell from the Moon.' These are songs taken from stage revues and films from 1938-1954, performed by vocalist De Vita and pianist Cognazzo, accompanied on some songs by guitarist Silvano Biolatti.

La Camorra - 12 Postales
The Argentine group takes a step away from Piazzolla this time, with a set of their own compositions, that moves between the classic music of cámara, jazz and of course, the omnipresent tango.

Jon Eberson Trio - Born to be Slow
Norwegian guitarist Jon Eberson with vibraphonist Rob Waring and bassist Carl Morten Iverson.

Various Artists - Tarantelle E Maschere: Balli E Canti Tradizionali In Irpinia
The region of Irpinia, in the province of Avellino east of Napoli, is the area in Italia with the greatest intensity of carnival rituals, including processional dances. Lengthy and spirited tarantelle dances with traditional masks weave their way through villages. The disc also presents other dances (batticulo, quadriglio, valzer, polka, and marzurka) and various songs performed with the hand organ. Recordings from 1984 to 1999

Franco - 20eme Anniversaire - Vol 1
20th Anniversary set reissued - Vol 1 - Franco and his 'Tout Puissant' OK Jazz at theabsolute height of their powers in 1976

Jabu Khanyile - Umbele
The South African vocalist's 2001 release features a mix of roots and township jazz.

Fayvish - Yiddpop
The Berlin based band brings together what they believe has been separated for a too long time: songwriting, punkpop, jazz and Yiddish music. Steffen Illner (double bass), Philipp Bernhardt (drums), and Fabian Schnedler (guitar/voice/songwriting) with Alan Bern (accordion, melodica, keyboards) and Paul Brody (trumpet) as guest musicians blend these ingredients with utter coolness. The lyrics by modern and contemporary Yiddish poets (e.g. Peretz Markish, Itzik Manger, Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, Morris Rosenfeld or Peretz Miranksy) risk a sly look at today's bitters of life. Alan Bern says: "The band grooves like mad, but so relaxed and with so much space, you could drive a train through it. The chords, melodies, riffs and hooks are all freshly twisted out of something you feel like you must have heard before, but you haven't. This is the most individual, natural, flowing, and deeply connected take on Yiddish language and song I've heard in a long, long time."

Dresch Dudas Mihaly Quartet - Reveszem, Reveszem
Jazz quartet explores Hungarian folk themes

Clare Fader - The Elephant's Baby
This record is indescribably witty, urbane, slick and all around unique. It's a cabaret act that has off its meds; one of those Disney dreams one has that is in actuality a nightmare, only you don't know it until it is too late to wake up.

Moncef Ghachem, Biagio Guerrera and Pocket Poetry Orchestra - Quelli che bruciano la frontiera
Those who burn the border is a recording of extraordinary news, dedicated to the plight of North African immigrants who seek their fortune on the coasts of Sicily, the crossroads of a revolution that will leave an indelible mark in the history of the Mediterranean. Refined work, constantly torn between reading literature and music, poetry and civil protest songs. A sea, two great poets and a musical ensemble of exceptional quality make a recording of great depth.

Esprit Follet - Oů Vont les Vieilles Lunes
According to Alpine legends, the name esprit follet was given to spiteful goblins that tied the chains of the cows each other, made milk crudle, and turned everything upside-down in the stables at night time. Rinaldo Doro and Sonia Cestonaro, the protagonists of this new project, are not true goblins but enjoyed themselves in messing around in the world of folk music, with a cheerful and energetic CD: waltzes, polkas, mazurkas and scottisches dating from the start of the 20th century, together with curentas and monferrinas from the Canavese, the area surrounding Ivrea, Piedmont.

Alexander Sopchek - Masks
In the lineage of Sun Ra, Fela and other unclassifiable artists, a musician from Beograd creates his own sonic universe, rooted in the rhythms of Africa and branching out into future jazz. 7 tracks, no pigeonholes.

Fjarin - Mixtur
Fjärin is a trio of two Danish musicians - Sřren Stensby (violin) and Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt (guitar) - and Swedish/Estonian bass player Johannes Vaht. On their second album they also feature three additional musicians - on accordion and flute Rune Cygan Barslund, who plays in the band Kasír; on the piano it is Oscar Johansson, who plays jazz in Copenhagen; and the Norwegian singer Mia Marlen Berg, who last year won a Danish Music Award with the group IKI for best vocal jazz release 2011. All the compositions on this album are new material . Fjärin believes that folk music has not stagnated, but can and will renew itself and be mixed with other genres. Violist Stensby explains the title of the album: "'The album is a mixture of all the music which has inspired us though the years." Fjärin belong to the new generation of folk musicians, searching their individual musical roots, to create a musical expression that gathers music traditions of Sweden, Denmark and Estonia, but also keep themselves open to improvisation and new thinking.

Grand Kalle and L'african Jazz - Merveilles Du Passé, Vol. 3 (1966-1967)
A later configuration of Kinshasa's seminal band, with Jean Bombenga singing alongside Kallé Kabasele.

Tromsř Kunstforsyning - Tur
Experimental new music from Tromso, Norway performed on cello, trombone, electronics, voice, piano and percussion.

Various Artists - Balli Popolari In Abruzzo: Vol 2 - La Saltarella Del Teramano
Ethnomusical anthology of popular dances from the northern Abruzzo, an area which conserves the most prestigious and difuse tradition of the du' bottë, the Abruzzese double base hand organ still produced by several workshops. Together with the saltarella, other ethnic dances appear (laccio d'amore, ballo dell'insegna, denzë, polka figurata, ballo della sala, ballo del merlo, etc). There is also an exemplary selection of valzer, polka, and marurka of local origins. Recordings from 1982 to 1998.

Boris Kovac - Times of Day
A 2015 work composed by the Serbian saxoponist and performed by his New Ritual Ensemble uses all his time-honored tools of folk roots from Eastern Europe, jazz and edgy new ideas of his own device.

Franco - 20eme Anniversaire - Vol 2
21st Anniversary set reissued - Vol 2 - Franco and his 'Tout Puissant' OK Jazz at theabsolute height of their powers in 1976; 24 musicians strong, a force majeure of guitars, horns, drums and voices.

Abdullah Ibrahim - Cape Town Songs (the very best of...)
14 tracks by the South African pianist and composer known as Dollar Brand, includes 'African Marketplace,' 'Calypso Minor,' 'For Monk' among other favorites and a few surprises.

Ray Barretto - Time Was Time Is
Barretto takes Latin-Jazz back to its roots, and then combines it with the vocabulary of today, and with his septet present a new twist in the ever fertile dialogue between New York and the Caribbean on this 2005 release.

Domenico Torta e I Musicanti di Riva presso Chieri - Saré l'uss e buté fňra 'l gat!
Following over ten years of activity, here it is at last their maiden-voyage CD: the fruit of one of the most creative Italian folk group astride music and drama well seasoned with humour. Marcette, one-step, fox-trot, waltz, mazurka, polka, brando, curenta, beguine, tango, and popular tunes from the flourishing Italian tradition alternate in a most longed for CD. Leaded by histrionic Domenico "Tasché" Torta, the eight multi-instrument Musicanti are able to studio reproduce the same cheerful but keen atmosphere of their live performances.

Riccardo Tesi and Banditaliana - Maggio
From the RootsWorld review: 'Riccardo Tesi always escapes easy pigeon-holing. He is idiosyncratic without being abrasive, cutting edge without the hard edge. He is a gentle fusionist, bringing together new and old worlds so that's it's hard to know where one starts and the other ends. On Maggio, his latest with Bandtaliana, the sound is vintage Tesi: a refinement of traditional music that has the well-aged, heartfelt soul of folk music, but is as assuredly lovely as a classical wind quartet. Underneath the overall gentle spell that Tesi casts are shades and layers of sophistication.'

Various Artists - Saltarella Dell'alta Sabina
The Alta Sabina, a part of the Abruzzo region for centuries, conserves still today traces of an original pastoral tradition with influences from the regions of Lazio and the southern Marches due to centuries of transumation The pride of the amatriciana area is the vivacious saltarella, which is danced to the sounds of the organetto, the hand organ, the tamburello, and a particular type of zampogna, the ciaramella, which has only two sound pipes. Ballo del canto, ballo della sala and quadriglie complete the panorama together with the valzer, mazurke, and marcette. Recordings from 1988 to 1993.

