Skrömta - Grejhojta! CD
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cd cover Skrömta
Grejhojta! (Tongang)


The musicians:
Matti Norlin - nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy, vocal
Frida K Eriksson - violin, flute, vocal
Robban Zetterquist - guitar
Mårten Korkman - double bass
Kalle Källman - percussion

SKRÖMTA is a folk music group founded in Stockholm in 2002. The name of the group comes from a local expression from Ångermanland, a province in the north of Sweden. The word refers to supernatural creatures like: ghosts, gnomes, trolls and vittror. The band is a motley bunch with roots in various types of music. Matti, Frida, Robban, Mårten and Jonathan have all been part of the professional music scene during the last fifteen years.

SKRÖMTA play their own songs written by Matti Norlin but due to there huge interest in traditional swedish folk music they also have traditional songs in the repertoire. Both instrumental tunes and songs. They play differenet kinds of polska, schottis, polka (hyfs), marches, walking tunes etc... Music from the medieval ages up to modern time.

The wide repertoire makes the group´s music suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as: rock festivals, local country dances, weddings or gigs in pubs , etc.. Some years ago Matti Norlin, the founder of SKRÖMTA was given a nyckelharpa (keyed-fidle) and immediately ideas for songs came to him thick and fast. Matti grew up in Ångermanland and is a well known name on the Europen blues scene as a slide guitarist and singer.

Matti has always had an interest in traditional Nordic folk music alongside his love for the blues. Through many years of playing and recording local folk music on paper, Matti Norlin has a vast knowledge of the music tradition in the northern provinces of Ångermanland and southern Lappland. The nyckelharpa has inspired Matti to an endless number of compositions. Resulting in a meeting between modern music trends and the primordial power of Nordic folk music.

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