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Various artists, Fairport, et al - Cropredy Capers (autographed edition - NO DISCOUNTS)
In the Freereed Records tradition, another bang-up box set, this time of live music from the infamous Fairport Convention gathering at Cropedy each year for the last 25. 4 CDs, a big book and lots of extras, as always. This edition is autographed by the current band members.

June Tabor - Rosa Mundi
The 2001 release investigates songs of the garden in Tabor's usual diverse outlook and musicial styles.

Shirley Collins - False True Lovers
Probably her rarest album, first released in 1959 on the prestigious Folkways label. With the help of Washington's Smithsonian Institute Fledgling was able to return to the original Alan Lomax produced tapes to produce this sparkling transfer to CD. Recorded when Shirley was just eighteen, 'False True Lovers' is a stunning collection of British and American traditional song, capturing a turning moment in the English folk song revival of the 1950's.

John Kirkpatrick - Mazurka Berserker
A stunning series of duets with some of John's favourite musicians was the inspiration for this great new album. Recorded by Oliver Knight in Robin Hood's Bay and then added to at studios as far apart as London, Los Angeles and Sydney! Collaborating musicians include Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick, Bob Johnson, Ray Fisher, Alistair Anderson, Kevin Dempsey, Ben Mandelson, James Fagan and Nancy Kerr. 'Mazurka Berserker' contains some of the finest (and most complicated) music JK has ever recorded.

Jaber Muguruza and L.I.P.A - Liverpool - Gernika

Jenny McCormick - English Country Garden
This young folk singer from Manchester, England is delicate and honest, and this collection of traditional folk songs and her own trad-inspired originals is a cut above the usual folk-fare. There is nothing startling or avant about this recording, save for the startling realization that simplicity pays off so handsomely. Accompanied primarily by guitar and a marvelously woody acoustic bass, with touches of other instruments sparsely scattered about.

Fernhill - Na Pradle
Na prádle is the 2006 concert recording by this important European ensemble, a reworking and reinventing of songs from their long time together, looking at the songs in a new ways. For old friends of the band, this is essential.

MacColl, Seeger and Parker - Song of the Road
Devised by Ewan MacColl, radio producer Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger, the Radio-Ballads series set out to crystallise in words and music the experience of different ways of life. Volume 2 of the Radio-Ballads series tells the story of the making of the M1, Britain's first motorway. Among the songs Ewan MacColl created for this radio-ballad was Hot Asphalt.

Jaber Muguruza and L.I.P.A - Liverpool - Gernika

Andrew Cronshaw - The Unbroken Surface of Snow
British musician and composer Andrew Cronshaw is joined by a global enseble of Tigran Aleksanyan, Ian Blake, Sanna Kurki-Suonio.

Meridian - Prime
Meridian produces innovative and wonderful folk music focused on driving chordal work of Richard Jones (accordion), the intricate melodic lines of Chris Walshaw (pipes/whistles/flutes) and the rhythm 'n' groove harmonies of Anna Tabbush (fiddle/flute). Anna, raised in the tradition, also sings and adds vocal lines. Meridian play arrangements of tunes and songs for concerts and Euro-dances and provide the glorious sound of raw folk energy, laced with finesse.

Brian Peters - Lines
UK england english europe

Pete Morton - Mad World Blues

Ian A. Anderson - The Time is Ripe
rare psych folk from the Village Thing years 1970-73 - Following the release of his debut LP in 1969, country blues singer/guitarist Ian A. Anderson took a sudden left swerve into what now gets called psych folk or acid folk. Between 1970 and 1972 he released three albums on the now cult 'alternative folk' label Village Thing, the acoustic Royal York Crescent which showcased his interplay with guitarist Ian Hunt with whom he appeared at the first Glastonbury Festival; the folk/rock 'A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust,' recorded with a band including drummer Pick Withers, soon to be in at the start of Dire Straits; and Singer Sleeps On As Blaze Rages with steel guitarist Mike Cooper's Machine Gun Company and some meaty forays onto 12-string guitar. With 2010 marking the 40th anniversary of Village Thing, a new generation seeking out the alt.folk music of the '60s and '70s, a spate of books on the music and the era, and old vinyl copies of Village Thing albums being highly valued by collector