Mikata - Ayer y Hoy
Ten new arrangements of salsa dura and Latin jazz classics from the 1960's and '70's to the present day, featuring plenty of brass, percussion and virtuoso solos.

Iasis - Iasis
Roots meets jazz in this unique Greek ensemble's 1996 work

Phonix - Live
The Danish folk-rock and jazz ensemble recorded live

Pinti, Zambruno, Cardinali, Biollati, Malafatto - noi siam nati chissa quando chissa dove
Noi siam nati chissŕ quando chissŕ dove is music from a film commemorating the 60th aniversary of liberation from the viewpoint of the province of Piacenza. Four great artists join together to make this musical history come to life: the voices of Betti Zambruno, Pier Carlo Cardinali and Donata Pinti, and Silvano Biollati (guitar) and Gianpiero Malafatto (tuba, flute and trombone).

Kaetter Quartet - Den sidste schottish - Live
The Danish folk, jazz and rock ensemble recorded live at the Tarm Festival

Fylgja - Strĺ
A quintet of three Danes and two Swedes with flutes, melodica, guitar, violin, bass, horns and percussion. The music combines tradition with modern rhythmic music and you can find elements of rock and jazz as well as avant-garde and different kinds of folk music.

Gunnel Mauritzson - Raisu Aut
The 2003 release by this marvelous Swedish singer is an elegant exploration of folk roots, joined by some of Sweden's best jazz and folk musicians, including Hans Kennemark, Roger Tallroth, Rickard Astrom, Jonas Knutsson and many others

Sabbath Hela Vecken - Shadows
An instrumental sextet based in Sweden with members from Sweden, the US and Finland. They call it 'a musical and visual experience in Klezmer, Gypsy and east-European music.' It's done with energy and wit.

Riccardo Tesi,Galeazzi,Ledda, di Marco, Biolcati, Salvadori, Lega - Bella Ciao
Fifty years ago, 'Bella Ciao' was a profoundly important show mounted by the Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano. The program highlighted the burgeoning research into folk song over the period 1954-1964, and as such, it was poised to help further the Italian folk revival. The new album version of Bella Ciao, supervised by accordionist Tesi, celebrates the 50th anniversary. Tesi gathered together major Italian folk and political artists for this event, and the musical component of the songs has been updated to include guitar, accordion, clarinet, bass, and percussion.

Keletigui et ses Tambourins - The Syliphone Years (2 CDs)
A 2 CD retrospective of one of Guinea's most wonderful bands, recorded from 1968 to 1970. They were at the forefront of the movement to bring 'authenticite' to the popular music of Guinea, while bringing in jazz and Cuban roots in ways that were, at the time, thoroughly unique. Highly recommended

Dresch Quartet - Tul a Vizen
More brilliant jazz from Hungary, deep in traditional roots, high on the creative scale. featureing Mihaly Dresch on saxophone, flutes, cimbalom, and vocals, with an ensemble of drums, bass and Ferenc Kovacs on violin and trumpet

Bulgara - Bear's Wedding
A raw mix of Bulgarian 'wedding music,' jazz, rock and folk music performed with hyper-energy by seven great musicians on kaval, gayda (bagpipe), gadulka, tambourine, electric bass, drums and percussion.

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble - Year of the Snake
Led by saxophonist Ken Field, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble is a costumed funk/street beat improvisational brass band performing a unique blend of original and traditional music.

Francesco Banchini - Baqshish
Banchini's previous works have taken him from the study of classical and Medieval music to music therapy to southern Italian folk music to the traditions of Balkans and the Mediterranean. This is a CD bursting with colour and flavour, where original compositions blend with traditional Mediterranean songs and melodies. As well as various types of clarinet he plays nay, flute, chalumeaux, piano, while his own voice broadens the sound further. Accompanying him on the record are a group of fine musicians including Davide Della Monica (guitar), Cristiano Della Monica (percussion), Francesco Migliaccio (accordion) and Manuela Salinaro (darabouka, cajon, frame drums).

Marcel Khalife - Caress / Muda'aba
2004 release by the Lebanese ud master. Contemporary, jazz-inflected settings that still hold true to the Arabic roots of the compositions, performed by an ensemble of oud, piano, vibraphone, bass, percussion (Arabic and western), and guest violinist Omar Guey.

Basta! - Cycles
Joris creates his work through recording himself and layering the sound to create an orchestral ambience in his own cinematic fusion style. Elements of classical music, rock, jazz and folk are combined to reach an organic whole. Listen

Harald Haugaard - Burning Fields
The Danish fiddler returns with a dynamic new recording that skirts and flirts with and ultimately shatters all the boundaries. Folk music, rock, jazz, baroque, classical and pure noise all collide on 7 songs and a long "Burning Fields Suite."

Jan Eggum - Hjertnuser
Norwegian singer-songwriter is known as "the face of the melancholy" with songs of lovelorn lives, loneliness and sorrow, and occasionally a social critic. Accompanied by a small ensemble of percussion, bass, occasional horns, he can move run from raw to schmaltzy, from pop rock to jazz. (Songs sung in Norwegian)

Boris Kovac and Ritual Nova - Ritual Nova 1 and 2
Serbian artist Kovacs describes himself as 'a contemporary naive composer.' This CD compiles his two late 80s LPs; His label calls it 'folk, jazz and minimalism filtered through a post-Eno sensibility, with a spiritual integrity reminiscent of Arvo Part'

Norstrand - Norstrand
This jazz inflected quintet from Denmark interprets the old folk songs of Inger Lauritzen from the village of Lřnstrup. Led by vocalist Mathilde Faldborg Sřrensen, the ensemble plays violin, saxophone, piano and bass.

Ambrogio Sparagna - Fermarono i Cieli
In the middle of the 18th century Alfonso Maria de' Liguori and his Redemptorist priests introduced hymns both in the local dialect and in Italian, based on popular songs, to teach the basics of Christianity. Many of the songs were related to Christmas-tide celebrations, as well as lullabies, pastorales for the zampogna (Italian bag-pipes), alms-seeking chants, and others. Sparagna preserves the original spirit of these traditional folk prayers with Peppe Servillo and a female vocal quintet, accompanied by the eclectic instrumentalist Erasmo Treglia and an trio featuring a giant zampogna (bagpipe), along with harmonium, tamburelli, organetto (accordion), ciaramella, ghironda, oboe barocco, violino and more.

Jonas Knutsson and Mats Öberg - Live
Saxophone maestro Jonas Knutsson and the keyboard genius Mats Öberg have played together since childhood and know each other inside out. The is a recording of a concert in Stockholm, February 2008.

Zara Tellander - Himmelens hatt (Heaven´s Hat)
The Swedish singer (member of the folk ensemble Envisa and recently touring with Cirque de Solieil) explores folk music, jazz and improvisation on her new work, joined by Johan Björklund (drums), Jacob Karlzon (piano), Johannes Lundberg (bass), and Lisen Rylander (saxophone).

Karim Baggili - Lea and Kash
Karim Baggili's fourth album merges together new compositions and unique musical sounds. Music critics have said that his music "is captivating and vivid with precise and elegant arrangements" Listen

Natas Mirkovic and Nenad Vasilic - Soulmotion
Unique interpretations of famous Yugoslavian pop/rock classics from '70s and '80s, featuring solo voice and double bass by Bosnian singer Natas Mirkovic´ and Serbian bassist Nenad Vasilic.

Ivo Papasov - Fairground
The 2003 model by the Bulgarian wedding music king of clarinet is all one would expect after ten years of music making. Deep roots, edgy jazz, warp speed virtuosity all come together in a mature, briliant vision of what contemporary Bulgarian roots should be. Bulgaria only release!

Anne-Marie Giortz - Pa Egne Vegne
With a stripped down ensemble sound (featuring marimbas, bass, percussion, banjo, keyboards and guitar), Norwegian composer and vocalist Anne-Marie Giřrtz creates a completely unique recording, rooted in jazz, pop and folk, but beholden to none. Highly recommended!

Zig Zag Trio - When the bees are gathering honey
The Gypsy wedding music of Bulgaria has been made famous by the likes of Yunakov and Papasov, but this ensemble is every bit their equal as they thunder through Gypsy music, crazy jazz and wild improvisations on accordion, tupan, percussion and guitar. Highly Recommended!

