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Tri a Tolia - Zumurrude
Turkish voice - Iraqi qanun - Belgian cello. One language. The songs are composed by Melike and Osama. Osama also arranged the music, together with one of Belgium's finest cellists, Lode Vercampt, who has put his own stamp on this originally eastern music.

Kudsi Erguner Ensemble - The Ottoman Heritage
The record label says: Classical Ottoman music gave a magnificent new impulse to the concept of the makam, or modes. Their resulting proliferation, the complexity of their range, and the development of suitably adapted instruments provided a wealth of musical material offering endless possibilities for expanding the repertoire. Kudsi Erguner and his ensemble set out to rediscover this rich national treasure. Here they perform some of the most interesting pieces from the fasil, suites of several works in the same mode, but with different rhythmic patterns: some pesh rev, instrumental preludes that open both fasil and whirling dervish ceremonies and some saz-semai that conclude the suites.

Ferhat Tunc - Kobani
Ferhat Tunç is the kind of singer, rare in today's popular data stream, who must bear witness to the politics of his art in everyday life. Despite having been persecuted, sentenced, and jailed for his sonic activism, if not also because of the infractions inflicted upon him by his own government, Tunç has persevered in focusing his attention on those who have, less fortunately, paid with their lives. Recorded in Istanbul and Oslo, and mixed at the latter city's famed Rainbow Studio by master engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug, Kobani is Tunç's deepest mission statement yet.' - Tyran Grillo, RW
A RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' recording.

Topic World Series - folk music of Turkey (Topic 908)
Excellent representative cross-section of Turkish Anatolian music which remained unique and unaffected by western European influence.

Muharrem Ertas - Basimda altin tacim
Classic recordings of the Turkish baglama

Enver Demirbag - Kar Mi Yagmis Su Harput'un Basina (2 CDs)
Turkish singer Enver Demirbag presents 'Harput music' recordings from 1961 to 1990, in 29 tracks on 2 CDs.

Dede Efendi (Saba Ayini) - Mevlana
Dede Efendi (Saba Ayini) was oneof the most important composers of Turkish music in the 19th century, an artist who used both classical poetry and traditional folk songs for inspiration. These are performances of some of his works by Mesut Cemil, Akagunduz Kutbay, Niyazi Sayin, Ulvi Erguner, Cuneyd Orhon and Sadettin Heper.

Cihat Askin - The Desperate
The soundtrack to the movie Umutsuz (The Desperate) features the great Turkish violinist on original compositions, Azeri and Armenian folk songs and pieces from Tchaikovsky and Rahmaninof.

Haci Tasan - Alli Turnam (Archive Series)
Classic recordings of the Turkish baglama

Kobzos Kiss Tamas - Erdal Salikoglu - Szivetekben orizzetek - Songs of Asik Veysel

Guletkin, Vandenabeele, etc… - Chansons pour la fin d'un jour
Dreams through amazing stories of central Anatolia to the Brussels baths, evoked by the singing of the duduk, the clarity of the violin, the harmony of the saz and the subtle play of the double bass. Composed like the second chapter of the album 'Chansons sans paroles' (nominated by Belgian Klara Radio Music Awards 2007), this new album was born from memories of journeys to the heart of Eastern Europe bringing together two ambassadors of Turkish music, Emre Gültekin playing the saz a long-necked Ottoman lute and Ertan Tekin playing the duduk an ancient armenian wind instrument with double reed, and a virtuoso violinist Wouter Vandenabeele and the excellent double bass of Joris Vanvinckenroye.

Burhan Ocal - Jardin Ottoman - Ottoman Garden
(CUT OUT) - A solo set of songs for tanbur and voice

Forabandit (Karpienia, Ozdemir and Chemirani) - Forabandit
Singer and mandole player Sam Karpienia is the co-founder of famed band Dupain. Forabandit is "a musical work bridging Occitan and Anatolian traditions" that combines the lyrical tradition of Occitanian troubadours with a contemporary approach. Singer and baglama player Ulas Özdemir perpetuates the song style of the Anatolian wandering troubadours while Bijan Chemirani's Persian rhythms subtly blend with the song of these new poets. Karpienia's deep, emotional, rasping voice and the soft, quiet voice of Özdemir reveal the living poetry of these pieces about love, commitment, and contest.

Ibrahim Ozgur - Tangolar: The Bel Ami of Turkish Tango
In the late 20s and 30s tango was very popular in Turkey. For many composers and singers it was the first contact they had with "western" music. Turkish musicians and singer Ibrahim Özgür wrote many tango songs and had an evident talent for nostalgia. His velvety voice was predestined for romantic tangos. The songs on this CD were recorded in Istanbul between 1938 and 1949.

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