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Fendika - BiraBiro
I am pleased to offer this recording from Ethiopia, by a troupe of musicians, singers and dancers based at a night club in Addis Ababa that bears the name Fendika. The ensemble is led by Melaku Belay, who fashions new music from the traditional roots of many different regions of Ethiopia. Nardos Tesfaw - vocals Endris Hassen - masenko Misale Legesse - kobero Melaku Belay - dance, backing vocals, claps Zenash Tsegaye - dance, backing vocals, claps These CDs were donated by Terp Records, so all proceeds go to support the magazine and radio program. We thank them for their generous support.

Various - Music from Ethiopia
Swedish national radio recordings give rich samples of the sounds of tradition in urban musical life. Ancient ceremonial music played on the embilta flutes or the ornamented vocal art of Alemayehu Fanta or Gebre Hiwot Lemma represent the older traditions. The Sne Bahel group accompanies traditional dances. Modern pop-music is represented by the Abyssinia band.

Topic World Series - Music from Ethiopia: the central highlands, desert nomads and Eritrea
Re-edited for CD from three volumes of classic recordings by Tangent Records in 1970; fascinating and varied music by the Desert Nomads, and from the Central Highlands and Eritrea.

Daniel Techane - Jammin' With Kassa
Daniel Techane belongs to the younger generation of the Ethiopian diaspora, which has fully benefited from a dual culture. He's been living in Australia since 1991, he has graduated from Melbourne University (musical composition) and he has access to every kind of music and technology, yet he remains very attached to his Ethiopian roots. This inner ubiquity comes through in « Jammin' with Kassa », electrifying the minimalist sound of Kassa Tessema (Ethiopiques 29). The voice of Ethiopia's epic post-war singer-storyteller underpins the entire musical edifice. The electronics do not scare off the the guitar, the oud or the bassoon. It is not exactly a custom-made new suit that Daniel Techane has made for a voice from the grave. It is not a matter of "modernising" Kassa, but rather of proposing a resolutely modern sonic universe that does not confuse the past with memories. Family ties distilled down to somewhere between sacrilege and serene exaltation. Daniel has slipped some musical amphetamines into Kassa's m

Mahmoud Ahmed and Either Orchestra - Ethniogroove (DVD)
A film by Anais Prosic follows the Ethiopian star and the American jazz band as they discover each others music and prepare for a concert. Includes documentary and a full 2006 concert. DVD, multi-zone, NTSC (North American) format.

Either/Orchestra - Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis (2 CDs)
The 10-piece jazz orchestra from Boston, in a 2 CD set recorded live in Addis with a number of great Ethiopian performers including vocalists Bahta Gebre-Heywet, Michael Belayheh and Tsedenia Gebre-Marqos, saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya and percussionist Mulatu Astatqe. Inspired by the great Ethiopian pop and jazz of the '60s and '70s, they bring a full array of modern jazz and Afro-Cuban innovations to an Ethiopian repertoire. Unusual, to say the least.

uKanDanZ - Awo
They describe the sound as 'Ethio-Crunch' and it's clear from their sound and lineup - guitar, bass, drums and sax - that they're heavily inspired by Getatchew Mekuria's skronky improvisational work with The Ex. Awo is the group's second recording, after their 2012 debut Yetchalal, and it's heavy listening. Guilhem Meier's thunderous drumming, Benoit Lecomte's rattling bass, and Damien Cluzel's metallic guitarwork churn out a surprisingly nimble post-rock groove that begins somewhere between System of a Down and vintage Black Sabbath, and ends up in a much, much weirder place. But the real stars here are Lionel Martin's agitated sax improvisations and Guebreyes's plaintive Amharic vocals.

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