Tigerlily - Tigerlily
This young Norwegian band fuses and melds folk, rock, ambient grooves and jazz into an unusual whole, driven by Elisabeth Vatn's bagpipes and clarinets, Harald Skullerud's percussion, and Olav Torget's plucked strings (including guitar, bass, banjo Senegambian konting and Chinese moon guitar).

Sinikka Langeland - Runoja
This album pushes Sinikka closer to modern jazz and the avant garde than her previous recordings. Using her voice and kantele, with her Norwegian and Finnish traditions as the starting point, she works with an ensemble of bass, percussion and trumpet to create a dynamic new sound for the runic songs that are at the heart of her work.

Paris to Kyiv - Paris to Kyiv
Released in 1994, this recording can be described as Ukrainian soul music, Canadian Prairie style. It features Ukrainian jazz musician Sasha Boychouk, Carpathian Mountain violinist, Petro Iurashchuk and Canadian accordionist Nestor Budyk.

Maes, Martin, Gruel - Feule Caracal
Two great experimenters of the diatonic accordion, Frenchmen Christian Maes and Janick Martin, and the explorer percussionist Etienne Gruel. That's all there is. The accordions are both acoustic and run through effects, the percussion is mostly from the middle east, and with these simple tools and elements of jazz and rock, they push back the borders a few degrees.

Nigun - KlezJazz
This Hungarian bands mixes Jewish music (folk, klezmer, Sephardic, and sacred) with jazz and free-improvisative elements. This music is characterized by both the melodic turns of Jewish music and improvisational elements. The aim of Nigun is not only preserving heritage but creating new values.

Elise Einarsdotter and Lennart Hellsing - Rosenang
One of Cliff's quirky choices... This is vocal pop music from Sweden, performed by pianist/composer Einarsdotter and singer Hellsing, and a small jazz ensemble and some of Sweden's most interesting singers including Lena Willemark, Olle Persson and the Voice Boys. File under 'other?'

Marc Anderson - Ruby
A percussionist with a global perspective but a unique personal style, Anderson has created a record finally worthy of the oft-butchered term world fusion. Working with an unusually diverse group of musicisans from world, folk, jazz and experimental backgrounds, Anderson's dream-like creations are thoroughly unique.

Sarah Aroeste - a la una (in the beginning)
An fine and promising debut release by a young American singer exploring Sephardic music in the modern world. The music ranges from traditional folk forms to jazz, rock and many of the hyphens-in-between, supported by a strong ensemble using traditional and modern instruments.

Knut Reiersrud band - Voodoo without killing chicken
The Norwegian composer and guitarist goes full tilt into the music of New Orleans in an agressive and unique way, rife with his energetic playing an d a gang of top nothc blues, jazz and rock ifluenced musicians. This album features 11 songs that Reiersrud's distinctive signature, and with six of the lyrics co-authored with Jeff Wasserman.

De-Alfoldi Saxophone Ensemble - Totagas
When Hungarians want to say that too many cooks spoil the broth, they say that 'two pipers in the same inn are one too many.' Yet these three pipers (saxophonists) get on like a house on fire. They are: Béla Ágoston, Béla Burány and Balázs Szokolay. Joined by Róbert Benko on double bass and Tamás Geröly Sándor on drums, they cook up a storm of reeds both rattling and sublime.

Rim Banna - April Blossoms
Songs from Palestine dedicated to all the children is the subtitle of this unique recording by singer Rim Banna. Again joined by a phenomenal group of jazz and popular musicians from Norway and the middle east - and on some tracks a small chorus of children from both countries - she forges a powerful contemporary music focused on the trials and joys of live in Palestine.

Kristian Blak / Birgittet Schnakenburg - Amaldus '12 klaverstykki' for solo piano
Faroese composer Kristian Blak presents 12 pieces for piano solo performed by Birgittet Schnakenburg

Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare - la voce del grano
This Italian ensemble writes about their work: 'The voice of the grain is the voice of all the spirits and the forces that once populated nature. The popular culture knew how to distinguish the good spirits from the bad ones, knew how to recognize and to deal nature like as one vital individual. Subsequently man, educated with reason and science, has separated the nature of the anima, throwing to the wind the fairies, the spirits, folletti and gnomi that the once populated their dreams. In the end the 'voice of the grain' is a metaphor that it tells the irrenounceable need of man for poetry and fantasy, evoking images and myth, a new sense of natural things.' Instrumentation includes vocals, guitar, violin, lira pontiaca, cajon, bongos, sonagli, piatti, uans, bass, soprano sax and lots of vocals.

Piero Brega - Fuori dal Paradiso
One of the most beautiful voices of Italian popular music, winner of the Ciampi Award in 2005 with his debut record "Come Li Viandanti", is back with his second work, "Fuori dal paradiso", a record of original songs written by Brega and Martire, arranged by Mark Hamlyn and produced in collaboration with the Gianni Bosio Club. The record, twelve tracks, expresses the origins and the relevance of Brega's music, who, since his beginnings in the '70's with the Canzoniere del Lazio, has always loved the contamination of the tradition with the driving force of the rhythmic instruments. Also in "Fuori dal paradiso" music and words flow in a series of tales and colours, moving from waltzes to ethnic suggestions. Brega is in love with Rome and with its dialect, and gives us a well-balanced record in which personal stories mix easily with fantastic tales.

Dotschy Reinhardt - Pani Sindhu
Gypsy singer and songwriter and one of the many heirs to the Django legend. She is working in her music to bridge the gap between contemporary music and the heritage of the Roma (Gypsy) and Sinti people. She moves from jazz and cabaret music to Brazilian, Portuguese and traditional Indian music with ease. It's a unique take on the Gypsy tradition as it filters through a global culture.

Berger, Knutsson, Spering, Cherry, Cherry - See You In A Minute
Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson, Christian Spering, Eagle-Eye Cherry and Neneh Cherry in an international homage to the late, great Don Cherry

Lehti, Pekka - Outo Voima
Varttina bassist steps out of the roots music and into jazz, avant garde and other experiments in duets with Timo Alakotila (harmonium), Sanna Kurkio-Suonio (voice), Wimme Saari (vocal joiks), Arto Jarvela (violin), Jarmo Saari (guitar) and Riita Kossi (accordion). Unique new music from Finland

Imaginary Homeland - Jump for George
This is one of those 'what can you say?' sort of recordings. Composer, saxophonist, and percussionist David Rogers, percussionist Mark Stone, violinist Marlene Rice and funky bassist Matt Pavolka have found the non-existant link between Appalachian string bands, Ghanian percussion, downtown jazz and host of other unrelated ideas that miraculously fit together as if they had the deepest of ethnomusical roots.

Bitter Funeral Beer Band w Don Cherry, K. Sridhar - Live in Frankfurt 82
A remarkable concert recording of innovative trumpeter Cherry and sarod master Sridhar, joined by a stellar cast of Swedish, African, American musicians including Bengt Berger, Atsimevu, Anita Livstrand, Matthias Helldén, Christer Bothén, and many more.

Yggdrasil - Duologues
Faroese composer Kristian Blak creates new works with the Danish painter Anders Hjuler. They imagine "duologues' between ancient and modern figures from philosophy and literature (Beatrice and Dante; Munch and Nietzsche; Mandela and Dalia Lama, Lao Tse and Confucius) performed by the reknowned Nordic ensemble Yggdrasil.

Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil - Risastova
The ensemble Yggdrasil embarks on its 25th year with an ensemble of musicians from Faroe isalnds and Estonia, and featuring Kari Sverrisson. They perform modern interpretations of traditional Faroese skjaldurs, ballads and hymns. There are also unusual compositions by Kristian Blak.

Saeid Shanbehzadeh - Pour-Afrigha
Saied Shanbehzadeh combines bagpipes and saxophones with the voice of Rostam Mirlashari, the jazz guitar of Manu Codjia and the percussion of Naghib Shanbehzadeh. Pour-Afrigha ("descendant of Africa") is the name that Saeid's mother, born of the third generation of Africans deported to Persia from Zanzibar and enslaved there.

Antonello Paliotti - Coppola Rosso
The Red Cap is, as the artist puts it, "an autobiographic record which takes its name fron a theatre play with the same title. The play represent the world to which I have been a witness: the world I inherited from my ancestors, the world of war and poverty as experienced at home - unbelievable as it may seem - of those wanting to live and who found the strenght to laugh without second thoughts. Technically, Coppola Rossa is a study of the song as a musical form. It can be interpreted from at least two viewpoints: at first hearing, that of folk tunes, traditional or not. At a second, more in-depht approach, that of the classical processing of material taken from the popular tradition, or at least from my personal tradition: that of somebody in his forties, who grew up with Schoenberg, The Beatles, Debussy, Canfora, Mingus, Berg, Mina, Rota, Chaplin, Satie, Iviani, Brecht.... And so, Coppola Rossa is a tribute to these monuments, which, although intheir death throes, I still feel alive."

