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Samurai Accordion - Te
In this the second such project under the Samurai name, ' five of Europe's most successful and creative veteran practitioners/composers, come together for a disc that features the diatonic accordion. Full of variety, this disc gives a nice overview of how the instrument is used by its most successful exponents, across Europe. With Riccardo Tesi (Tuscany/Italy), Markku Lepistö (Finland), David Munnelly (Ireland); Kepa Junkera (Basque Country/Spain) and Simone Bottasso (Northern Italy).

Mercedes Peon - SOS
…---… SÓS is the stunning 2011 release by the Galician singer and composer. Stridently contemporary, deeply rooted but unfettered, Peon has crafted one of the best new looks at galician music in a very long time.

Asturiana Mining Company - Patrimoniu
Asturian contemporary folk group includes the gaitiero (bagpiper) Alberto Varillas

Al Andaluz Project - Al-Maraya
The Al Andaluz Project weds the main female voices fromEnsemble Estampie (Sigrid Hausen), Aman Aman and L'Ham de Foc (Mara Aranda), together with Iman Kandoussi (from Morocco) to a tapestry of lush acoustic instrumentation evocative of the Iberian Middle Ages. Al-Maraya is the Al Andaluz Project's second CD.

Contradanza - Mar de Fondo
The first recording by the Sevillian ensemble seeks to create new folk from Andalusia, balancing their new outlook with respectful approaches to the popular song book and the creative impulse.

Manuel Luna y Brena la Musica - Papeleria Rocio (objetos de escritorio)
Roc and iacute;o's Stationary Shop (writing materials) is sort of a reissue of Luna's Los galles de Londres, with re-mixed and remastered tracks from the original LP recording, plus many newly recorded versions of other songs made in 2004. Luna explores his childhood memories and does some musical experimentation on the traditions of Cantabria in Spain with an acoustic ensemble of gaita, panderadulzaina, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, percussion, bass, accordion and more, as well as an imaginative, light touch with electronics and recorded effects.

Yayo Caceres - Exteriors
Argentine composer, accordionist and guitarist really challenges your preconceptions about chamame, tango and other folkloric traditions with a recording that is part roots, part avant art music and always surprising.

Various Spanish Artists - Cantes Del Pueblo
Musica tradicional española' presents recordings made all over Spain in the 1970s that document the country's folk music in the pre-folk-revival period.

Michio - Zambúllete
The true globalista: a guitarist born in Germany of Japanese ancestry presents bulerías, tangos and soleás (with vocals on some songs by Alicia Carrasco). The pedigree is surprising, the music is wonderful.

Javier Ruibal - las dramas primero
Javier Ruibal is surely one of Cadiz' greatest hidden treasures. A singer and guitarist of immense talent and diversity, a man of warmth and charm with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Ruibal's sound is one which gorges itself on cultures and traditions, sampling and tasting and spinning a web that is entirely contemporary and idiosyncratic.' - RootsWorld

Luis Delgado - Al Andalus
This recording is the original sound track of the documentary one made in the occasion of the exhibition “the Islamic Arts in Spain” at the Metropolitan Museum of New York and the Patronage of the Alhambra of Granada in 1992. An evocacion of the rich andalusian musical culture.

Orkestina - Positivity
This is the 4th release by these musicians from Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland and the UK. More sacred and profane music from the Gypsy and Jewish communities of Romania, Bulgaria and Poland is played by a raucous band of accordions, violins and bass, Bulgarian gadulkas, clarinets and percussion.

Fermin Muguruza - Brigadistak Sound System
From The Basque Country to Havana, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rom, Barcelona and Back Euskera, the language of the Basque people, is unique in Europe and so is Fermin Muguruza. A traveller in the name of culture, politics and global resistance he voyaged across the seas to record this album with the International Sound Brigades incl. Manu Chao, Desorden Público, Todos Tus Muertos and many more.

Al Andaluz Project - Abuab Al Andalus: Live In Munchen 2011
On their first live CD+DVD, the Al Andaluz Project embarks on a journey through Islamic, Sephardic, and Christian folk songs. Artists include Michael Popp: ud, saz, dilruba, fidel, tar; Sigi Hausen: vocals/ Iman Kandoussi: vocals; Ernst Schwindl: hurdy gurdy; and more. (DVD is PAL, 16:9 (Widescreen), Color, German w/ English Subtitles. Will play on most computers and newer DVD players)

Miquel Gil with Savinna Yannatou - En Concert (CD and DVD)
An epic event: the meeting of two great European singers, and backed by an incredible ensemble made of Primavera en Salonico and Orqestra Arabe de Barcelona. CD and DVD (PAL format, playable on computers and most DVD players). Highly recommended.