Various Artists - Ghosts from the Basement
lost songs, dreams and folkedelica from the vaults of Village Thing, 1970-74 - Subtitled 'the alternative folk label', Village Thing Records released two dozen albums and a few singles between 1970 and 1974. With strong national press and radio support, the label prospered with a unique and hard-to-pin-down mix of established names and newcomers, original singer/ songwriter/ guitarists, a few visiting Americans, and folk entertainers. Over the years, many of Village Thing's releases have gained cult status amongst collectors of '70s 'psych folk', often changing hands for high prices and now enjoying a big revival of interest. This 20-track compilation to mark the label's 40th anniversary is superbly remastered and comes in an environmentally friendly pack full of lots of old photos and detailed notes. It concentrates on the 'contemporary folk' core of Village Thing's output and includes many items on CD in the UK for the first time or never previously released. Featured are Wizz Jones, Derroll Adams, A

Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies - Doolally
studio album from Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies, released July 2004. It features 12 new Jez Lowe songs, arranged by the band, Jez Lowe, Kate Bramley, Andy May and Sean Taylor.

Joe Townsend and Martin Green - Return to the Woods
Joe Townsend and Martin Green have recorded an album that walks through the hinterland of jazz, folk, and contemporary music on violin, guitar, accordion, and an array of other instruments such as Mongolian cello, octave violin, musical saw and Fender Rhodes piano. They move from the inspiration of Duke Ellington and Romanian Gypsy music, through the minimalism of Adams and Reich and into the darker regions of English folk music. Through imaginative recording techniques such as the placing of tiny microphones inside instruments, playing the accordion through rotating speakers and using vintage keyboards they have produced a unique voice which is constantly changing yet somehow familiar. There's no explaining it; you simply have to listen.

Pete Morton - Swarthmoor
All original material, just Pete's vocal and guitar as you hear him in concert.

Janet Russell - Bright Shining Morning?
Janet Russell's second solo album with some help from Mary MacMaster, Tom McConville and Sara Grey (amongst others). Once again a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs.

Flook - Flatfish
uk, celtic, british, english, england, flute, bodrahn

Benji Kirkpatrick - Half a Fruit Pie
Songs and tunes both original and traditional by the guitarist and bouzuki player. Guest musicans include John Kirkpatrick on melodeon and vocals, Richard Adams on drums and Seth Lakeman on fiddle and viola. Both traditional acoustic and folk rock sounds.

Whapweasel - Pack of Jokers
The 2005 edition of English folk-rock dance band Whapweasel is as good as the last, a stacked deck of guitars, horns, melodeons, keyboards, fiddles, cittern, bass and drums. Again produced by Steeleye-er Rick Kemp (whose guitar is also in the mix), the 'weasels deal a trump hand that will get your feet moving and your head spinning.

The English Country Blues Band - Unruly
These tracks from their two albums and one single feature the core trio of Maggie Holland, Rod Stradling and Ian Anderson, regular members Chris Coe, Sue Harris and John Maxwell, and guests including Nic Jones, John Kirkpatrick, Dave Peabody and Danny Stradling. Special additonal song by Bob Copper.

Vivien Ellis - The Dawn Songs
Well known for her work with Alva, Sinfonye and The Dufay Collective, she is equally at ease with world music, mediaeval songs and contemporary ballads she interprets an astonishing range of material in her new, multi-genre CD. The album encompasses the English tradition, Brazilian samba; Appalachian spiritual; troubadour song in Occitan; Irish, Scots/Gaelic and Bulgarian folk music, as well as new dawn songs by contemporary writers. With instrumentation that includes fiddle, accordion, guitars, drums and electric bass, lute and viol, loops and effects, this is a richly varied album that embraces both the spare beauty of ancient song and full-on 21st century soundscapes.

Climax Ceilidh Band - Come Dancing
The band says: "The band started when two trios, Meridian and Pesky, decided to play together in one band and Climax was born. The band prides itself on its fine mixture of self-penned tunes with traditional material and playing 'live' is as exciting for them as for the dancers.... a group of highly skilled musicians who are musically responsive to each other and are able to trust the spontaneity within each of them to take ceilidh music into new dimensions. The driving rhythms of the accordion and guitar, the sweet sound of the dancing fiddles, the swift trill of the flute and the power of the pipes makes the Climax Ceilidh Band experience truly orgasmic." - Anna Tabbush (fiddle), Holly Sheldrake (fiddle), Richard Jones (accordion), Mark 'Swerve' Weaver (guitar) and Chris Walshaw (pipes and whistles)

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