Kristine Heebřll - Trio Mio
A remarkable trio of Danish violinist Kristine Heeboll, Swedish guitarist and bouzouki player Jens Ulvsand (of the band Avada) and Danish pianist and accordionist Nikolaj Busk perform from but not in the tradition, using the roots to generate modern modes inspired by jazz and classical as much as folk. The results are both elegant and energetic.

Joane Hetu; Jean Derome - Nous percons les oreilles
Two saxophones, two voices, two strange minds collide in new ideas and challenging music. Says Derome: "The basis of our work is made of songs and improvisation. Our songs speak of our life. They are ordinary (like us) but not easygoing (like her). We really love to improvise together. It is not easy to describe accurately what we do while improvising — it is very close to the human beast that we are."

Jugalbandi trio - Brindiban
the label says: 'A subtle fusion between two great traditions of improvised musics: Northern India and jazz. Open minded, this trio plays an original and beautiful music. Indeed, all is deep and powerful in the second album of this intercontinental band, bringing the harmony of the piano to compositions written in the Indian complex rhytmic cycles.' Listen!

Villu Veski and Tiit Kalluste - Sounds of the Nordic Islands II (Pohjala saarte haaled)
Saxophonist Villu Veski and accordionist Tiit Kalluste (both from Estonia) explore jazz and folk music through original compositions and improvisation. They are joined on this second expedition by Raimonds Macats (harmonica, vocals and keyboards), 'Mamba' Abdissa Assefa (percussion) and Taavo Remmel (bass)

Maarten Decombel - October Sunrise
The melodic lines find themselves at the crossroads of jazz, bossa, flamenco and worldmusic. They are the starting point for an adventurous journey across the waves of imagination by a unique Belgian artist. Maarten Decombel on guitar, vocals; Louis Favre on drums and Rui Salgado on the double bass Listen

Francesca Ancarola - Lonquen
Lonquén is a tribute to the music of Victor Jara, the great Chilean folk singer murdered by Pinochet's regime in 1973. She presents interesting new settings for his work, as well as pieces from the writings of Neruda. Composer and arranger Ancarola blends the folk sounds of South America with jazz and modern touches, singing in both Spanish and English. This is a truly unique work, and highly recommended

La Campagnie des musiques a ouir - La manivelle magyare
Three talented young French musicians, Denis Charolles, Frederic Gastard and Christophe Monniot produce the sound of a 25-piece orchestra, with a repertoire that extends from popular folk numbers, to pop music, to their own compositions. It's all quite mad and challenging, all the more so by the inclusion of three of Hungary's best and most adventurous jazz musicians: guitarist Gábor Gadó, pianist Béla Szakcsi and violinist Balázs Bujtor.

Theodosii Spassov - Welkya
The kaval master and a small ensemble merge Bulgarian folk, jazz and a general spirit of enthusiasm and creativity. Written and arranged by Theodosii Spassov - kaval, vocals, bagpipe with Yanka Rupkina - vocals, Boika Velkova - recitatives, Georgi Petrov - gadoulka, Valentin Yankov - tamboura, Georgi Donchev - bass, Stoyan Yankulov - percussions.

Kirsten Braten Berg - Syng Du Mi Royst
Kirsten Brĺten Berg's 2001 recording, 'Syng Du Mi Rřyst,' is a contemporary work, with an ensemble of piano, percussion, guitar, bass (Arild Andersen), hardingfele, violin, viola d'amore and bouzouki. The roots are deep, but the sound is distinctly modern. Fans of Lena Willemark's jazz and modern recordings will find this irresistible.

Zenobia - Midnat
Zenobia is a Danish folktrio that plays well-known Danish folksongs and original compositions. With varied backgrounds in folk, jazz, popular song, Argentine tango, the trio of Louise Střjberg - vocal; Mette Kathrine Jensen - accordion; and Charlotte Střjberg - piano offer a unique and subtle new music.

Le Nozze di Carlo - Le Nozze di Carlo
Their premise is that they make 'ethnic and psuedo-ethnic music.' Perhaps, but then, we all take ourselves too seriously, so why not? This quartet from New York plays accordion, bass, sax and guitar, they all sing, they have a good time playing old Italian folk songs, modern Italian pops, Irish and pseudo-Irish ballads, polkas, sea chanteys, jazz odysseys, mini-operas, and 'the occasional game of croquet.' Relax and enjoy.

Unaja (Jutta Rahmel and Maija Pokela) - Unaja
Rahmel and Pokela play the kantele, the Finnish folk zither than has over the years expanded into a large instrument for playing all kinds of music from classical to jazz as well as folk. Both women are members of the ensemble Kardemimmit, and this is their first CD as a duo. Most of these 10 tracks are voice and kantele, with occasional additional guests adding throat singing on one track, and percussion on 2 others.

Amine and Hamza - Fertile Paradoxes
Amine and Hamza M'raihi are Tunisian musicians and brothers, playing the oud and the qanun. With their Band Beyond Borders, they are bringing together musicians from around the world, - French clarinetist Blaise Ubaldini, Swiss-Indian violinist Baiju Bhatt, Swedish percussionist Fredrik Gille and guests including cellist Vincent Segal, infusing their Arabic roots with jazz and global roots.

Zezo y Vanessa - Turbilhao
Turbilhâo is the first (2005) recording by the duo of guitarist Zezo Ribeiro and the rich voice of Vanessa Boraghian, accompanied by Juan Jamie Leite on upright bass and occasioal contributions from the great Brazilian accordionist Oswaldinho. The feel is breezy and romantic, a mix of north-eastern Spain, a bit of flamenco, and many classic Brazilian elements, sometimes 'in the tradition' and other times in a more contemporary jazz approach.

Renato Borghetti - Fandango!
Accordionist Borghetti is a local superstar in Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil. The musicial gaúcho has revised, adapted and modernized the regional music. he combines the sounds of the Argentinian pampa with central European, Italian and French elements into a modern mix of milonga, polka, TexMex and musette with Brazilian and global pop, jazz and tango, adapting each of those forms to his accordion. Artful, elegant and full of energy!

Trias - Trias
A swinging new Danish folk quartet. They play raw folk music and modern swing jazz, all with a Danish outlook. Christopher Thorhauge - Violin, viola; Jonas Kongsted - Violin, viola; Rasmus Nielsen - Violin, piano; Sřren Řstergaard - Bass

Valkyrien Allstars - Valkyrien Allstars
Three Norwegian fiddlers join forces to bring the tradition to life - Ola Hilmen, Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen and Erik Sollid, joined by a full band, push the music into pop, rock, jazz and even some traditional folk songs. Listen and Listen

Sofia Jannock - áššogáttis (by the embers)
The Swedish Sami singer will bring a number of references to mind, from the energy of Varttina to the jazzy sophistication of lena Willemark. But ultimately, she can stand on her own. This is her second recording, and its mix of sami roots, pop and jazz has many moods, from pure pop to complex new music. A fine singer, a great band and a willingness to experiement make this one well worth your consideration. Give her a listen.

Trio Mio - Grevinden/Countess/Gräfin
The Trio Mio is back - now with new energy and one of the rising stars and most radiant lights in Scandinavian roots music today. Trio Mio is a band with its very own captivating style of energetic and elegant contemporary folk music - and with a twist of jazz and other genres. Kristine Heebřll, Violin and vocals; Peter Rosendal, Piano, wurlitzer, flugabone and vocals; Jens Ulvsand, bouzouki, guitar and guitar.

Pixvae - Colombian Crunch Music
The label promo: As the hybrid peach palm from which it borrows its name, this unusual group is the result of cross origins, a space where the warm melodies of the Afro-Colombian music meet the energy of rock and eclectic jazz culture. Confronting the worlds, merging traditions, PIXVAE embodies an unsuspected alchemy between jazzcore and currulao: a direction that shakes the perception, upsets the entrails and awakens the imagination. Here, electrical power accompanies sublime trance...

