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El Curi - El caballero de Habana
The romance between Cuba and Spanish singer Antonio Curiel (El Curi) remains untouched - ever in love with the island, El Curi naturally turned himself into El Caballero de La Habana expressing all his troubles with the city of his passion. El Curi recorded the entire CD in Cuba with Cuban musicians. This CD is a love song with a sweet Habanera rhythm. 'El Curi's is the wry, knowing gaze of an aging anti-imperialist hipster, wounded romantic and Santería convert, reflecting upon desperate love and the inexorable contradictions of daily life in his beloved Havana. El Curi is at home with the island and its music, and (unlike many come-lately musical tourists) has the good sense to allow his collaborators to do what they do best as he tells his own story.' - RootsWorld

Korrontzi - Korrontzi
Modern basque folk music. Accordion, mandolin, acoustic guitar, bass, alboka, txistu, drums and percussions) and guests include Aritza Bergara-Iker Diez (txalaparta). The CD also contains a short film by Inaz Fernández and Carlos Juárez, about the lives of the old accordion players (trikitilari).

Djanbutu Thiossane - Ass, Mass and Pap
Senegalese trio of singers Ass, Mass and Pap N'Diaye with a small ensemble

Zezo y Vanessa - Turbilhao
Turbilhâo is the first (2005) recording by the duo of guitarist Zezo Ribeiro and the rich voice of Vanessa Boraghian, accompanied by Juan Jamie Leite on upright bass and occasioal contributions from the great Brazilian accordionist Oswaldinho. The feel is breezy and romantic, a mix of north-eastern Spain, a bit of flamenco, and many classic Brazilian elements, sometimes 'in the tradition' and other times in a more contemporary jazz approach.

Rasha - Let Me Be
Rasha reflects on the situation of her people in Sudan - a mixture of homesickness and hope. Due to the civil unrest in her homeland, she moved to Cairo in 1991, and now lives in Spain. The life of the exile is at the center of her work, in 11 songs both political and controversial.

Tazajo Tamboo - Suena mi Tamboo
Carlos Tález and Nestor Guitiérrez, founding members of venezuelan ensemble Huracán de Fuego present the Afro-Venezuelan drum on their first new duo project. Afro-Venezuelan percussion mixed with guitar,bass and piano, are focus on new forms without forgetting its roots. The deep voice of Carlos Tález and powerful percussion of Nestor Gutierrez lead the band through traditional sounds, melodic songs, drum fantazias and a little calypso, reggaeton and cumbia to keep things spicy.

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