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Music from Montenegro (Caprice)

There is not a lot of recorded music from this little country, so this is a welcome addition to the discography of the balkans. 76 minutes of heroic songs, songs from mountain villages, shepherd songs and songs from cities that are more influenced by the Central European tradition.

  • 1 Oj, devojko, da sam te vidio
  • 2 Da mi se stvority pticom lastavicum
  • 3 Od kako je Kotor nastanuo
  • 4 Tjo Rexho tjon dialo/Song about Reda
  • 5 Domacine, na tvoje postenje (iz glasa)
  • 6 Pastirska svirka
  • 7 Trkom trci Malica
  • 8 Danica bolest boluje
  • 9 Dozivala vila s gore
  • 10 A la turca
  • 11 Sto'no sinoc vecerasmo
  • 12 Cobanska svirka
  • 13 Cobanine, lijepa devojko
  • 14 Bez muke se pjesma ne ispoja
  • 15 'Ocu l'malo s tobom zborit', brate, rode
  • 16 Sjedela je fina Mare (iz glasa)
  • 17 Damadan
  • 18 Svi mi kazu da moj dragi pije
  • 19 Fyelli
  • 20 Primorkinja konja jase
  • 21 Ustacu rano ja
  • 22 Pastirska improvizacija
  • 23 Sto cinimo, sto mislimo
  • 24 Valija e sokoleshës/Kolo sokolice
  • 25 Polece soko iz sela
  • 26 Sad poslusaj dobro, mladozenja
  • 27 Ruzmarin
  • 28 Crna Gora kremen kamen/Poljem se vije/Ursuta
About the recordings:
Montenegro is perhaps one of the least-known countries in Europe from a musical point of view. But with the CD Music from Montenegro, now being released, the whole world can enjoy for the first time the traditional music from this “unknown” country, with its long and dramatic history. We get 76 minutes of samples of heroic songs, songs from mountain villages, shepherd songs and even songs from cities that are more influenced by the Central European tradition.

One of the groups participating in this CD, Ansambl Podgorica, is undertaking an extensive tour throughout Sweden during September 2005. The group is one of Montenegro´s best-known and most–loved professional popular music orchestras, which plays both the “classical” entertainment music from Montenegro and the more traditional music from the countryside.

Montenegro, with a population of more than 650,000, is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It has a history that is as dramatic as its natural scenery. In just a couple of hours one can be transported from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to an alpine landscape with snow-covered peaks.

The CD Music from Montenegro is No. 22 in a series produced jointly by Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and Caprice Records. The series started in the early 1990s and has resulted in many records with music from Africa, Asia, Latin America and other places.

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