Wassim Soubra - Sonates orientales
Sonates orientales is an album of instrumental music performed by Lebanese pianist and composer Wassim Soubra. Is it classical music? Jazz? World music? No matter what, it deserves further investigation, for Soubra writes using the grammar of classical music (harmonies, counterpoint) combined with the sounds of his childhood, and the result is a western composition that tells an eastern, Lebanese story.

Africando - Viva Africando
Africando's 8th studio album, this is the first not recorded primarily in New York. This time the Africando masterminds, producer Ibrahima Sylla and arranger Boncana Maďga, bring New York's top Latin musicians, led by pianist Oscar Hernandez, to Paris. There they reunite with the group's vocal stars, Medoune Diallo, Sékouba Bambino, Amadou Ballaké and Shoubou, along with distinguished guest singers from diverse African and American countries, singing, all told, in 10 different languages.

Deux accords diront - Eisherz
It's been ten years since the foundation of deux accords diront, 10 years that Anne Niepold and Aline Pohl have been creating their universe. Their motto? Adventure! Not trad, nor jazz, nor classical, nor world but a mix of all and none that creates a genuine and funny performance - fascinating, surprising, spontaneous, free. Eisherz (heart of ice) tells the story of the heart through the music: its beats, its palpitations, its arhythmias, crises and arrests - its restarts, its humors - some dark, some light - its 'take heart!'

Electric Balkan Jazz Club - Balkan Dogs
Eight musicians from five nations perform Balkan hymns such as “Mesecina” and Rebetiko classics such as “O Manolis.” The production is sung in several Eastern European languages, as well as in diverse “Roma dialects.” Musicians: Kostas Karagiozidis: vocals, accordion, bass, guitars, bouzouki, keys, saz, oud, mandolin, programming, cumbus; Sasa Tanackovic: vocals; Damian Dudu: violin; Masar Asimov: saxophone, clarinet; Jaja Orhan Kazimov: darbuka

aNoo - The luckless lands of the North
aNoo is a group led Brussels based Finn, Anu Junnonen. Anu started playing piano at the age of seven and added flute a few years later. She got the kick for jazz in her teens from playing saxophone and jamming with friends, with whom she also created a local junior big band in order to perform modern -tunes and Finnish compositions. She is accompanied by accordion, trombone, acoustic bass and drums on a set of original and unusual songs. Listen

Svobsk Kvartet - Bjergtaget
Svřbsk grows from a duo to a quartet on their 2013 release, with Maren Hallberg on accordion; Jřrgen Dickmeiss on violin, vocal, mandolin, guitar, jaws harp and harmonica; Theis Langlands on piano, jaws harp; and Simon Buskon percussion. The musicians draw on a wide range of musical expressions while united in their deep respect for the Danish tradition. Interesting acoustic music with a flair for the new and a love of the old. Highly recommended!

Thomas Buckner, Tom Hamilton, Ratzo Harris, Bruce Arnold - Act Of Finding
The experimental New York-based improvising quartet creates sophisticated and compelling musical relationships on its debut recording. The quartet is comprised of veteran new music pioneer Thomas Buckner (voice); America's foremost performing composer of analog electronics, Tom Hamilton; innovative jazz bassist Ratzo Harris; and processed guitar wizard Bruce Arnold.

David Chevan w/ Afro-Semitic Experience and Frank London - Days of Awe
David Chevan and The Afro-Semitic Experience has been amazing audiences all over Connecticut and the northeast for a number of years (and lately, also around the world). Trumpeter Frank London joins the ensemble on this 2003 release that reinterprets 'meditations for Selichot, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.' It's an astounding work of musical art, innovative, spiritual and musically adept at merging tradition and innovation, ancient melodies and jazz.

Lo Borges - Lo Borges
Originally released in 1972, Lo Borges' solo debut is an adventurous piece of post-bossa nova Brazilian pop music. Combining influences ranging from soul, jazz, pop, psychedelic, and bossa nova with brilliant musicianship and wild arrangements, Lo Borges is one of the finest Brazilian records of the 1970s, if not ever. Borges emerged out of the Clube de Esquina musical collective, from the state of Minas Gerais, along with Milton Nascimento, a movement that rivaled the brilliance of the more well known Tropicalismo. Absolutely brilliant and available on CD in the USA for the first time ever.

Zenobia - Fra Fynske Kyster - Zenobia spiller Carl Nielsen
Zenobia is a Danish folk trio, that plays both well known Danish folk songs and modern compositions. The music embraces elements of folk, jazz and tango. For their 2013 release, the trio interprets a wide range of songs from the famous Danish composer Carl Nielsen.

Sam Mangwana / Dino Vangu - Sam Mangwana Sings Dinu Vangu
A return to the Golden age of Congolese rumba brings singer mangwana back together with guitarist Dino Vanguand create a rumba sound that harkens back to the days of Franco. With Nana Akumu (formerly with T.P.OK Jazz) and bassist Miguel Yamba (Zaiko Langa Langa) at the core of the band, Sam Sings Dino is unsweetened, mellow rumba without the pyrotechnics that begat speed soukous.

Ostblocket - Yes We Are A Swedish Balkan Band...
Everybody's doing it, from New York's Zlatne Uste to Japanese jazz artists.... so who not the Swedes. Östblocket join their fellow Swedes The Cerro Esperanza Band in exploring the joys of Balkan rhythms and brass, and succeed rather brilliantly. Far more often focused on authenticity than the Esperanza crew, Ostblocket offer a rollicking, hard edge brass-band sound that can compete with some of the great bands who live on the original turf. fRoots says it is 'a distinctive new mix... [and] smart stuff.'

Habadekuk - Hopsadaddy
The idea of fusing a brass section to a folk group is hardly a new one - think New Orleans street bands, Balkan brass, Hazmat Modine's NY harmonica and tuba blues, Sweden's Filarfolket or British folk-brassers Bellowhead. But this is as fine an example as any of them, the Danish roots flowing naturally into not only a traditional dance band sound, but also into rock and jazz and R&B. Modern dance music from ancient roots? Their motto is "We blow you away." Indeed. Highly Recommended!

Gabor Gado - Modern dances for the advanced in age
Hungarian guitarist Gábor Gadó and his ensemble offer "a tongue-in-cheek sextet rounded out by a pair of saxes, trumpet, trombone, bass and drums... a certain down-at-the-heels dancehall feel: odd time changes, droll, edgy tango, cha cha and calypso, a guitar owing as much to Hendrix, Hawaii and heavy metal as to Wes Montgomery and George Benson, while the spirits of Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini drift by for the album closer, 'Moon River,' a place you've never been but might want to reconnoiter." - RootsWorld

Kayhan Kalhor - Scattering Stars Like Dust
Kayhan Kalhor is a native Iranian who now lives in NYC. He is a virtuoso player of the kamancheh, the so-called spike fiddle of Asia. It is played while seated cross legged on the ground, and held and bowed cello style. It has four strings and is about the length of a violin though the body is much smaller, resembling that of an nineteenth century gourd banjo. In the twentieth century the European violin began to replace the kamancheh, but it has begun to experience a revival, due, in part, to great players like Kalhor. Besides an extensive background in Iranian classical and folk music, Kalhor studied Western art music in Italy and Canada and, in this album, applies some classical techniques to the traditional" art music of his native country. These include occasional vibrato, quadruple time, staccato phrased passages, and general bravura passages meant to impress. His short, fast bowings are extraordinary, reminding me of the "butterfly" bowings of South Indian violinists like L. Shankar. He coaxes all mann

Omar Sosa - Live ŕ FIP
This is Sosa's first live recording with an ensemble, featuring bass, drums, percussion and saxophone. Recorded at Radio France in Paris with a live, studio audience, he offers new interpretations of many of his earlier compositions as well as a number of new works, with Angá Díaz on percussion, Childo Tomas on electric bass, Luis Depestre on saxophones and drummer Steve Argüelles. New material includes the tracks "Métisse" and "Paralelo," and "African Sunrise" featuring Childo Tomas on mbira and vocals.