El Sevillano - Grabaciones Discos Pizarra: Ano 1930-40
Antonio Perez Guererro (El Sevillano) was a football player and one of Spain's noted singers of bulerias and fandangos, eventually singing with the 'Opera Flamenco' as well as with other noted performers fo the time including Caracol and La Nina de los Peines. These recordings from the 30s and 40s have been nicely remastered for this new series from Discmedi, Spain and all tracks feature Niño Ricardo on the guitar.

Lomax Recordings - Spain: Extremadura
From this home of balladry come sung tales of brave muleteers, kingly incest, and monks sneaking over convent walls; and the sounds of the pipe and tabor, women's strong voices over tambourines, and a shepherd's lone chant in his straw hut under the October moonlight.

Os Diplomaticos - Komunikando
'Os Diplomaticos have been going since 1989, getting mixed up quite early on with Mano Negra and subsequently Manu Chao. Put them in a bracket that runs from those names to Madness - accordeons, brass, punky ska rhythms, catchy upbeat rootsy songs... guest appearances from Susana Seivane's gaitas, Uxia's vocals, African female vocal group Batuko Tabanka, members of Berrogüetto and many more...' - fRoots

Jabier Muguruza - Enegarren postala
This pop recording from Basque Spain sits on the border between folk-ballad and schmaltz, I know, but this is just such a great voice that I am willing to forgive the sometimes overly-lush production just a bit. Muguruza has been described as 'a cantautor of infinite gentleness' by El Periódico. El País de las Tentaciones says he has a tenuous voice that modulates with subtlety and the lyrics fly with the fine irony of the mundane. And El Pais says 'it is an ironic, subtle and intensely poetic vision.'

Betagarri - Basque Fire
Basque ensemble performs an energetic, regional version of ska, punk, rock.

Laja eta Mikel - Eguzki begi
Triki accordionist Iñaki Garmendia 'Laja' and panderista Mikel Alustiza in their 2002 release of Basque folk music

Pantxoa eta Peio - Lurra eta maitasuna
Two great Basque singers, Peio Ospital and Pantxoa Carrere, sing of the opposing emotions of being Basque: the desire to be a peacemaker at home in his land and the struggle to be recognized as a people.

Various artists - Arran: cultura de resistencia 2 (2CD set)
A 2 CD set with 41 tracks by a wild assortment of Spanish bands and artists. Rock en espanol by Banda Bassotti Fermin Muguruza - Pirat's Sound Sistema - Gadegang - Net Flanders - Malos Vicios - Skarnio - - La Caixa Fosca and more.

Bidaia - Duo
Basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Mixel Ducau and Californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player Caroline Phillips come back for their second recording as Bidaia, now a duo, with a repertoire that includes original compositions and traditional Basque songs. The Basque alboka and ttun-ttun are combined with acoustic guitar, hurdy-gurdy and bamboo clarinet to offer a strong second look at their original approach to the tradition.

Various Spanish Artists - Rough Guide to the Music of Spain
Includes tracks by Javier Ruibal, Companyía Elèctrica Dharma, Luís Delgado, María Del Mar Bonet, Diego Carrasco, Ronda Segoviana and José Antonio Ramos with Pancho Amat.

Geromo Amador y Hector Romero Ensamble - Al Gitano por Flamenco
Tributo del flamenco a Sandro

Eccentric Sound System - Concierto en Directo: Etnosur, Encuentro de Culturas
PAL format DVD - 90 minutes of concert performances plus 40 minutes of extras. In Spanish

Jaber Muguruza and L.I.P.A - Liverpool - Gernika

Manuel Luna y La Cuadrilla Maquisera - Romper El Baile
Cantabrian singer and folk arranger.. click and listen!

various Basque melodeons - Triki 1: Diatonic Dynamite
The names you know: Kepa Junkera, Tapia and Leturia, Zabaleta and Gozategi, plus more triki duos you haven't heard of yet.

