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Topic World Series - folk music of Bulgaria (Topic 905)
Few countries can match Bulgaria for wealth and brilliance in folk music; ancient survivals abound, while new songs are made daily. Collected by A.L. Lloyd.

various - Women Of Egypt 1924-1931: Pioneers Of Stardom And Fame
Featuring: Umm Kulthumm, Fathiyyah Ahmed, Munira al-Mahdiyyah etc.... A CD compilation of Arab women, stars of Egyptian theatre and song who recorded in the nineteen twenties and early thirties. Taken from original 78rpm recordings of the time and remastered to the highest standards, this collection features among others the legendary Umm Kulthum. Between 1890 and 1920, theatres and European-style cabarets sprang up all over Egypt. Performers flocked there from all over the Arab world and from Europe. Isadora Duncan, Pavlova and Mistinguette included Cairo in their world tours. At their peak, the most famous female Arabic women singers were earning as much, if not more, than their male counterparts. The 1920s was the heyday of this music and its recordings and these performers can be seen as having struck a blow for the emancipation of women. The Wall Street crash and the associated economic downturn marked the end of the recording industries' boom years, leaving us a legacy of remarkable performances of imme

Jarana's Four Aces - Vocal Duels From The Streets Of Lima
This recording from Peru, produced in 1958 by the late Latin American literary historian, Professor José Durand Flórez (Peru, 1925-1990) is unique in that it features Manuael Quintana Olivares and Augusto Ascuez Villanueva, two of the most important practitioners of jarana who have ever lived, singing canto de jarana with Elías Ascuez Villanueva and Luciano Huambachano Temoche (both also playing guitars), known locally as the four aces. This CD tells a fascinating story of the emergence of the genre jarana, with the development of perhaps Latin America's most intriguing capital city and the people who lived there and created this exceptional music.

Ewe Drumming From Ghana - the soup which is sweet draws the chairs in closer
The Ewe people of Ghana and Togoare reknowned for their polyrhythmic drumming and beautiful call and response singing. Travelling through this region, one is struck by the way in which they have preserved their traditional music alongside the new cultural ideas brought by globalisation. The Dzigbordi group is a community dance drumming group that people from all age groups can join. On this CD they perform several classic dances from the Ewe repertoire before moving on to their own 'proprietary' dance - The Dzigbordi (Patience) Dance. Usually these dances are performed live at funerals and religious ceremonies, but for this recording, the group chose a secluded courtyard outside the town, resulting in a crystal clear sound that showcases both the drums and the songs.

Topic World Series - Gumboot Guitar: Zulu Street Guitar Music From South Africa
Rootsy guitar from the streets of Durban. In the late 19th century, music previously played on Zulu musical bows was transferred in the new urban environment to the guitar and often concertina and violin too. Musicians often joined miners' gumboot dance teams to accompany this exhilarating genre, which mostly traditionally takes place on the streets of single-sex hostel compounds. These recordings from 1988 and 1996 feature musicians and gumboot players who live in one such hostel outside Durban.

various Artists - The Yemen Tihama (Topic World Series 920)
Tibbal music from the Tihama, Red Sea coastal plain of the Yemen, is an Afro-Arabian amalgam featuring lyres, reeds and virtuosic drumming. It is performed by members of the akhdam, an outcast group with a reputation for sorcery.

Various Artists - The Moken: Sea Gypsies Of The Andaman Sea
Field recordings of the Moken, sea-faring gypsies of the Andaman Sea, who have been sailing up and down the west coast of the Malay Peninsula for hundreds of years.

Topic World Series - Healing Feasting and Magical Ritual: Papua New Guinea
Songs and dances of hunting, war, work, totemistic ritual, cannibalism, myth, initiation, courtship, rain-making, funerals, magical healing, shark catching and marathon feasting, recorded in remote coastal and inland villages in five far-flung regions of Papua New Guinea, to the north of Australia.

Topic World Series - Gypsy Music From Macedonia
The essential collection; all the fire and depth of expression captured in Wolf Dietrich's field recordings.

Topic World Series 912 - Music Of The Tatar People
From the Central-Volga region between Moscow and the Ural Mountains; wonderful recordings of traditional songs and melodies, featuring Tatar forms of the flute, Jew's harp and violin.

Steve Ashley - Time and Tide (used)
(Please read this notice about purchasing used CDs at cdRoots)

Topic World Series - Music from Ethiopia: the central highlands, desert nomads and Eritrea
Re-edited for CD from three volumes of classic recordings by Tangent Records in 1970; fascinating and varied music by the Desert Nomads, and from the Central Highlands and Eritrea.

Topic World Series - folk music of Turkey (Topic 908)
Excellent representative cross-section of Turkish Anatolian music which remained unique and unaffected by western European influence.

Topic World Series - folk music of Greece (Topic 907)
Recorded in 1966, '67 and '69 by Wolf Dietrich, presenting a stunning collection of both instrumental and ceremonial music, and lyrical songs and ballads.

Topic World Series - folk music of Yugoslavia
Visiting the Yugoslav republics of Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia and Macedonia, the collector Wolf Dietrich recorded these fascinating vocal solos and duets and tunes played on bagpipes, fiddles, flutes and clarinets. The raw part-singing of amateur village performers is of particular beauty.

Topic World Series - Islam Strings - Flutes and Trumpets
Two of the original Tangent 'Music In The World Of Islam' albums on one CD. Intriguing and beautiful music from parts of Africa, Europe and Asia which are, or have been, Islamic. Recorded at weddings, religious festivals

Martin Carthy - Landfall
1971 recording by the great English singer and guitarist, reissued on Topic in 1996

MacColl, Seeger and Parker - The Body Blow (Radio Ballads)
The Body Blow was originally conceived as an exploration of the psychology of pain, but the project eventually focused on the subject of polio myelitis, through 'a journey into the minds of two partially and three totally disabled people'. Inspired partly by the montage sequences in Alain Resnais' film, Last Year in Marienbad, the programme was made in a much shorter time and with a considerably smaller budget than the previous radio-ballads. Despite scepticism in the print media before its transmission, the critics hailed it as a tour de force. It was never released as an LP.

MacColl, Seeger and Parker - Song of the Road
Devised by Ewan MacColl, radio producer Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger, the Radio-Ballads series set out to crystallise in words and music the experience of different ways of life. Volume 2 of the Radio-Ballads series tells the story of the making of the M1, Britain's first motorway. Among the songs Ewan MacColl created for this radio-ballad was Hot Asphalt.

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