Nidi d'Arac - Ronde Noe
Nidi D'Arac is the sound of a revolution in Italian music. Led by Alessandro Coppola from Cecce, a young sociologist and ethnomusicologist who is an expert in the music from Salento, Nidi D'Arac weds traditional Italian sounds to the electric sound of Italian dance clubs. Sweet woodwinds and strings wrap themselves around breakbeats and didjeridoo like long lost family, and the bass frequencies here are low and spine-shaking. Folk purists may shrug their shoulders in dismay, but Coppola never obscures the past; hence, a tarantella rests comfortably alongside the other wild dance songs here, and it sounds just as modern. Ronde Noe is an album full of Neopolitan sophistication and warmth, and Nidi D'Arac get stranger and creepier sounding as their vision unveils itself over the course of the CD. The soundscapes are dark affairs, with Italian voices and laughter often echoing far back in the mix. Coppola's gorgeous voice soothes and strokes Nidi D'Arac across the pastoral rural/pulsing urban influences that abound here, making Ronde Noe a bold statement of neotribal roots music. - Lee Blackstone in RootsWorld

Banda Crebinsky - Crabinsky (CD and DVD)
The Crebinsky Band is defined as a "small folk orchestra emerged from an imaginary universe." The Crebinsky Band is a group of musicians from folk, jazz, rock and experimental or classical music. Thus, these musicians compose a diverse melting pot of sounds, garnished with lyrics in Galician, Russian, Castilian, French and Italian. The group consists of eight players led by the composer Pablo Perez and the vocalist from Belarus, Vadim Yukhnevich. Their music is also featured on the DVD of a Galician film called Crebinsky.

Dawda Jobarteh - Transitional Times
Dawda Jobarteh was born in Gambia, part of a family of hereditary musicians, including his grandfather, the legendary Alhaji Bai Konté. His new CD is a blend of tradition remembered and an immigrant's vision of new worlds. The music swerves from pure solo strings to jarring, modern motifs. He plays with pop and jazz idioms, but it always feels very rooted in the old world. This is a RootsWorld CD choice. These CDs are donated byt eh labels and artists to help RootsWorld raise money to remain online and on the air. All of your purchase gos to support those efforts.

Ovrevoll Spelemannslag - Spillegal / Gypsy horses
The Fiddlers of Řvrevoll present 'horse-related music' from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Iceland, in untraditional performances of traditional fiddle tunes. The ensemble includes two members of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, one gypsy-and folk music player, and one of Norway's most famous jazz musicians. Řvrevoll spelemannslag (in English; the racecourse fiddlers) hope to honor the horse, the symbol of freedom, in a caravan ride through 10 European countries.

Deux accords diront - Gardadvergur
Two talented girls with diatonic accordions, Anne Niepold and Aline Pohl, Deux Accords Diront, with some twenty nimble fingers and about hundred ounces of perfectly working brains, which make it quite easy for them to create, compose, play and record the music they love. The two generous and meticulous 'poulettes' (as they refer to themselves) have prepared twelve exciting and innovating titles, neither trad, nor jazz, classical or world. Add some musette, bewildering melodies amd adventurous improvisations, sprinkle everything with a sense of humor and they prove that the 'braces piano' is as fit as a fiddle!

Fenja Menja - Katten i Saekken
The affinity of the Celtic and Scandinavian musical traditions has frequently been demonstrated, not least by the transnational band Swĺp. Danish quintet Fenja Menja also take up this theme on their second release, uneven not so much in musicianship as in aspiration. Is this band, named for twin ogresses of legend, a world-jazz act, a rock band, or new Scandinavian traditionalists?... Katten i Sćkken" may leave you scratching your head a bit over placing its musical intent, but most of it will leave you in little doubt as to its success." - Jim Foley, RootsWorld

Mihaly Dresch Quartet - Árgyélus
Hungarian saxophonist and compoer Mihály Dresch 's 2007 release. The artist says: I have the feeling that people today are missing a kind of organic musical culture based on a clear overview of a system, typical for example of traditional Indian music or the Transylvanian music of our ancestors. Yet it would seem that at present we are unable to create a new musical system at this level, so we try, piecemeal fashion, to tack together the systems we consider important. The result of this 'piecing together' is inevitably a fragmentary culture. Listen

WoWaKin - Kraj za miastem
The trio WoWaKin was founded in the spring of 2016. The three musicians in the ensemble (Paula Kinaszewska, Bartlomiej Wozniak and Mateusz Wachowiak) bring together a wide range of experience in classical, jazz and contemporary music, and use those skills to explore the roots of Polish village dance music. They recreate the spirit of a traditional village celebration, drawing a new generation of dancers into trance-like state through inventive, open-ended improvisation using a repertoire of mazurkas, oberkas, polkas, kuyaviaks, and Polish-style tangos. Beside the violin, three-row Polish accordion and drums they use banjouke and harmonica.

Groupa - Silent Folk
Groupa plays its own brand of Nordic music. Giving the music freer rein and new colours, Groupa excels in the joy of expanding to new musical dimensions. The original band was founded in 1980, and has along with other groups been a vanguard of the progressive folk music scene in Sweden since the 80’s. Ever since the start, Groupa has been a very popular live band. Mats Edén on fiddles; Jonas Simonson on flutes and Terje Isungset on percussion. The purchase of this CD is for a contribution to support RootsWorld, the magazine and radio show of the world's music.

The Clayfoot Strutters - Going Elsewhere
The Clayfoot Strutters are a self-styled 'New England-based Contradance Jam Band' who specialize in fusing the modes and melodies of traditional American immigrant music, progressive pop and modal jazz harmonies with' dance-floor grooves from the Latin, Swing, Afropop and Zydeco/Cajun worlds. Members are fiddler, songwriter, and producer Pete Sutherland, Jeremiah McLane on accordion and keyboards, and drummer, vocalist and guitarist Lee Blackwell. Special guests often include: Peter Davis, who plays clarinet, sax, piano, and guitar, bassist Dave Grant, and banjo and flute player Mark Roberts.

Himmerland - New Roots Music from Denmark
Himmerland performs new Danish music composed by the five musicians of the band. These are some of the most experienced and traveling musicians from Denmark, all specialized in different genres like folk, world and jazz. All of the musicians are well-known in the Danish roots scene and play with some of the countries most respected groups including Haugaard and Hřirup, Habbadam, Fiolministeriet, Afenginn, New Jungle Orchestra and Kryss. The muscians are Morten A Hřirup (Guitar and Vocal), Ditte Fromseier Hockings (Violin and Vocal), Ayi Solomon ( Percussion), Andrzej Krejniuk ( Bas ), Eskil Romme (Sax)

Meta Meta - MM3
'With MM3, this Sao Paolo-based trio, active since 2008, are joined once again by a bassist and drummer for spastic, genre-defying blasts that place them in the center of a vibrant Brazilian music scene. The record skitters between post-punk, gruff, avant sax flutters, raw guitar pulsations, and an ability to shift tempo that's military precise. For those who hear Brazil and think samba, candomble, or Tropicalia's freakier moments, this record might come as a surprise. From experimental synth to Favela proibidao rap, Metá Metá are one more component of a scene that's at least partially a reaction to the chaos and breakdowns pervading their city.' - Bruce Miller in RootsWorld

Margot Leverett and The Klezmer Mountain Boys - Second Avenue Square Dance!
Clarinetist Leverett and the band expand their repertoire beyond bluegrass and klezmer to rock, jazz, Latin and American music while continuing their unique, hybrid interpretations of standards made famous by Bill Monroe and Dave Tarras, Second Ave. Guest appearances by electric guitarist, Jorma Kaukonen, Hazel Dickens, Tony Trischka, Darol Anger, David Grier, Mike Marshall, David Licht, Hankus Netsky, Carlos Oliviera, Dudley Connell, Ronnie Simpkins, and Bobby Shankin.

Paul Shapiro - Midnight Minyan
More Radical Jewish Culture: Paul Shapiro's fat tenor sound has graced the music of such diverse artists as Lou Reed, the Microscopic Septet and Brooklyn Funk Essentials of which he was a founding member. For his Tzadik debut, Paul has brought together a remarkable band of long-time associates to perform loungey, old-school jazz renditions of seven Jewish classics and two moody originals. Midnight Minyan is a treasure for young and old. Band includes Paul Shapiro, Steven Bernstein, Peter Apfelbaum, Brian Mitchell, Booker King, Tony Lewis.

Tao Ravao and Thomas Laurent - Au Bout Du Petit Matin
Malgache string player and vocalist Ravao and French harmonica player Laurent offer a window into primarily Francophone and Francophone-associated tunes. Though a few tracks would be well known to even casual listeners of jazz, rock, and Afro-Latin styles, the way Ravao and Laurent capture their energy with only two performers is much more novel. Ravao plays both guitar and kabosy, a box-shaped wooden guitar common in musics of Madagascar, while Laurent sports a twelve-hole chromatic harmonica not dissimilar to the voice-like emotionality popularized by musicians like Toots Thielemans and Gregoire Maret.