Tapia eta Leturia - Ero
Tapia and Leturia are among the best known bands from the region. They are highly repesected as great traditional players, but when they perform as "The Band" they present a contemporary pop sound that still incorporates their Basque roots into a highly modern style.

Oskorri and the Pub Ibiltaria - the Pub Ibiltaria 7
The 2003 production of this well-loved sing-along series of Basque music

Etxahun - Etxahun: 1907-1979
spain spanish basque euskal herriko herria euskadi euskal

Maurizia, Leon and Basilio - Alboka eta Trikitixa
spain spanish basque euskal herriko herria euskadi euskal

Mad Sensi - Power Plant
A new double CD project by members of the Spanish reggae-band Canaman.

various - Discopolis 5000
Another unique collection of tracks and collaborations made for Spain's Radio 3 includes Spanish performers Niña Pastori, Ana Belén and amp; Víctor Manuel, Celtas Cortos, Xosé Manuel Budiño, Rosana, Radio Tarifa, Os Diplomáticos, Enrique Morente, Pedro Iturralde, Uxía, Berrogüetto, Kepa Junquera, Cañamán and a long list of others in collaboration with who collaborate with artists and authors from other latitudes including Hijas del Sol (Equatorial Guinea), Djavan Gasparian (Armenia), Marcia Grifiths (Jamaica), Batuko Tabanka, Bela Fleck (US), Jacky Molard (Brittany) and Julio Pereira (Portugal).

Agujetas - el rey del cante gitano
The real deal: flamenco without the fluff by the brusque voice of Manuel Agujetas and the impeccable giutar of Curro de Jerez in a a pure flamenco session in the Cava del Agujetas of the La Soleá tavern. There they performed in classic improvisational style the fandangos, seguiriyas and bulerías that are the soul of Jerez.

Vicente Soto - eStar Alegre
The Spanish singer performs his own interpretations of alegrías, bulerías and tangos, what he calls 'the most extroverted side of flamenco.'

Dúmbala Canalla - M´enfango
A wild and rambuctious band, this Barcelona-based band combines the traditional music of the Balkans with traditional Catalan music, swing and klezmer, the music of the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews. The present a raucous festival music full of rich, often circus-like melodies.

Miquel Gil - Organic
After his long career as a musician in legendary bands like Al Tall or Terminal Sur, the Valencian singer Miquel Gil has released his second solo album, combining Mediterranean music with ethnic rock and other contemporary twists. This is powerful vocal work from Spain.

Martin, Taylor, Carthy and Simpson - Martins4
Four guitarists- Juan Martin (flamenco) and Martin Taylor (jazz) plus scions of the Brit folk scene Martin Carthy and Martin Simpson - recorded live together at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

Pablo Guerrero - Suenos Sencillos
Guerrero's thirteenth Spanish release. Some listeners may recognize his inimitable, understated baritone from A Maria Teresa Vera (Intuition, 1999), the superb tribute to the grand Cuban singer-songwriter. The accompaniment is sparse (acoustic guitar, bass and backing female voices), putting his pensive lyricism up front, a masterful illustration of the artistic virtues of less-is-more. Guerrero is a musician who has made a conscious choice to live at the margins of a music industry whose modus operandi is to homogenize everything in its grasp. Spanish speakers will appreciate the inclusion of the original lyrics. They emanate from the soul of a poet deeply concerned with the relations of power that deform community life on the planet. Guerrero's unassuming philosophical reflections upon mundane experience acknowledge the precious, fleeting character of human existence, the delight to be taken in everyday social relations, and the healing powers of love and a famously unfettered imagination. In the Spanish do

La Bruja Gata - Baile de libelulas
The Dragonfly Dance this band does moves carefully through a compositional bent a la Maria Kalaniemi (who accordionist Javier Palancar can compete with on every level of expertise!), the spirited energy of Kepa Junkera, touches of eastern European darkness and an overarching sense of sheer ebullience. The accordion dominates in this unique Spanish band, driven by percussion, bass and mandola, colored by zanfona, flutes, dulzaina, violin, clarinet and bass clarinet.

