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Goksel Kartal - The Art of Taksim

Zmiros Project (Frank London, Lorin Sklamberg and Rob Schwimmer) - Zmiros Project
Klezmatics founders Frank London and Lorin Sklamberg, and pianist Rob Schwimmer present the mystical repertoire of Jewish 'zmiros' singing.

Yuri Yunakov Ensemble - New Colors in Bulgarian Wedding Music

Theodosii Spassov Trio - The Fish Are Praying For Rain
Theodosii Spassov has gained an international reputation for his virtuosic improvisations and innovative Balkan-jazz arrangements. His trio of kaval, piano, and drums weaves Bulgaria's famous crooked rhythms and cascading melodies into the jazz idiom.

Margo Leverett - The Art of Klezmer Clarinet

Adrienne Cooper and Zalmen Mlotek - Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater
Singer Adrienne Cooper, one of the world's most acclaimed singers of Yiddish vocal music, and Zalmen Mlotek, a leading figure in Yiddish musical theater, present ghetto songs collected during and after the second world war.

Joel Rubin Ensemble - Midnight Prayer
Rubin is one of the leading performers of instrumental klezmer music and has spent the last 14 years in Germany and Eastern Europe researching and performing the old Russian Jewish klezmer tradition.He is joined on this marvelous recording by a great group of musicians, including Kálmán Balogh, Ferenc Kovács and David Chernyavsky.

Kartik Seshadri - Illuminations
Performances of two ragas by Sitar virtuoso Kartik Seshadri, recognized as one of India's outstanding musicians and a student Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Kayhan Kalhor - Scattering Stars Like Dust
Kayhan Kalhor is a native Iranian who now lives in NYC. He is a virtuoso player of the kamancheh, the so-called spike fiddle of Asia. It is played while seated cross legged on the ground, and held and bowed cello style. It has four strings and is about the length of a violin though the body is much smaller, resembling that of an nineteenth century gourd banjo. In the twentieth century the European violin began to replace the kamancheh, but it has begun to experience a revival, due, in part, to great players like Kalhor. Besides an extensive background in Iranian classical and folk music, Kalhor studied Western art music in Italy and Canada and, in this album, applies some classical techniques to the traditional" art music of his native country. These include occasional vibrato, quadruple time, staccato phrased passages, and general bravura passages meant to impress. His short, fast bowings are extraordinary, reminding me of the "butterfly" bowings of South Indian violinists like L. Shankar. He coaxes all mann

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