Darshan - Raza
A RootsWorld Music of the Month selection. Inspired by the mystical poetry and songs of Judaism, Brooklyn based Darshan breathes new life into ancient Hebrew and Aramaic texts. With a deep interest in the connection between music, poetry and their own religious experiences, rapper Eden Pearlstein (ePRHYME) and singer Basya Schechter (Pharoah's Daughter), joined by a stellar ensemble, turn classic texts and traditional prayers into contemporary arrangements that reach into the past and pull it into a world of pop, folk and jazz. (Read more and listen here)

Marta Topferova - La Marea
Born in Prague, steeped in both European and Latin American musical traditions, Topferova now lives in New York, where she has forged a strongly European, Latin nuevo-jazz sound. This recording, all sung in Spanish, offers her original sound, and original songs, backed by an ensemble focused around her voice and Edmar Castańeda's South American folk harp, joined by violinist Jenny Scheinman, French horn from Chris Comer, Angus Martin's accordion, flutist Yulia Musayelyan, percussionists Neil Ochoa, Urbano Sanchez and Chris Eddleton and Topferova's own cuatro and guiro.

Jonas Knutsson and Horn Please - Horn Please!
Swedish folk and horn music on six saxophones, bass and percussion.Led by saxophonist/composer/arranger Jonas Knutsson, some of the prominent younger Swedish folk musicians are presented in music that goes from the traditional to the newly composed, and from the strictly arranged to the wildly improvised. The horn players: Alexandra Särström, Ĺ sa Johansson, Hanna Wiskari, Klas Toresson, Daniel Carlsson; plus Bengt Jonasson and Petter Berndalen on bass and percussion. Compositions by Knutsson and traditional music from different parts of Sweden and South India. Highly recommended

ZetaBoo - OuterRail
ZetaBoo arrives for a second round with this down to earth CD, a unique blend of pop, jazz and folk-roots. Composer Jarmo Saari offers songs that are melodic and folky, spontaneous and intuitive. Marko Timonen provides the swinging percussion that is at the heart of this new recording, driving a more relaxed band of vocals, accordion, keyboards, guitars, cavaquinho, trombone, lapsteel, keyboards, citara, and bass (Pekka Lehti) , a bit more subtle than their previous releases. The theme of the disc is the outer rail and homesickness. Says Saari: 'This is like a series of traveller's landscapes. The journey is more important than arriving. The traveller prefers to follow a flitting butterfly or the advice of a stranger than a tourist map. Boldness and spontaneity are rewarded.'

various - Thracian Rhapsody: The New Wedding Music in Bulgaria
The music that has come to be known as 'Bulgarian wedding music' has always been a strange mix of odd bedfellows. Jazz, folk songs, popular and ancient dances all seem to be brought together in this music. The set features unique recordings (not release don other CDs) by big names and small: Ivo Papazov and singer Yildiz Ibrahimova, the Christo Yotsov Trio, led by drummer and percussionist Yotsov with Nedyalko Nedyalkov on kaval and Stoyan Yankulov on tupan, clarinetist Philip Simonov with the ensemble Tristenik, clarinetist Mladen Malakov and Bisery, with Aliyosha Shibelev (accordion) and Matiyo Dobrev (kaval), and a searing gaida solo by Alexander Raitchev finishes it all off. Originally released in 1999. Highly recommended.

Carmen Souza - Kachupada
Based in Portugal, Souza is one of the leading new voices from the Cape Verdean tradition. nspired by favorite Cape Verdean dish “Kachupada,” which — with its wide variety of ingredients and spices, reflects the multiplicity of influences in Carmen Souza’s music. And the band is stellar: Theo Pas’cal: bass, percussions, guitars, backing vocals; Mauricio Zottarelli: drums; Jonathan Idiagbonya: upright piano; Nelson Oliveira: backing vocals, bongos. This, her fourth studio album, features a few traditional settings, some great originals, and new cover versions of the jazz standards “Donna Lee“ and “My Favourite Things.” It's bright and lively and highly recommended.

Brigada Bravo and Díaz - Músicas Populares de la Guerra Civil
Antonio Bravo (guitars and live looping) and Germán Díaz (zanfona, caja de música): Music, like all art, is not a question of numbers or tools, but of talent. If one is a virtuoso of the instrument - and Bravo and Diaz certainly are, it is a great start, but only a start. More than virtuosity is the capacity to transmit emotion, to evoke feelings with notes. To use traditional melodies to elaborate on sophisticated variations, perceive pathways between the cult and the popular. Bravo and Diaz have chosen a popular Song Book of the Spanish Civil War to use as a departure point to a more modern work. In jazz, that "classical" music of XX Century, they have recreated melodic schemes of a once mythical time to make sounds both unexpected and new.

Joe Townsend and Martin Green - Return to the Woods
Joe Townsend and Martin Green have recorded an album that walks through the hinterland of jazz, folk, and contemporary music on violin, guitar, accordion, and an array of other instruments such as Mongolian cello, octave violin, musical saw and Fender Rhodes piano. They move from the inspiration of Duke Ellington and Romanian Gypsy music, through the minimalism of Adams and Reich and into the darker regions of English folk music. Through imaginative recording techniques such as the placing of tiny microphones inside instruments, playing the accordion through rotating speakers and using vintage keyboards they have produced a unique voice which is constantly changing yet somehow familiar. There's no explaining it; you simply have to listen.

various - Next Stop... Soweto: Township Sounds From The Golden Age Of Mbaqanga
First of a 3-part series exploring underground South African music during the late '60s and '70s. This volume covers the vibrant energy of the township jive sound. Jive - or mbaqanga - emerged in the '60s as a fusion combining elements of rural Zulu music and harmony vocal styles with Western instrumentation. Takes the listener far beyond the accepted township jive with smaller groups utilizing jazz, gospel, rumba, funk and traditional mining songs. Includes hit makers like Mahlathini and Mahotella Queens but puts more emnphasis on names you might never have heard before: The Big Four, Piliso and His Super Seven, African Swingsters, Lucky Strikes, Intombi Zephepha. (20 tracks)

Afenginn - Akrobakkus
fRoots says: 'Denmark's favorite madmen (the closest analogy as far as bizarre humor goes is 3 Mustaphas 3) are back with more of what's become their stock-in-trade: Balkan-influenced original music that veers from the bizarre to the sublime. The music, by mandolin player Kim Nyberg, is delightfully complex and full, bringing in not only the five-piece band but a number of guests here and there. The musicianship is wonderful throughout (just listen to clarinetist Rasmus Krřyer wail, or the solos from bassist Andrzej krejniuk) and the sense of strange fun is as palpable as on their previous discs (you have to love a band that lists "trash" among their instruments). The liner notes are as interesting and amusing as the music and that's saying a lot. They've developed into a worldclass eccentric group, even though there's little of Denmark in their sound (okay, absolutely nothing). Take them for what they are, which is wonderful, and enjoy. Pure madness'

Afenginn - Reptilica Polaris
the band says: "In the dark uniform western hemisphere, where rationality and stress seems to be the new religion, a small distant light is now appearing. Deeply rooted in the faith and tradition of sincere musical virtuosity and sheer madness, the new release from the acrobatic Danish deviates Afenginn, must challenge the stagnate state of every part-time depressed citizen of modern society. In a challenging unpretentious head-on collision with the conformity of well polished musical mainstream, this one-of-a-kind polyethnic contrastic Balkan-Scandinavian music blend will make every honest delirium-connoisseur go into ruptures. The music is best defined as Bela Bartok drinking schnappses of melancholic nordic klezmer with Mike Patton." 'Nuff said.

Berit Opheim, Nils Okland and Bjorn Kjellemyr - BNB - ein song frĺ dei utsungne stunder
Berit Opheim, Nils Řkland and Bjřrn Kjellemyr are inspired by a wide variet y of classic styles but find common ground in the field of improvisation.Berit Opheim has won the traditional Landskappleiken with her shining vocal. Nils Řkland is an extraordinary music who plays fiddle, hardanger fiddle and viola d ’amore. Bjřrn Kjellemyr's double bass and his recent fondness of the colascione, a bass lute from the Renaissance, adds the appropriate gravity to this recording, performed live in the Ullensvang church in Norway. There is a deep tradition here, but also an untamed avant garde, and together they make BNB a highly recommended CD.

