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Ensemble Muhammad Faris - The Sawt of Bahrain
The sawt (literally "voice" in Arabic), the most highly esteemed vocal art in countries round the Gulf, has it sources in the vast repertory of classical and dialectical poetry and the poetic and musical cultures that have left their mark in the area. In the wake of the great upheaval of tradition that took place in the thirties, Muhammad bin Faris, a remarkable writer and composer of the sawt, played a large and vigorous role in the renewal of the genre, founding Bahrain's first school of sawt.

Kudsi Erguner Ensemble - The Ottoman Heritage
The record label says: Classical Ottoman music gave a magnificent new impulse to the concept of the makam, or modes. Their resulting proliferation, the complexity of their range, and the development of suitably adapted instruments provided a wealth of musical material offering endless possibilities for expanding the repertoire. Kudsi Erguner and his ensemble set out to rediscover this rich national treasure. Here they perform some of the most interesting pieces from the fasil, suites of several works in the same mode, but with different rhythmic patterns: some pesh rev, instrumental preludes that open both fasil and whirling dervish ceremonies and some saz-semai that conclude the suites.

Osman, Gubara and Co - In the kingdom of the Lyre

Wassim Soubra - Sonates orientales
Sonates orientales is an album of instrumental music performed by Lebanese pianist and composer Wassim Soubra. Is it classical music? Jazz? World music? No matter what, it deserves further investigation, for Soubra writes using the grammar of classical music (harmonies, counterpoint) combined with the sounds of his childhood, and the result is a western composition that tells an eastern, Lebanese story.

Cheikh M.Al-Halbawi - Sufi Chants from Cairo. La Confrerie Chadhiliyya. Cheikh M.Al-Halbawi

The Aissawa of Fes - MOROCCO. Trance Ritual. The Aissawa of Fes

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