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Milann and Laloy - La Marquise
Belgian duo of voice, guitar and diatonic accordion, along with friends on bass, drums and percussion.

Tri a Tolia - Zumurrude
Turkish voice - Iraqi qanun - Belgian cello. One language. The songs are composed by Melike and Osama. Osama also arranged the music, together with one of Belgium's finest cellists, Lode Vercampt, who has put his own stamp on this originally eastern music.

Turlu Tursu - The All Weathers Country
On this third album, Turlu Tursu doesn't play anymore arranged traditional tunes, but proposes a repertoire made of highly groovy compositions. To go on with their very personal sound, this trio kept in mind the various traditions of accordion from all over the world (from the Brazilian Forro to the Italian tarantella, through oriental modes, Swedish music, and many more). If the themes played by Fabian on accordion remind us the tradition of this instrument, his choruses make anyone thinks to electric guitar or Hammond organ. Nicolas' bass is filled with astonishing melodies, and Etienne's way of playing drums is very emotional, although incredibly powerful. The Indian bamboo flute played by Fabian took a very important place in this new repertory. An dynamic album with a profusion of ideas, true to the reputation that the trio built in its concerts. Listen

Milann and Laloy - Rozz
The Belgian accordion and guitar duo forms a quartet with Thierry Rombaux (bass) and Didier Fontaine (drums) and pushes into rock territory on this 2011 release. Listen to Color, Tik averechts and Toy's Sweat

Leo - Crossing the strings
Second solo album is a trip to 'Melodyland.' It all begins with a voice, a guitar and a songwriter - Belgian artist Leo. Steel strings, nylon strings, vocal cords...plain and simple songs at the crossroads of folk, blues and pop. Melody is the mainline. Songs about love, life and death, hometown, laziness and childhood days. Some tunes are low-key, in a 'close to the bone' form, others offer subtle arrangements with a little choir, cello, violin, flute, mandolin, double bass or drums

aNoo - The luckless lands of the North
aNoo is a group led Brussels based Finn, Anu Junnonen. Anu started playing piano at the age of seven and added flute a few years later. She got the kick for jazz in her teens from playing saxophone and jamming with friends, with whom she also created a local junior big band in order to perform modern -tunes and Finnish compositions. She is accompanied by accordion, trombone, acoustic bass and drums on a set of original and unusual songs. Listen

Jugalbandi trio - Brindiban
the label says: 'A subtle fusion between two great traditions of improvised musics: Northern India and jazz. Open minded, this trio plays an original and beautiful music. Indeed, all is deep and powerful in the second album of this intercontinental band, bringing the harmony of the piano to compositions written in the Indian complex rhytmic cycles.' Listen!

Jean-Christophe Renault - La est la question
Piano solos of original compositions by the Belgian musician. Listen

Les Ballets C. De La B. - Import Export
This is a live recording of the songs and music as they are performed this theater production directed by Koen Augustijnen. With Steve Dugardin (altus) and the Kirke String Quartet.

various - Boombal Vol. 1
Live recordings of the Boombal, a live music and dance event spreading around Belgium, featuring some of the best dance bands in the country including Kadril, Goze, Follia, and many others.

Maarten Decombel - October Sunrise
The melodic lines find themselves at the crossroads of jazz, bossa, flamenco and worldmusic. They are the starting point for an adventurous journey across the waves of imagination by a unique Belgian artist. Maarten Decombel on guitar, vocals; Louis Favre on drums and Rui Salgado on the double bass Listen

Oxalys and Els van Laethem - Tusschen de Twee
The poetry of Guido Gezelle revisited by Dick Van der Harst has new flavours. Forget the Flemish romantic decorum, those songs travel between the gypsy, flamenco, Brazilian and many more styles. Any cravings for heartwarming melodies or sparkling humour? Take your pick!