Sékouba 'Bambino' Diabaté - The Griot's Craft
Even as a teenager the strong, soaring voice of Sékouba 'Bambino' Diabaté was known throughout his region of north-eastern Guinea. Over the years he's presented himself in many different guises, joining Bembeya Jazz in the early eighties as lead vocal a notable mention, but each time Bambino has worked with integrity and art. Here he is stripped down to the bare minimum - which, in Guinea, means 15 musicians - but all acoustic, all beautifully sympathetic and all tight in support of the main event: Bambino's voice and his songs.Whether in praise of a patron or in condemnation of female circumcision, Bambino's voice and the uniquely rolling grooves and melancholy modes of Guinea demand that we listen. It's a command worth obeying. Listen

Sabine Meyer and Trio di Clarone - Paris Mecanique
Paris Mécanique presents unique small works from the early 20th century in new arrangements done especially for Sabine Meyer, her clarinet playing colleagues and Pierre Charial's 156-pipe mechanical barrel organ. Most of these compositions date from 'les années folles', the 'crazy years' of Paris, when classical composers discovered music-hall, exoticism and early jazz were en vogue and the Ballets Russes and Les Six reigned supreme. The historical range of the album's compositions stretches from 1900 (Erik Satie's 'Jack in the Box') to 1968 (Ennio Morricone's soundtrack melody, 'A L'Aube'). New pieces written mainly by Michael Riessler and inspired by the moods and motifs of old music are also included.

Basco - Big Basco
The quartet from Denmark, comprised of musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Scotland, comes back, with a horn section and a bracing new sound. Here's what they have to say for themselves: "Big Basco is a melting pot of wood and brass, with tasty and powerful music well suited to any audience. At the heart of this new constellation is the Danish quartet Basco, known for their insistent energy and fine compositions. Basco have now pulled three wonderful horn players out of their hats, three lovely and conveniently compressible veterans who, when not playing mighty folk, are known for their work with Denmark's Radio Big band, Swedish/Danish world music phenomenon Tummel and the Odense Symphony Orchestra. Folk, Jazz and Classical music, all stirred in together in a magical mess, with Basco's beautiful tunes and songs at its centre."

Donald Kachamba's Kwela Band - Simanje-Manje And Kwela
Donald Kachamba, born in Blantyre, Malawi, is considered on of the outstanding musicians-composers of the middle generation in southeastern Africa. over the years he has developed compositional techniques and a very personal music with his group. the donald kachamba's kwela jazz band, liberating himself from the constraints of current african pop music styles. his music is deeply rooted in his childhood experience of kwela, sinjonjo, saba-saba, hauyani, simanje-manje and other southern african urban dance music genres of the 1950's and 1960's. this album , amply documented by prof. gerhard kubick, features his solo work where he overdubs himself on his nagra tape recorder.

Bengt Berger - Beches Brew Big
The quintet from Bengt Berger's much praised last album Beches Brew has grown to nine members in this live recording from two nights in Stockholm and Gothenburg, likewise the music has grown in depth, power and expression. The mix of tradition and new modes of expression as well as the impulses from some of the great traditions of the world and the collective approach to ensembles and solo work shows a strong relationship to Charles Mingus way of making music. Some of the best and most personal musicians in Sweden are necessary for this: Violinist Livet Nord; saxophonists Thomas Gustafsson, Jonas Knutsson and Sir Thomas Jäderlund; Keyboard genius Mats Öberg; Göran Klinghagen and Max Schultz on banjos and guitars; Stefan Bellnäs, bass and Bengt Berger on drums.

Enteli - Enteli
Folk-jazz from Sweden faturing Bengt Berger, tabla and percussion, Jonas Knutsson, saxophones and additional percussion, Ale M and ouml;ller, multi instrumentalist, Johan Sandouml;derberg and singer Lena Willemark. The band describes it thus: 'Freedom is light and airy - freedom to soar upwards and float down. And all that music needs is to be played - nurtured and cherished. We begin and end with a scream. We breathe in, and before we have time to breathe out rhythm's steel spring is coiled tighter and tighter inside until it almost snaps, in a dance that is sometimes Swedish, sometimes a Sufistic, mystical dance of the dervish. Time and space intertwine in tightly plaited unity and with a slight flutter the rustlings and the sleepy whispers rise into the air and evaporate, like the sweet-smelling smoke from Grandpa's tobacco in the autumn.'

Kiran Ahluwalia - Sanata : Stillness
In stillness, movement is not only possible, it is a promise. Indeed, Kiran Ahluwalia's new offering, Sanata: Stillness, is nothing short of a musical roadmap to personal and global transformation. At once contemplative and rockin', traditional and innovative, Kiran's hybrid of Indian and Pakistani grooves, Saharan blues and Western Jazz shows us that borders are meaningless in one's heart and on the world stage. Born in Patna, India, Kiran's parents survived the strife of political upheaval between India and Pakistan during partition, escaping the riots and warring factions to ultimately settle in Toronto where young Kiran was raised. Living proof that the heart can indeed show us the way, she met NYC-based Pakistani-American guitarist and arranger Rez Abbasi - a musical and marital partnership that transcends place, position, and politics. This CD was donated by the artist as generous support of RootsWorld.

Sebastian Aberg - The Sangeet Project
Swedish percussionist and composer is joined by a group of classical Indian and Swedish jazz musicians in a unique contemporary 'raga project' that holds on to the roots of Indian music while becoming completely contemporary. The label says: "Indian Ghazal and modern electronica in groundbreaking new combination." Says Sebastian Ĺberg: "Two things have been important to me during this process. First, that the origin, the raga, is handled with esteem. Secondly, that the actual musical meeting between east and west actually enhances the musical expression." Recorded in Goa and Stockholm 2004-2006. Indian musicians: Maruti Kurdekar, Pradip Sarmokadam, Shipra Nandy, Vasantrao Kadnekar, Dilip Gadekar, Manab Das. Swedish musicians: Sebastian Ĺberg, Ismet Demirhan, Tobias Ersson, Viktor Buck, Stefan Lakatos, Stefan Grapenmark, Jan Liljekvist.

Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil - Askur (2 CD)
Yggdrasil is a Nordic ensemble based in the Faroe Islands, formed in 1981 by composer and pianist Kristian Blak. The ensemble has a repertoire that encompasses a wide range of genres - from free jazz to classical - and expressions - from humor and beauty to disaster and destruction. This is a 2 CD cololection fo live concerts from 1982- 2006. Artists in these shows include Anders Hagberg - Anders Jormin - Angelika Nielsen - Annika Johannesen - Aviaja Lumholt - Brandur Jacobsen - Eivřr Pálsdóttir - Ernst Dalsgarđ - Heđin Ziska Davidsen - Herfinnur Árnafjall - John Tchicai - Kári Sverrisson - Karin Korpelainen - Kristian Blak - Lelle Kullgren - Mia Káradóttir - Mikael Blak - Morten Carlsen - Ólavur Řster - Philippe Carré - Sunleif Rasmussen - Tarira - Tore Brunborg - Villu Veski

Various Swedish - Folkjul - A Swedish Folk Christmas
In Sweden the unbroken tradition of folk music has influenced both liturgical and classical music and musicians. Gunnar Idenstam, concert organist has created a program which combines traditional Christmas hymns, folk music and the sonic possibilities of a great church organ, in his own original arrangements. Idenstam is joined by folk fiddler (and baroque violinist) Lisa Rydberg as well as Sofia Karlsson and Emma Härdelin, two of Sweden's most distinctive voices in the traditions of folk music and ballads. A key role is also played by S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir,. Led by its choral director, Gary Graden, the choir has constantly extended its repertoire and forms of expression, exploring the realms of avant-garde music, jazz and, as here, folk music. The program (sung in Swedish) includes international favorites (Silent Night and Veni, veni Emanuel), Swedish traditional versions from the rich stock of the Lutheran hymn book (Es ist ein Ros entsprungen) and Swedish folk tunes and newly written material in the same vein. The resulting disc demonstrates a vital interplay between 'folk culture' and 'high culture', and gives a fresh breath of life to familiar materials, presenting an entirely new view of Christmas. The disc comes in a double-folded digipak with full color booklet including liner notes and song texts in Swedish and English.

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