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Jaber Muguruza and L.I.P.A - Liverpool - Gernika

Oskorri - Ura
The legendary Basque ensembles 2001 release, produced by Kepa Junkera

Jaber Muguruza and L.I.P.A - Liverpool - Gernika

Jabier Muguruza - Enegarren postala
This pop recording from Basque Spain sits on the border between folk-ballad and schmaltz, I know, but this is just such a great voice that I am willing to forgive the sometimes overly-lush production just a bit. Muguruza has been described as 'a cantautor of infinite gentleness' by El Periodico. El País de las Tentaciones says he has a tenuous voice that modulates with subtlety and the lyrics fly with the fine irony of the mundane. And El Pais says 'it is an ironic, subtle and intensely poetic vision.'

Betagarri - Basque Fire
Basque ensemble performs an energetic, regional version of ska, punk, rock.

Laja eta Mikel - Eguzki begi
Triki accordionist Iñaki Garmendia 'Laja' and panderista Mikel Alustiza in their 2002 release of Basque folk music

Pantxoa eta Peio - Lurra eta maitasuna
Two great Basque singers, Peio Ospital and Pantxoa Carrere, sing of the opposing emotions of being Basque: the desire to be a peacemaker at home in his land and the struggle to be recognized as a people.

Bidaia - Duo
Basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Mixel Ducau and Californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player Caroline Phillips come back for their second recording as Bidaia, now a duo, with a repertoire that includes original compositions and traditional Basque songs. The Basque alboka and ttun-ttun are combined with acoustic guitar, hurdy-gurdy and bamboo clarinet to offer a strong second look at their original approach to the tradition.

Tapia eta Leturia - Ero
Tapia and Leturia are among the best known bands from the region. They are highly repesected as great traditional players, but when they perform as "The Band" they present a contemporary pop sound that still incorporates their Basque roots into a highly modern style.

Oskorri and the Pub Ibiltaria - the Pub Ibiltaria 7
The 2003 production of this well-loved sing-along series of Basque music

Oskorri - The Pub Ibiltaria 10
Continuing its musical adventure, Oskorri presents the live recording of the concert given at Pío Baroja square of Bilbao on 21 December 2005. This is the tenth album that the band dedicates to Basque popular music. As in previous releases, the work includes the lyrics and scores of each song

Oskorri and the Pub Ibiltaria - Pub Ibiltaria 6

Koldo eta Arantxa - Zuretzat
Brother and sister Koldo and Arantxa Iparragirre (Born in Beasain, in 1975 and 1974, respectively) offer their second album of folk-pop from the Basque tradition, "with sober arrangements and an impetuous development, where the meticulousness of the performance enhances the value and the natural quality of the 13 compositions presented. The record is a transparent result of the pair's ambition to create honest and appealing popular music" says the press release.

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