Aux âmes etc ... - hip-pop-song-citadine poetry
The stand-out feature of this project is that in a single poetic spirit it brings together younger and older artists whose media for expression are as varied as rap, hip-hop, urban poetry, the written word, pop music and so on. The common denominator is the swing and groove of the lyrics. It's a journey, an invitation to let yourself be carried along in a flow of words as they are spoken, read, sung or shouted, in French or in English, where poetry takes precedence over protest without obscuring the political power of the text: "Poètes, vos papiers!" ("Poets, your papers!") as Léo Ferré once proclaimed. Listen to Narcissus and Transmigrant

Guletkin, Vandenabeele, etc… - Chansons pour la fin d'un jour
Dreams through amazing stories of central Anatolia to the Brussels baths, evoked by the singing of the duduk, the clarity of the violin, the harmony of the saz and the subtle play of the double bass. Composed like the second chapter of the album 'Chansons sans paroles' (nominated by Belgian Klara Radio Music Awards 2007), this new album was born from memories of journeys to the heart of Eastern Europe bringing together two ambassadors of Turkish music, Emre Gültekin playing the saz a long-necked Ottoman lute and Ertan Tekin playing the duduk an ancient armenian wind instrument with double reed, and a virtuoso violinist Wouter Vandenabeele and the excellent double bass of Joris Vanvinckenroye.

Gansan - Elegie Berbere
Elégie berbère is a unique collaboration of Belgian and Moroccan musicians, born out of the love of an instrument - the ribab - and the sound of the Berber music of South Morocco. This is a marriage between ribab and violin of Bouhssine Foulane and the soprano saxophone of Ludovic Jeanmart, joined by a fine ensemble of guitar, bass, percussion and drums. Listen to 'Elegie Berbere' and 'Tamount Ifassen'

Aranis - Roqueforte
The basic Aranis line-up is enriched with percussion. This gives the music a rough edge, but also adds a certain sens of beauty to it all. Dark melodies exchange with threatening rythms, raw solo pieces contrast with complex improvisations. With guest musicians David Kerman (percussion), Stefan Wellens (viola) and Pierre Chevalier (piano). For people who love classical, jazz, folk, world, film and rockmusic and everything in between, this ensemble offers adventure and confusion.

Klezmic Zirkus - 13, chemin des mandarines
At 13, Chemin des Mandarines, a poetic song crosses the nearby rue des Pierres. One can hear in the far, the frantic brass of a freylach, the eclectic sounds of Montreal, some ritornellos with their memories still full of eastern Europe. A journey in Klezmic Zirkus 's contrasted world. Here or there. Yesterday or today. Eyes half shut or wide open. It doesn't matter, the intensity does. As years have been passing by, Klezmic Zirkus (Aurélie Charneux : clarinets and compositions, Julien de Borman : accordion, Adrien Lambinet : trombone, Pierre Greco : double-bass and guitar, Wouter Roggemans : drums) has created its own idiom, which has patiently matured during some 150 public performances. Klezmic Zirkus finds its identity between tradition and modernity, structure and improvisation. Its unbridled rythms apeal to the body, its soulfull melodies to the heart, its sometimes elaborated structures to the mind. It's musicians' sincerity and synergy are delightful to see over and over. Listen

Deux accords diront - Eisherz
It's been ten years since the foundation of deux accords diront, 10 years that Anne Niepold and Aline Pohl have been creating their universe. Their motto? Adventure! Not trad, nor jazz, nor classical, nor world but a mix of all and none that creates a genuine and funny performance - fascinating, surprising, spontaneous, free. Eisherz (heart of ice) tells the story of the heart through the music: its beats, its palpitations, its arhythmias, crises and arrests - its restarts, its humors - some dark, some light - its 'take heart!'

Aurélie Dorzée - Horror vacui
The Belgian composer, singer, violionist, pianist and glockenspielist presents a solo tour-de-force. She writes: "Horror vacui unfolds itself almost like a fairy tale, like a circus girl balancing above a world of fantasy containing stories of a half fish, half womanbeing, of a young child being drowned, of the fear of emptiness... Into our ear she whispers her soul, melodies and songs while her voice and violin are debating and melting together in a strong, direct and mysterious music."

