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Yohan Giaume - Whisper of a Shadow: Musical Conversations with Louis Moreau Gottschalk
New Orleans has been oriented to the French and Spanish Caribbean since the slave-trade era. Composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869), born in this Latin American cultural crossroads of German Jewish and Haitian Creole heritage, grew up with a Haitian nanny, and traveled and performed extensively in around the world. The first internationally recognized, distinctively U.S. classical composer, Gottschalk melded his itinerant musical explorations in his work. Likewise, he engaged with and inspired such noted composers as Cubans Ignacio Cervantes and Manuel Saumell, Brazilian Ernesto Nazareth, and Texas-born Scott Joplin, among many others. Gottschalk’s life and music are the inspiration for French trumpeter-composer Yohan Giaume’s Whisper of a Shadow: Musical Conversations with Louis Moreau Gottschalk, the fruit of the latter’s own musical sojourn through Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, North Africa, Europe, and the United States. Read the RootsWorld review

L'Alba - A principiu
L'Alba says that the Corsican musical tradition is not frozen in time but rather, it is in constant evolution and movement. The music of L'Alba, timeless and wide open to the world, takes on an ever-more Mediterranean orientation in its new album A Principiu. Once again, L'Alba's work sets it at the heart of the Corsican musical landscape: preserving the heritage of polyphonic voices but also absorbing new influences with a palette of sounds borrowed from the regional cultures from North Africa, Italy, Greece and Portugal. Listen

Quintet Bumbac - Miroirs
There's so much in the music of the Balkans to inspire musicians anywhere, and Bumbac draws on all of these and really does bring its own approach; this is no wannabe imitation. All the material here is written by Frenchman David Brossier, who draws deep on the traditions to make luscious original music on Brossier's viola d'amore, the violins of Ariane Cohen-Adad and Christian Fromentin, Leonore Grollemund's cello and Anita Pardo's double bass. All bowed strings, indeed a string quintet, playing with great finesse and richness of sound.

Moussu T e lei Jovents - Navega!
Michael Stone's pick for 2016, of which he writes: With Navega!, Moussu T e lei Jovents serve up an unsentimental, bittersweet melange, blues-cabaret-chanson rooted in a fiercely local Languedoc sense of place, profoundly altered by the history of French colonialism, immigration from the colonies via the Mediterranean port of Marseille dating to the ancient Greeks, Festus Claudius "Claude" McKay's 1929 novel "Banjo," labor organizing, the Socialist International, World War II and the contemporary European conundrum. Navega! was also one of RW's Music of the Month picks for 2016. Buy this CD and support RootsWorld.

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