various - Rodasons
Celebrating 10 years of folk music on Catalonia Regional Television (Spain), with songs from Miquel Gil, Maria del Mar Bonet, Jaume Arnella, Uc, Al Tall, Al Mayurqa, Traginada, Primera Nota, Casellas Sextet Folk, Grup De Folk, David Cervera, El Pont D'arcalís, Pau I Jordi, Pascal Comelade and Gerard Jacquet, Càlic, Quico Elcelio, El Noi I El Mut De Ferreries, Urbàlia Rurana and Maurizio Martinotti, Música Nostra, Les Violines

various flamenco - Cante Minero y de Levante
Miner's songs, traditional flamenco singing from the mines of Levant, Spain includes old fandangos, malagueñas, rondeñas, javeras, verdiales, cartageneras, tarantas, mineras, fandango minero, levantica and murciana.

Miguel Gil - Eixos
Miquel Gil goes on researching new textures, colors and ways to sing the lyrics written by young poets in Catalan language. This trip includes texts by Enric Casasses, Manel Rodríguez Castelló, Feliu Ventura. Guest musicians include Manel Camp, Joan Garriga, David Pastor, Borja Penalba..., and of course Gil's regular band.

Oskorri - The Pub Ibiltaria 10
Continuing its musical adventure, Oskorri presents the live recording of the concert given at Pío Baroja square of Bilbao on 21 December 2005. This is the tenth album that the band dedicates to Basque popular music. As in previous releases, the work includes the lyrics and scores of each song

Oskorri and the Pub Ibiltaria - Pub Ibiltaria 6

Koldo eta Arantxa - Zuretzat
Brother and sister Koldo and Arantxa Iparragirre (Born in Beasain, in 1975 and 1974, respectively) offer their second album of folk-pop from the Basque tradition, "with sober arrangements and an impetuous development, where the meticulousness of the performance enhances the value and the natural quality of the 13 compositions presented. The record is a transparent result of the pair's ambition to create honest and appealing popular music" says the press release.

Brigada Bravo and Díaz - Músicas Populares de la Guerra Civil
Antonio Bravo (guitars and live looping) and Germán Díaz (zanfona, caja de música): Music, like all art, is not a question of numbers or tools, but of talent. If one is a virtuoso of the instrument - and Bravo and Diaz certainly are, it is a great start, but only a start. More than virtuosity is the capacity to transmit emotion, to evoke feelings with notes. To use traditional melodies to elaborate on sophisticated variations, perceive pathways between the cult and the popular. Bravo and Diaz have chosen a popular Song Book of the Spanish Civil War to use as a departure point to a more modern work. In jazz, that "classical" music of XX Century, they have recreated melodic schemes of a once mythical time to make sounds both unexpected and new.

Faustino Santalices - Gravacions Historicas De Zanfona 1929-1949
Zanfona and bagpipe player Antón Seoane (of the Galician ensemble Milladoiro) put together this collection of historical recordings of the zanfona (hurdy gurdy). The album embraces all the work of Faustino Santalices and what he recorded from 1929 to 1949 including and two compositions that were only recently discovered.

Taller de Compás de Almanjáyar - Cale Calé
A marvelous group of seasoned experts and young, energetic newcomers have formed a beautiful ensemble of hard edged, dynamic, voice-and-percussion-driven flamenco.

Zezo y Vanessa - Turbilhao
Turbilhâo is the first (2005) recording by the duo of guitarist Zezo Ribeiro and the rich voice of Vanessa Boraghian, accompanied by Juan Jamie Leite on upright bass and occasioal contributions from the great Brazilian accordionist Oswaldinho. The feel is breezy and romantic, a mix of north-eastern Spain, a bit of flamenco, and many classic Brazilian elements, sometimes 'in the tradition' and other times in a more contemporary jazz approach.

Miquel Gil - Katà
On Kata this Valencian singer discovers the geological layers of Levante, Andalucía, Mallorca and Catalunya, travelling over these countries and the Spanish Mediterranean seaside to create a unique and personal sound. Rough of voice, but elegant in execution, this recording is one of the more important to come from Spain in 2004.

Al Andaluz Project - Deus et diabolus
The Spanish/Sephardic musicians of L'ham de Foc join Estampie, a German group known for its dedication to medieval music, in a recording made at the Dominican monastery of La Cartuja de Cazalla, near Sevilla and explore medieval Sephardic, Arabic, and Christian traditions.

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