Geneviève Laloy - Hirondelles
Both in winter and summer colors, going upstream or landing on a desert island, the lyrics, the notes and the crotchet rests are those countless swallows, passing by unnoticed but never to be forgotten, braving thunderstorms and distances, leaving and coming back, their wings laden with foreign scents. Enchantment, warmth, energy, imagination, generosity, childhood spirit, feelings, poetry... Hirondelles ("Swallows") is a mixture of songs, which comes down through the seasons without mentioning them, dealing with life, death, travel, quest, enthusiasm, now in winter colours, now in summer colours. Hirondelles urges on to flying away, everybody choosing their own way.

Genevieve Laloy - Si la terre...
Belgian singer and flautist Geneviève Laloy offers this recording as 'songs for children.' Perhaps, but this is not 'kid's music' by any definition. This largish ensemble of Sophie Cavez (diatonic accordion), Philippe Laloy (flutes, alto sax, voice), Vincent Noiret (bass), Stephan Pougin (percussion), Paul Prignot (guitars) and Jacques Verhaegen (voice) offer a diverse sound, powerful, sometimes dark, sometimes humorous.

Soetkin Collier - Nocturne
Soetkin Colliers first CD is a collection of songs about love, hope, despair and faith in a dark and romantic setting. She is accompanied by Tom Theuns on guitar and Didier François on nyckelharpa (Swedish key-fiddle). She contributes her own compositions along with personal arrangements of traditional songs from Flanders and Sweden. A recording of stark beauty and powerful moods.

Deux accords diront - Gardadvergur
Two talented girls with diatonic accordions, Anne Niepold and Aline Pohl, Deux Accords Diront, with some twenty nimble fingers and about hundred ounces of perfectly working brains, which make it quite easy for them to create, compose, play and record the music they love. The two generous and meticulous 'poulettes' (as they refer to themselves) have prepared twelve exciting and innovating titles, neither trad, nor jazz, classical or world. Add some musette, bewildering melodies amd adventurous improvisations, sprinkle everything with a sense of humor and they prove that the 'braces piano' is as fit as a fiddle!

Turlu Tursu - Accordion n' drum n' bass
Turlu Tursu attack the accordion traditions of the world with a mix of clever arrangements and spirited improvisations of standards from European music (Balkan, Celtic, klezmer) as well as musical forms from around the globe: Indian ragas, Arab maqams, music of the Caribbean and more. The accordion is vessel, the bass and drums the anchor. It's irreverent, agressive, witty and powerful. Listen

Bradyaga - Promesses
Contemporary roots music from Belgium by Naïra Mnoian (composer and pianist), Laurence Waters (voice), Cédric Waterschoot (guitar,bass), Walter Meneghello (clarinet and accordéon), Véronique Decock (violin) and Osvaldo Hernandez (percussion). Listen

Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles - Tierra
Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles is a Mexican musician who has lived in Belgium for more than 20 years. After playing and recording with different multicultural groups in a number of countries, Osvaldo composed original works for this first album, on the theme of the Earth living on borrowed time. The different pieces in which poetry intertwines with melodies are served by a range of instruments from diverse indigenous and Afro-Latin American traditions, blended with Arabo-Andalucian and Armenian tones. Osvaldo is accompanied by three musicians from very different backgrounds: Patricia Van Cauwenberge (Belgian) on different percussion instruments, including the Argentinean bombo, the Peruvian cajón, the Brazilian pandeiro, Venezuelan maracas, and so on. Karim Baggili (Jordanian-Serbo-Croatian-Belgian) on the Arab oud, the acoustic guitar and vocals. Vardan Hovanissian (Armenian) on the doudouk and different Armenian flutes. Listen

Dick van der Harst - Assim
Contemporary wind instrument sounds and Indonesian gamelan music are just a little of what this Belgian composer uses to create this work, performed by the ensembles Zefiro Torna and Het Nieuw Gents Stadblazerscollectief. Listen http://wwww.homerecords.be/mp3/assim/Track02.mp3

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